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LED Apron Floodlights for High Masts

For nearly 15 years, we have been focusing on LED floodlighting for large area illumination. We gained invaluable experience as pioneers in the industry-wide conversion to LED airport illumination technology and nowadays, work large scale projects like Dubai DXB Airport.

The ewo R-System floodlight was designed and developed by ewo for large area lighting. The modular technology and its diverse configuration options makes it possible for us to fine-tune the production technique precisely to every specifier’s needs for precise directional illumination and reliable temperature management, using the highest high-quality components.

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ewo is certified in compliance with the Swiss Quality Management System SQS ISO9001.

ewo is based in Cortaccia, South Tyrol, Italy.

Company Profile

  • R–System gen3

    Recipe for success: simplexity

    Cost efficiency with maximum performance and a focus on what matters. At ewo we call this: simplexity. Because simplexity in design and application optimises performance. An astonishing lifetime value and a newly developed optical system offer the utmost in performance along with precise illumination.

    up to 1,850 mA depending on ambient temperature

    L80B10 > 100,000 h

    available with DALI2 or line switch, 1-10V and DMX

    R2 117,000 lm / R4 205,000 lm

    automatic full cut-off optic at 0° tilt / full-cut-off-visor available

    control modules for different communication standards available upon request

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  • R–System gen3 MAX

    Top performance

    The R–System gen3 MAX delivers 265,000 lm and thus the maximum performance and output. Moreover, it is compatible with DMX-DALI converters for light shows and, with its swivel mount, can be mounted to cope with any situation.

    up to 2,200 mA, depending on ambient temperature

    R2–MAX 125,000 lm / R4–MAX 265,000 lm

    L90B10 21,000 h, L80B10 30,000 h

    available with DALI2 or Line Switch, 1-10 V, CLO and DMX

    –40 to +45 °C

    in die-cast aluminium

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  • R–System R1

    One panel, tried-and-proven

    The tried-and-proven R–System R1 is still available and optimised for applications such as traffic areas as well as small sports areas (tennis courts etc.).

    33,961 lm, 110–130 lm/W

    L80B10 > 60,000 h

    DALI interface or CLO available

    lens optics made from PMMA luminaire body from die-cast aluminium luminaire cover of reinforced safety glass (ESG)

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  • Heliport floodlight

    Guarantees a glare-free landing

    ewo’s heliport luminaire is suitable as a surface light on platforms and landing fields for helicopters. The permissible total height of 25 cm under ICAO is not exceeded and therefore, the product creates no obstruction on the helipad.

    holds 1 LED lighting unit board (16 LED)

    200–500 mA

    L80B10 > 100,000 h

    electronic operating device on request with DALI interface, 1-10 or Stand-alone programming

  • LightLogger

    This easy-to-use mobile measuring instrument increases accuracy and saves time for precise measurement of illuminance lux (lx), for airport aprons, parking spaces, ports, container terminals. 
    This robust product allows, fast assembly and is easily transportable, allowing georeferencing via GPS, with self-aligning measuring sensors.
    LightLogger allows measurement of single points or wider surface areas, with simultaneous measurement of up to six measuring points, and a horizontal measurement of 2 m, with vertical measurement at 2m in four directions. 
    The system automatically records and evaluates in real time with various measurement modes, producing reports and management of measurements, and the export of data in numerous formats. 
    Compliant with numerous regulations and standards (e.g. EASA, ICAO, EN 12464-2).
  • Advantages of the LED Technology by ewo:

    Compared with conventional technologies, lighting systems with LED technology by ewo provide a whole range of advantages:

    • a high energy-saving potential,
    • significant reduction of the CO2 emissions,
    • reduction of maintenance costs,
    • improvement of the uniformity of illumination due to increased light direction precision,
    • quick reaction times (on / off) and the omission of hot re-igniting series reactors,
    • dimming from 0%-100% in real time possible,
    • optimised light control and integration in light management solutions.
  • LED High Mast System

    In order to light up large areas, ewo offers a highly efficient, low maintenance light system, which is based on LED technology.

    With the aid of our innovative LED technology, mounting heights of 30m and more can be reached while adhering to all relevant standards and regulations.

    A retrofitting of conventional lighting systems is possible in many cases: Existing, reliable structures can be used.

  • Radio and Light Control

    Our products may be fitted with a system to allow for wireless data communication within your networks. The 2-way communication between floodlights and control software enables full control and monitoring of the lights and will lead to more cost-effective and responsive maintenance.

  • ewo LED lens technology – THE lighting unit

    All ewo lighting systems are based on a standardised technological unit. This lighting unit is universally applicable for various products – from street lamps to high mast systems – and can be optimally adapted to suit the respective application through a versatile range of configuration possibilities.

    The modular design makes it possible to optimally respond to the required level of illumination by simply applying the respective number of lighting units: The small steps of performance control ensure that only as much light is produced as is actually required. With regard to maintenance and repairs, the unit can be partially exchanged – an exchange of the entire system is avoided.

    Depending on the lighting task at hand, various colours of light can be selected and various optical lenses can determine the distribution of light. This ensures that the lighting technology is perfectly designed to respond to the respective project requirements.

    LED technology by ewo meets all requirements regarding the EN13201 standard and, subsequent to the performance of photo-biological safety tests, has been classified in accordance with EN62471 of the risk-free group.

  • ewo’s versatility – street and surrounding areas

    In addition to high mast systems, ewo also offers a series of LED solutions for streets and public areas.

    With a reduced energy consumption level, the luminaires are in compliance with lighting standards ranging from EN13201 to the highest classification of ME1 and, due to the versatile configuration possibilities, they can be precisely adapted to ideally suit the respective project requirements.

  • Facts about ewo

    Flora Kröss and Ernst Wohlgemuth founded ewo in 1996, developing it out of a metal factory in Sarnthein/Sarentino. Now based in Cortaccia, luminaires are produced to spec for a variety of international clients specialising in the following areas:

    High-performance floodlighting systems large areas, specialising in high-mast floodlighting.

    Customized light in urban areas

    Configurable systems within the constructed context

    Precise, need-oriented solutions for safe mobility

    ewoLAB initiates projects with artists, designers and architects and, in so doing, addresses the resource of light on a variety of different levels.

    Headquarters: Kurtatsch/Cortaccia in the Bolzano area, South Tyrol (Italy); offices in Austria, Germany and Denmark; other European and international partners

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