Real-time Passenger Feedback, Customer Satisfaction, Passenger Experience & Excellence in Service Quality at every Passenger Touch Point

FeedbackNow – real-time passenger feedback for daily 5-star passenger service quality!

FeedbackNow is the leading feedback system for airports and airlines! Based on our intuitive Smiley Boxes, the solution is offering real-time results and is ideally suited to be used in every key aviation service area (i.e. security, toilets, check-in, retail, hospitality, baggage claim, parking).

The intuitive design ensures highest response rates providing maximum insight into passenger satisfaction and critical airport touch points to improve service quality.

It is FeedbackNow’s commitment to deliver impact through tangible service improvements.

Renowned airports worldwide rely daily on the innovative solutions of FeedbackNow for excellence in service quality.

Company Profile

  • Smiley Boxes – innovative & intuitive feedback devices for every passenger touch point

    Ideally small in size, our dedicated feedback devices create zero barrier for passengers to use for on-the-spot feedback. The “one question + one button to press” leads to higher response rate vs any other solution (tablets, questionnaire, QR code, txt message…) currently in use.

    Being the only real-time wireless solution, the FeedbackNow Smiley Boxes allow for exact time tagging of passenger feedbacks or real-time alert functionalities.

    Their versatility support the installation at the best location at each passenger touch point (counter, hand drier, security…).

  • Feedback displays for counter, service & check-in desks or lounges

  • Feedback terminal for security, boarding & waiting areas, open passenger feedback


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