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With over 60 years’ experience Glasdon UK Limited serves over 50,000 customers throughout the UK across all market sectors. Customer care and new product innovation have established Glasdon U.K. as a market leader in the design and manufacture of award-winning litter bins, recycling bins, cigarette bins, security bins, seating, grit bins and bollards.

With a diverse range of building systems, including GRP kiosks, housings and cabinets, we aim to meet your requirements, whether for a prestigious valet parking office or the protection of sensitive equipment. Glasdon shelters and canopies also offer the perfect solution for waiting areas, pay & display points or smoking areas.

The Company is constantly evolving to meet the specialised demands of its ever-growing number of customers with an emphasis on design and value for money.

Glasdon supply a wide range of quality products made from recycled materials and many of them are recyclable after their service life.

Glasdon’s commitment to customer service means that a fully trained team of sales representatives and technical staff are available to our customers for product demonstrations, inquiries and after sales service. For all our standard products, as far as possible, we aim to offer ex-stock delivery and the quickest possible lead time for bespoke orders.

For more information visit our website, email or call us today on (01253) 600410.

Company Profile

  • Electra™ Recycling Bins and Recycling Stations

    Create a unique and coordinated waste management programme throughout your facilities with the stylish Electra range of indoor recycling bins and recycling stations by Glasdon. Designed with modern environments in mind, Electra offers an attractive, flexible and effective solution to efficient waste separation and recycling.

    With a selection of bins ranging from the Electra 60 (a small, single-stream recycling container) right up to the Electra 170 Quad (a large recycling station to collect 4 waste streams in one unit), the units can be specified to fit perfectly within the footprint available. Then choose from the range of apertures and colour graphics to create the recycling programme that’s right for your facilities.

    The Electra indoor recycling range combines style with strength and sustainability. Manufactured with robust Armortec®-coated steel framework and 100% recyclable Vandalex® body panels, Electra bins are environmentally friendly with a long-service life and require minimal ongoing maintenance.

    Visit to see our extensive range of outdoor and indoor recycling bins.

    Electra 60 Recycling Electra 85 Duo Recycling Electra 85 Recycling Electra 170 Quad Recycling
  • Security Bins, FOD Bins & Site Safety Products

    The Glasdon range of clear-sided recycling units and litter bins allow for easy inspection of the contents for security purposes, and are therefore ideal for any high-risk areas.

    C-Thru™ recycling bin has a large 180 litre capacity, and the clear container enables viewing of the contents at all times for increased security. C-Thru Trio recycling bin is also available, as an open-topped or hooded model. Three sacks are used within the same unit, thereby allowing flexible waste stream capacities to maximise bin volume.

    Sack holders are very popular in areas where security is of the highest concern, but steel products frequently suffer from vandalism and corrosion. The Orbis™ sack holder combines a stylish contemporary design with a robust double-skinned Durapol® material frame to offer a solution that is both highly robust and aesthetically pleasing. Orbis sack holder features corrosion resistant sack retention bands that are compatible with a variety of sack sizes and hold it securely in place.

    To help keep your airside clear of any unwanted debris and litter we can also supply FOD (Foreign Object Debris) Bins, which are designed for small pieces of debris such as nuts and bolts.

    Email to contact our sales team find the solution for your requirements.

  • Waiting Shelters, Canopies, Pay & Display Shelters

    We have been supplying shelters for more than 30 years, and our shelters are designed, manufactured and delivered by dedicated in-house teams with decades of experience. We make it our top priority to only use materials in our products that offer the highest resistance to the effects of weather and vandalism.

    Glasdon shelters are available in contemporary and traditional styles and we custom-build your shelter to your exact specifications. Shelters can be configured in a variety of layouts, colours and with a host of optional features.

    Carleton™ waiting shelter is a stylish shelter that can be specified in a large number of configurations to suit your application.

    Modus™ pay and display shelter is ideal for use as a cover to protect from the elements your pay and display machines and the people using them.

    Visit our dedicated website to view our wide range of styles and shelter applications.

  • GRP & Steel Modular Building Systems

    Whether you need a security checkpoint, an information or ticket sales kiosk, or equipment housings we have a wide range of buildings and housings to choose from.

    Glasdon modular buildings are constructed in our dedicated manufacturing facility and are usually delivered to your site fully assembled. The completed building is offloaded via crane onto your flat and level pre-prepared concrete base, ready for base fixing. If circumstances change, Glasdon modular buildings offer the facility to be relocated as required.

    Our Buildings and Housings are made from modern materials that require minimal maintenance and provide resistance to hostile and isolated locations. We offer extensive choice in glazing materials, exterior and interior fittings, electric heating, lighting and mains sockets, and ventilation.

    Recently purchased by Heathrow Airport as their valet parking office within Terminal 3, Beacon™ is perfect for prestigious projects that require an impressive focal point. Cadet™ cabinets offer the very best value for the most demanding of small equipment and instrumentation applications. With their unique double-skinned and insulated construction, they are a popular choice where minimal temperature variation and low condensation levels are vital for sensitive equipment to successfully operate.

    To find out more visit our website or contact our dedicated buildings sales team.

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COVID19, Temporary Closure of Glasdon

Following the recent announcements from the Government making it clear that ideally people should be self-isolating and avoiding unnecessary travel in order to protect themselves and others, and of course to protect our National Health …


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