Wireless/Cordless & Wired Communication Ramp Headsets for Ground Handling/Support

GLOBALSYS is an expert in Airport/Airline Ground Wireless/Cordless and Wired Communication Headset/Solutions.

Founded in 1997, GLOBALSYS began developing its activity by creating highly innovative solutions for aircraft ground operations.

Starting in 1999, GLOBLAYS was the first in the world to:

  • Establish a wireless vocal communication system,
  • Full Duplex, between the aircraft and the ground crew

Even though wireless communications are common place these days in everyday activities, within the aircraft industry it is still relatively common to see ground personnel, whether at commercial airports or on military / private air bases, use a corded plug in cable connection to communicate with the aircraft whilst the aircraft is on the ground, which is impractical and has safety issues. GLOBALSYS has successfully resolved these limitations and, since 1997, has produced sound, realistic answers to professional users with a view to improving the safety and efficiency.

GLOBALSYS has continued innovating in the field of Cordless communication for Aircraft; by designing exclusive technology to integrate short-distance vocal aircraft to ground crew communications within the airframe. Our system, covered by several international patents, makes it possible for ground crew members to communicate with an airplane as soon as it arrives, during taxiing (instead of communicating through gestures). Additionally arrays of onboard services are available for flight crews, with a view to improving Safety and Proactivity during all flight phases.

Company Profile

  • Push-Back Wired Ground/Ramp Communication Headset

    HEA371 is the new version of our Wired Headset for Ramp Operation. It’s one of the Safer Headsets on the market with an attenuation of 33dB.

    The Ergonomic Shape is perfectly designed for the human head. You will put handlers in the best work condition.

    • Attenuation : H : 33 dB ; M : 31dB ; L : 23 dB ; SNR : 33dB
    • EN352
    • Advanced Ergonomics
    • Push To Talk options: 3 position on shell PTT, chest Push to talk,…
    • Waterproof differential microphone
    • Colors : Yellow, Orange
  • Airlink 2085 Wireless Ground/Ramp Communication System

    Airlink 2085 is the best solution for your operations. It establishes a communication without any cord between operators and aircrafts.

    • Full Duplex wideband audio
    • Vocal announcement
    • Autonomy up to 14 hours / charge time<90min
    • Certified for Europe, US, Brazil, Japan,…
    • Compatible to all aircraft ( Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, …)
    • Up to 4 stations communicate with Aircraft Station
    • Removable battery pack
    • Size: 118x54x33mm
    • Weight: 250gr.
    • Frequency : 1791to 1928 Mhz*
    • Range up to 300 meters

    * according to local regulation

  • Airlink 2080 Wireless Ground/Ramp Communication Headset

    AIRLINK 2080 establishes a Cordless, full-duplex, audio conference for your operational Teams, at a very reasonable cost.

    Specifically designed for aeronautic applications, it can be used during Maintenance Operations, during Engine runs or Departure procedures in noisy context.

    • Audio conference up to 4 operators
    • Aircraft/Ground communication
    • Full Duplex communication


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