Goldbell Corporation

Aviation Ground Support Equipment and Material Handling Equipment Leasing

We offer aviation ground support equipment leasing to service aircraft in between their flights at Changi International Airport and airports within Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane).

Goldbell Corporation, Singapore’s leading company in the commercial vehicle leasing market, was formed in 2007 when our management, with great foresight, decided to incorporate the various arms of the Goldbell Group.

The company’s subsidiaries include Goldbell Leasing, STVE, and Goldbell Car Rental, which have over 60 years of combined experience in commercial vehicle lease and passenger car lease. A varied fleet of industrial and commercial vehicles provides comprehensive leasing solutions, including trucks, forklifts, specialised vehicles and other options.

Our market share encompasses construction, logistics and warehousing, manufacturing, food and beverage, petrochemicals, the government sector and statutory boards among others.

How do you know whether you should lease or buy a vehicle? Let us advise you on how best to fulfill your fleet management needs.

We have served more than 20,000 corporate clients to-date as the largest commercial vehicles leasing company in Singapore, and their satisfaction is the key to our success.

Company Profile

  • Aviation Ground Support Equipment

    We offer leases of our aviation ground support equipment to service aircraft in between their flights at Changi International Airport and airports within Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane). All our clients are ground-handling agents who have been subcontracted by airlines. Our equipment can support both passenger and cargo planes, in support of ground power operations, aircraft mobility, and cargo loading & unloading operations.

    For aviation ground support equipment, we provide sales & lease back option for used units. This is an attractive arrangement where we purchase, refurbish and subsequently lease the equipment back to customer. Alternatively, we can replace the older or beyond economical repair ones with new equipment.

    Our equipment for lease include Aircraft Push Back Tractor (Up to A380 class), Baggage Tractors (up to 2.5 tonnes), Ground Power Units 400 Hz (140 kva & 180 kva), Pallet Dollies and Hydraulic Jacks for different tonnages, Passenger Stairs, Hi-lift Trucks, Lavatory Trucks, and Portable Water

  • Material Handling Equipment

    As authorized distributors of  STILL and Mitsubishi forklifts in Singapore, we offer a range of electric, gasoline and diesel forklifts.

    Our holistic services include conducting the “WSQ Operate Forklift” course by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) in our premises.

    To meet the wide-ranging needs of our customers, we provide two types of forklifts: Internal Combustion Engine forklifts and Electric forklifts.

    We can cater to almost every material handling situation requiring forklifts.

    Our range of forklifts includes Diesel, Gasoline and Electric forklifts covering the full spectrum of payloads from 1 to 25 tonnes.

  • Material Handling Equipment Leasing

    We lease material handling equipment of two types: Internal Combustion (IC) Engine Forklifts and Battery Forklifts.

    The lifting capacity of IC Forklifts ranges from 1.5 tonnes to 25 tonnes. Battery Forklifts are mainly for indoor use and our wide range of these Forklifts includes Reach Trucks, Counter-Balance Trucks, Order-Pickers, Power-Pallet Trucks, Tow Trucks and Very Narrow Aisle Trucks.

    Our range of forklifts include:

    • Diesel Forklifts – 1.5 to 25 tonnes load capacity.
    • Electric Forklifts – 1 to 5 tonnes load capacity.
    • Gasoline Forklifts – 1.5 to 7 tonnes load capacity.

    We rent material handling equipment in Singapore, China, Vietnam and Malaysia.

  • Air Compressors

    We specialize in operating lease (rental) and maintenance services of large-sized air compressors and shipyard-related equipment in China.

    For more information on rental of air compressors in respective countries, please contact our offices listed below or send in your enquiry via our.


    Goldbell Corporation has a wholly owned subsidiaries that distribute and rent generators.

    For more information on sales and rental of generators, please contact our offices listed below.


Goldbell Corporation
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