Airport Entrance Control Solutions

Gunnebo, an international security specialist, strives to make airport terminals more secure places where passengers and staff can feel safe surrounded by high-quality technology and user-friendly entrance control solutions.

From simple Tripod Turnstiles, Entrance Gates, Full-Height Turnstiles, Security Revolving Doors to advanced Fast Boarding Gates, Automated Immigration Gates and Anti-Return Gates.

Gunnebo creates overall airport solutions that simplify passenger travel down to the smallest detail – not least by ensuring reliable, trouble-free interaction with security staff and security systems at all times.

Company Profile

  • Airport Specialist Entrance Control

    Gunnebo's fast boarding gates are the answer to accelerating the aircraft boarding process. Incorporating user-friendly entrance control equipment, they are the ideal solution for boarding areas as they simplify passenger travel, increase passenger flow efficiency, release airline staff for other duties and reduce operating cost.

    Gunnebo's ImmSec automated immigration gates are designed to automate the immigration process at airport border-crossing points by handling the safe passage of e-passport holders quickly and efficiently. They are the optimum immigration solution, interfaced to machine-readable travel documents such as passports, visas and biometrics systems. They utilise a state-of-the-art single-person and left-item detection system.

    PasSec anti-return gates have been specially developed for the particular security needs of airports to control passenger and staff movement. Designed to prevent and detect passengers moving from low to high-security areas, these reliable anti-return gates are equipped with a sophisticated detection system.


  • Pedestrian Entrance Control

    Gunnebo interlocking doors and security airlocks provide another type of access control within airport buildings. Tailor-made solutions, they can be programmed to provide the type of system required: single-passage detection, metal detection, video cameras and biometric identification are examples.

    In airport buildings where high-profile design and high security are equal priorities, AutoSec motorised security revolving doors offer a perfect solution. Elegant entrance solutions, they also prevent tailgating and piggybacking and provide the security level demanded. Their versatility extends to a choice of material, dimensions and cornice heights.

    For today's modern airport design, Gunnebo offers a wide range of entrance gates (GlasStile) and speed gates (SpeedStile) that provide aesthetics as well as security. Combinations of stainless steel, glass and a range of noble materials add to the attractiveness of any lounge or executive area and are extremely user-friendly.

    Wherever there is a need for well-designed and controlled entrances in airports our full-height turnstiles fulfil the criteria. We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor models for applications where a high degree of security is required without manned monitoring.




  • Vehicle Entrance Control and Outdoor Perimeter Security

    Sliding gates, a crucial part of airport perimeter access control, are available in cantilever or rolling-gate options combined with a reliable motor drive. These well-engineered products are available in virtually any size.

    Vehicle access is an essential part of the secure perimeter line. The efficient design of Gunnebo vehicle barriers provides for heavy and continuous use with many options in boom lengths and system accessories for the complete solution.

    To enable pedestrians to move freely towards airport terminals whilst stopping unwanted vehicles even the heaviest at high speed the Gunnebo elkosta range of high-security bollards is the answer. Our products are crash-rated according to DOS: K4, DOS: K12, PAS68: K8 and PAS68: K12.

    Gunnebo road blockers and wedge barriers provide extremely effective vehicle defence and a high security deterrent. Either installed as a single unit or in combination with other vehicular products to achieve a sluice arrangement forming a vehicle checkpoint, they are crash-rated according to DOS: K12 and PAS68: K12.

    Gunnebo's elkosta barrier lift systems (BLS) are tough, horizontal-lifting barriers that quickly rise out of the ground and block the entire width of the road within 4s. With secure breakthrough prevention they offer maximum security for highly sensitive zones against unauthorised vehicles attempting to break through. These high-security vehicular products are crash-rated according to DOS: K4, DOS: K12 and PAS68.

    With many kilometres of airport fencing at each location, it is imperative that every part is alarmed. We have considerable experience in providing technical solutions in alarming fence lines for high-security installations worldwide.


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