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For more than four decades Harcor has supplied tailored solutions and innovative products to a diverse range of leading Australian businesses.

Harcor began operations in 1969 with an approach to single client who required solutions to reduce theft from shipping containers.

Some 45 years later, Harcor has built a reputation in Australia and abroad as the leading supplier of “Tamper Visible” security products. Through experience came growth, which was harnessed to develop competencies into new markets, via a collaborative approach with customers that has seen Harcor develop capabilities across many product & technology platforms, including:

Security Seals – Bag Supplies – Anti-Counterfeit Protection – Moulded Plastics

Company Profile

  • Tamper-Evident Labels and Bags for Aviation

    Luggage Seals

    We offer a whole range of tamper-evident labels, including our KNR (non-residue) labels. These feature a voiding seal, are numbered and can also include a logo and barcode upon request. They are also totally removable, leave no residue and are weather resistant. Application includes screened luggage and duty free items.

    Our one-trip bags are perfect for securing documents, cash and other valuables. We supply various sizes of bag, including A3 and A4, and many of them are Australian Commonwealth Government endorsed. Bags can also be customised with company logos.

    • Seals provide evidence of tampering.
    • Padlocks can be opened without your knowledge.
    • If your seals are broken upon collection of your luggage, check contents and report any problems to authorities.
    • Padlocks can be and may be cut off by customs officers without your consent. This may also damage your luggage.
    • When removing your seals, simply twist to break or use scissors
    • Each seal is individually numbered and unique to you.
  • Re-Useable Tamper-Evident Bags

    Harcor also offers a range of re-useable tamper-evident bags. Our range of Harclip re-usable bags include everything from document security, cash/valuables bags and till drawer bags, and are all made from PVC-coated nylon.

    Harcor’s Springlok seal is easy to close with one-handed operation. Made from polypropylene, its plastic body provides maximum security blemishing and a hinge spring, which opens when tampered with. The seal also features a hinge spring which opens when tampered with.

    The Springlok seal is available in a variety of colours and can be customised to include your logo or design.

  • Harcor Secura Shield

    The Secura Shield e-Seal combines an ISO/PAS 17712 compliant high security bolt with a Gen2 UHF passive RFID tag in one simple package. The patented technology and sound engineering offers you a tough, maintenance free product that provides reliable performance over a long read range.

    The e-Seal is perfect for any container that has one lockable point of access such as shipping containers, rail cars, solid side trucks, hatches and hazmat containers.

    The Secura Shield e-Seal operates at the UHF 860 – 960 MHz band so it can be used internationally without radio frequency issues.

    Futhermore the e-Seal is EPC Gen2 compliant so the e-Seal can be read with any EPC compliant reader and used with any EPC compliant information system.

    The physical action of locking the bolt in place activates the RFID tag which now sends a signal when interrogated.

    Any tampering with or opening the seal destroys the tamper indication circuit and the reader will not receive a signal, highlighting that the container should be inspected.

    Harcor is Secura Shield’s Official Australian Distributor. Please contact the Harcor Sales Team for more Secura Shield information.


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