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UPS Systems and Services for Airports and Air Traffic Controllers

HITEC Power Protection develops, manufactures and delivers turnkey Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Solutions and Services. HITEC operates from its head office and manufacturing facility located in Almelo, The Netherlands, with regional Customer Support Centers in the USA and Asia Pacific, and a presence in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Russia, China, Taiwan and Malaysia. The company’s global coverage is further enhanced by a network of top-tier distributors, agents and representatives who enable the company to service equipment and support customers around the world. Worldwide the company has installed more than 2100 units with an installed capacity of more than 3100 MVA.

Since 1894, HITEC has been designing notable power innovations. In 1956 they conceived and built the very first rotary UPS system and the rotating filter concept that continues to be at the heart of their innovative products today. In 1969, HITEC combined the rotating filter concept with a kinetic energy module and diesel generator to introduce the first-ever Dynamic UPS. Over the course of the next 50 years, HITEC has continued to introduce more sophisticated equipment capable of supporting larger loads. With a single unit capacity of 3600 kVA, HITEC has the largest and most powerful dynamic UPS systems on the market today. HITEC introduced the PowerPRO product range which offers unrivaled efficiency, space, and operating cost savings. Today, the PowerPRO is considered the market’s ultimate Dynamic UPS system.

HITEC provides single modules that range from 500 kVA up to 3600 kVA of full No-Break capacity and these can be configured into a variety of electrical configurations at both LV and MV with the largest system being over 60 MVA.

HITEC’s customers benefit from the features provided by the Dynamic UPS technology of High reliability (fewer, less complex components), High efficiency (fewer active components) end-to-end efficiency of up to 97%, High power density (Less space requirements means increased Data Floor Area) and use of stored kinetic energy (no need for Battery Banks or their ancillaries). For clients conscious of their sustainability commitments this means that the days of recycling large volumes of batteries is eliminated.Furthermore, HITEC specializes to providing support to its client, consultant and contractor stakeholders in supplying Turnkey design and project management solutions. As HITEC’s Dynamic UPS systems are regularly in service for over 25 years, HITEC recognizes that on-going support is essential for our clients and so has an In-house team of Commissioning and Service engineers providing Maintenance packages and a 24-hour technical support.

Company Profile

  • PowerPRO – Dynamic UPS

    The HITEC PowerPRO – Dynamic UPS series has the greatest reliability and uptime and the reduced energy consumption makes it the most efficient Dynamic UPS solution available in today’s market. PowerPRO’s innovative battery-free design increases reliability, saves space and minimizes environmental impact.

    The PowerPRO Series is the culmination of 60 years of manufacturing and engineering experience. HITEC has created the industry’s best UPS solution derived from real-world customer feedback on usability, design, size, life cycle, and cost. Based on this feedback, HITEC has brought to market a Dynamic UPS product family that is specifically tailored to address the industry’s many diverse power needs.

    Hitec delivers products that address 400 kVA to 3000 kVA in the 50 Hz market and from 450 kVA to 3600 kVA in a single unit for the 60 Hz markets, Hitec’s critical power solutions for our clients range in size from 400 kVA to 60 MVA and we can go higher.

    Our newest UPS series combines the elements of energy storage and energy transfer into one compact unit — a module known as the KEM (Kinetic Energy Module). This space-efficient module design provides a high-quality energy storage option that is highly reliable and simpler to maintain due to a built-in condition monitoring and an automatic lubrication system. In addition, HITEC has simplified the installation, with prefabricated cabling & connectors. This means that installation is simple and more reliable.

  • PowerKEM – Dynamic Kinetic Energy Module

    The PowerKEM has been designed to be the central component of the power system of any facility that requires power protection and improved power quality. The PowerKEM series reinforces HITEC’s range to provide a simple UPS system that can be configured to provide the desired level of redundancy and resiliency for your facility.

  • Solutions

    We understand your market. HITEC has worked with large and small companies around the globe and in almost every business vertical. In all situations, our mission is the same: to reduce risk, increase performance, and support the business with the continuous power of our dynamic UPS solutions. Our in-house experts continue to solve some of the industry’s most common issues, such as:

    • Noise control
    • Emission control
    • Space planning
    • Sensitive environmental requirements
    • Qualification & certification
    • Utility approval & verification

    HITEC expertly creates a turnkey process to safely deliver a high-quality, UPS installation with fewer points of failure, and natural load protection and support. Through our consulting services we can also drive the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the Aviation industry.

    The demand for these highly reliable power solutions continues to be met with a technical support team that makes complex redundant and paralleled configurations their day to day business. This simple approach to the complex installation of our systems enables us to work closely with our customers to provide the best possible solution at the lowest possible risk.

  • Total Solution Provider

    We promote long-term service partnerships that deliver quality, reliability and value throughout the lifecycle of your equipment.

    Our customized service solutions encompass an advanced remote monitoring platform, performance reporting, service inspections, maintenance, training and service consultation.

    Our Helpdesk is dedicated to providing timely, high quality support to all of our customers Worldwide, 24x7x365.

    We provide the partnership that fits your need and ensures that “Power is in your Control” and the Safety of Air traveling is insured both on the ground and in the air.


UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

The HITEC PowerPRO – Dynamic UPS series has the greatest reliability and uptime and the reduced energy consumption makes it the most efficient Dynamic UPS solution available in today’s market. PowerPRO’s innovative battery-free design increases reliability, …


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