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Boarding Passes, Baggage Tags, CUSS Rolls, Tickets, Special Airline Tags

Hummel GmbH u. Co. KG – your partner for airline stationery like Boarding Cards, Baggage Tags with or without RFID, and barcoded products such as Waybills, Labels and multipart forms.

Founded in 1957 and maintained as a family business since then, Hummel offer specialised printing for airline and transportation since more than 25 years. The products comprise Boarding Passes fan-folded or on rolls, Thermal Baggage Tags, also with RFID, ATB Tickets, as well as other specialized airline consumables such as AWB, Manual Tickets, Interline Tags and other special Tags. For the courier and parcel industry Hummel print different barcoded forms like Parcel Labels, Consignment Notes and other encoded products.

The company’s customers benefit from market experience of many years and customised solutions due to the broad range of possibilities, e.g. integrated labels in a complex form or special combinations of kiss-cut on front and back of a label to enhance its function. As a general contractor, Hummel offer additional services including distribution, product development or personalisation.

Company Profile

  • Boarding Cards and Baggage Labels, Special Tags

    The complete package for airlines and airports:
    Since the beginning of the ATB, Hummel have produced Boarding Passes and Thermal Baggage Tags for its customers throughout the world. These products being a great opportunity to bring the airline’s corporate image to their passengers, the quality of the products is of utmost importance.

    In addition to the corporate image of our customers, the documents are an excellent platform for advertisement partners. Outstanding print quality can only be achieved on high-quality raw materials and by well experienced print experts.

    Optimal reading of the 2D barcode and a reliable performance in the printers is an imperative for airlines and airports, which we control through our constant quality management before and during production. Our products are tested on all current printers in our in-house laboratory. This helps with cost savings for our customers due to a smooth boarding process and minimal costs caused by lost or mishandled luggage.

    Our product range for airlines, airports and ground handling agents is completed by a variety of manual Tags for different purposes, such as Interline Tags, Limited Release Tags, Name Tags, Heavy Tags, DAA and others, but also Cargo Tags to mark pallets and ULD. Naturally, we also offer automated and manual AWB, Manual Tickets and other forms.


  • Up to date with developments such as

    Kiosk Rolls (CUSS), Tags for Self-Bag Drop and RFID Baggage Tags:

    Always close to the market, we develop and adapt our products to the latest demands. We were among the first companies to provide roll stock for CUSS terminals, available in different versions to fit with all current printer models. These can also be printed with 4-colour advertisements for further benefit.

    Automated Baggage Tags can be enhanced with different easy and cost-effective solutions to make Self-Bag Drop smooth and uncomplicated. The handling of the Self-Service Tag is improved to enable all passengers to use them without further complications.

    Since many years already, we implement RFID in voting pads for shareholder meetings, so RFID is nothing new to us. We produce RFID Baggage Tags on the latest equipment, all in compliance with IATA requirements, using the inlay of your choice or recommending an inlay according to your requirements.


  • Tickets for Rail, Ferry, Car Rental, Parking Tickets

    Tickets in ATB format are used for air transportation as well as transportation by train or ferry, in an automation initiative also some car rental companies have chosen this format for their car rental agreements. We also provide parking tickets for all common systems. As all of the stated products represent a certain value, we have worked with our customers to develop different security features to prevent forgery, copy or manipulation of the Ticket.

    Hummel offer a great choice of different options, these include invisible or thermochromic inks, fluorescent fibres, watermarks, guilloches, holograms, amongst others. Many of our customers use ATB Tickets with Ticket Covers, a product giving them sufficient space to display their Terms & Conditions as well as to place an advertisement.

  • Barcoded Forms - Courier Waybills and Barcode Labels

    To transport parcels and consignments in a quick and efficient manner, courier services must rely on perfectly harmonized logistical processes within their network. Our barcoded products like waybills or parcel slips help achieve this goal and are perfectly adapted to the individual requirements of each customer. With an ongoing trend for online ordering, our customers in the parcel business rely on our notification cards with added functional features such as copy, adhesive stripe, integrated barcode label etc.

    All current systems are available to choose from, e.g. alphanumerical or 2D barcodes. We take over additional responsibilities by offering number range management, personalization service, B2B platforms and worldwide distribution.


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