I-SEC International Security BV

Airport Security Handling, Training and Technology

I-SEC specializes in the provision of advanced aviation security services and technology worldwide. 

These include security consulting and security handling: security profiling, checkpoint screening, HBS screening, cargo security, and other services. In addition, the company provides standard as well as tailor-made training courses for security staff and management.

The company benefits from the broad know-how and international operational experience it has acquired in more than two decades of intensive activity in the field of aviation security. I-SEC’s management and key personnel are widely recognized in the industry as developers of pioneering aviation security concepts, methods and technologies, focusing primarily on high-risk environments.

With its highly skilled and experienced professional staff, supported by proprietary technological innovations, I-SEC is ideally positioned to deliver cost-effective aviation security solutions and services to airlines and airports with varying operational volumes and needs.

In addition to that I-SEC specializes in enhanced technology to support the security operation. We provide applications that are mobile, connected, state-of-the-art solutions for operational planning, manpower management, passenger document scanning, and PNR processing.

Company Profile

  • Manpower and Staff Management

    SARA – Security Airport Realtime Application
    Mobile manpower management tool to bridge the gap between HR and the operation.

    After providing security manpower services for more than a decade at international airports we at I-SEC, decided to create a tool that solves the biggest challenges that any large manpower company will encounter in day to day work. We identified and bridged the gap between HR and operations and while doing this we realized that the right information at the right time could just save the day in regards to better productivity. First created for our own use and then extensively tested and fine-tuned in our operations, SARA is now the nucleus of all our manpower management.

    Where are my employees? Is a very logical question, but in a large organization this can be hard to answer. We connected SARA to our own and to 3rd party planning systems. At present, the comprehensive dashboard overview shows us live where employees have been sent without even tracking them.

    Daily operations
    We have to stay up to date continuously and for this we created a set of operational tools and rules within SARA. For instance, if the plastic gloves at lane 4 ran out, set a task to a person or a defined area to make sure that someone brings a new supply of gloves as quickly as possible. Did everyone follow and sign for the daily briefing? The briefing system allows you to simply add a briefing and assign it to all or selected employees and easily follow up on them later. To complete this the logbook feature allows management to quickly get a summary of all the events of the daily operation.

    Employee overview
    More than 2000 employees and need to find information about one of them right away? Using smart filter functions and advanced search techniques you can locate the employee you are looking for in seconds. See an overview, history, comments and even localize the employee on the dashboard with the simple click of a button.

    We had to get rid of a massive amount of paper forms that we accumulated, so we used SARA and went paperless by incorporating an easy ‘what you see is what you get’ form incorporated into SARA. Application administrators can create and publish forms and they will be instantly available on all mobile devices that have the SARA app installed. SARA allows forms to be signed directly on a mobile device. Built-in approval flows together with options to export the finished forms to PDF and e-mail, or save them to an external location to completes the paperless experience.

    Business rules
    Ever wondered if all your employees have completed all mandatory trainings? If an ID is about to expire? SARA incorporates a business rule engine that allows you to set alerts on forms, tasks, briefings and events. SARA connects to external training systems like Moodle and imports from Tutor X-ray and combines the information into one system. SARA allows you to set, create and receive alerts that you need in order to make sure your employees are always up to date.

    Chat, notification and alert system
    Coordination is vital in a large operation. With SARA we now get overview of notification, alerts and messages upon which we need to act. The SARA chat system was built exactly for this purpose. Integration with the native IOS operating system makes sure your mobile device will go ‘ping’. Security alerts need to inform employees that baggage was left unattended. An emergency change in procedures? The alert feature allows you to warn a pre-selected group or all your employees simultaneously.

    As we are a security company, we did not only have a need for a very strong security system for the infrastructure of SARA but also a comprehensive security system that dealt with data protection. Using a wizard, SARA allows you to set or modify rights of features or content for groups, users or even imported groups from an external HR system.

    SARA can export information to an external report server or use the built in reports and export them directly from SARA. Save time and money and take away the daily work of walking from office to office and creating report summaries.

    External connections
    There is always more information that can be useful; for this reason we made sure it is easy to connect SARA to external data sources like airport information systems, training systems, HR systems and more. The right information at the right time and place can make all the difference in your day to day operation.

    Does SARA fit your organization?
    SARA is usable to manage a small or a large workforce. SARA is scalable and can be used in multiple locations at the same time. SARA connects to a wide variety of external sources and is easily adaptable to add even more. We are continuously adding features and connections and can tailor SARA to fit your organization to meet your needs.

  • Mobile Boarding Pass and Passport Scanner

    I-Check eco system
    Taking digital aviation security to a new level

    To support the high risk flight security operation, I-SEC has used and created a variety of devices and platforms since the 1990’s, slowly gaining first hand experience and improving continuously. Starting with the use of handheld PDA’s, I-SEC innovated over the following decade and introduced the I-box to all its high risk flight security operations. The I-box featured full page passport scanners
and intelligent software developed by I-SEC.

    In 2017 we were ready to take a completely new perspective on the concept of digital aviation security and used the opportunity to take it to a totally new level. A level at which we successfully meet the latest aviation and airport demands, needs and expectations and in some cases, even stay ahead of them.

    How do you get the right information at the right time? In a high risk flight security environment information is vital. Just knowing that you are still expecting passengers from a late incoming flight to your security check (how many and at what time?) can make a huge difference in your day to day operation. How can you be sure not to overload the security agents with too much information? How can we get rid of the use of security stickers? All examples of challenges we encountered in our day to day operation and which we solved one by one.

    The I-Check infrastructure
    We solved a part of the challenges by creating a secure information service spanning the entire airport that is continuously connected to all of
our devices. We made sure that it was adaptable, scalable and connected to any of the sources required. We paid a lot of extra attention into creating a secure infrastructure using the latest encryption methods and made sure that sensitive data is properly stored to meet the strict demands of European and international data legislation.

    Currently the I-Check infrastructure connects to:

    • The I-SEC NAPS PNR processing system
    • DocCheck processing
    • Airport information systems

    More systems can be easily integrated upon demand.

    I-Check devices and apps
    To solve other challenges, and meet the large variety of requirements that exist in an airport environment, we created a series of devices and applications. Each device has its own unique abilities. At the same time we made sure that none of the I-Check devices stores any data locally, thus securing sensitive and security information.

    I-Check document scan stand
and I-Check tablet app

    The I-Check document scan stand, together with the I-Check tablet app, turns a tablet into an extremely fast and accurate passport and barcode scanner. Once the I-Check tablet app
is connected to the I-Check infrastructure, a wide variety of functionalities becomes available guiding the security agent and supervisors intuitively through its features and functionality.

    I-Check phone app
    We developed the I-Check phone app that enables all of the I-Check infrastructure features and functionalities to be available when mobility is paramount. You can now scan passports and boarding cards directly, using a smartphone and have immediate access to the complete set of services and information the I-Check platform offers. Use the I-Check phone app to quickly check whether or not a passenger has already been screened somewhere else at the airport and determine if the passenger still needs your attention.

    I-Check kiosk
    A number of years ago we realized there
was a need for a new kind of security device that could integrate with the most modern biometric airport ow systems while giving certain selected passengers the ability to use
a self service kiosk, even in a high risk flight environment. Thereafter, we created the I-Check kiosk. An innovative device that combines award winning biometric facial recognition, a fixed passport and barcode scanner, the I-Check infrastructure and an extremely intuitive application which guides passengers through the security process. The whole process is supervised remotely by security agents using tablets which run the I-Check kiosk supervision app. Using this app the agent can supervise up to four I-Check kiosks simultaneously and instantly track or even stop the process of a passenger using the I-Check kiosk.

    I-Check services include:

    • NAPS (PNR processing)
    • DocCheck (Visa requirement check)
    • Passport and boarding pass scanning
    • Facial recognition
    • Airport information
  • Real Time Operational Planning

    ROM – Realtime Operational Management
    Adaptive live multi- location resource planning

    Where roster planning stops, I-SEC’s operational planning application; ROM, begins. It transforms rigid and difficult day to day planning into flexible and structured planning.

    Through utilization of the OPS system, we can create a roster a week, a month or even a year in advance, which ideally should be as accurate as possible. However, in a turbulent environment like an airport, the daily dispatch efficiency of your workforce is paramount to your operation. I-SEC, with more than a decades experience in major airport environments, created an innovative tool to deal exactly with this. ROM was created due to the fact that there was no tool available which could meet the high requirements of I-SEC; to transform a rigid roster in a versatile and flexible system. Over the last decade we have improved our operational planning system year by year in our own operation. We made sure that we were able to meet the steep demands set by the continuing growth of the transport industry.

    Last year we upgraded the complete ROM platform into a new modernized system using latest and state of the art technologies. We added functionalities which accommodate the rising demands of our industry and simultaneously gives you the edge needed for improving daily efficiency.

    Not only does ROM come with a complete multi-location check in and out system that allows you to know when an employee started and finishes his or her shift. The same system can be expanded to check-in and out of designated positions or tasks.


    • Allows you to work with multiple planners at the same time
    • Supports multiple planning methods, like live planning and future planning. The future planning tool allows you to create a roster even a year in advance.
    • Integrates multiple roster planning applications
    • Allows you to export the daily changes back 
into your preferred roster application
    • Gives a comprehensive overview of the 
actual planning supply and demand
    • Automatic shift schedule notifications to your workforce by for example SMS or e-mail
    • Create reports on your planning using 
the built-in reporting system and export 
the reports as PDF and excel
    • Integrates with airport flight information systems
    • Integrates with I-SEC’s I-Check ECO system 
to display the current passenger flow
    • Integrates with I-SEC’s workforce management 
tool SARA and activates the SARA dashboard
    • ROM runs as a SAAS service or in own cloud or onsite.
  • Passenger and PNR processing

    NAPS – New Advanced Profiling System
    Taking PNR processing to the next level.

    I-SEC has more than 25 years of international experience in the high risk flight security sector. As a pioneer in this sector, I-SEC is now one of the world leaders in high risk flight passenger security. Starting in 1992, I-SEC began to process PNR data based on various preset criteria to be able to streamline the flow of passengers for the high risk flight security check. Slowly innovating throughout the years, we did a complete overhaul of our systems in 2016 and re-invented the wheel again using state of the art software. At the same time we made sure NAPS became stronger, much more flexible when we needed it to be so, and static when we needed it to be static.

    We reinvented the APS system enabling it could process PNR data on the spot, connect to any database and use any predefined input file.

    People desire security and need safety but at the same time nobody likes waiting in line and the added inconvenience security check can bring. 

    With the use of NAPS, I-SEC can help to find a balance between security, better passenger flow and shorter waiting lines.

    We accomplish this by pre-screening passenger information. NAPS can connect to any predefined data format and read the necessary PNR data. By using smart rules we can filter passengers before they even get to the airport and give those who need it extra attention, once they get to the security check.

    The processed PNR information can be sent to your IT platform and be incorporated seamlessly into the I-SEC I-Check ecosystem. This ecosystem encompasses a secure information service spanning the entire network that is continuously connected to all the I-Check applications and devices. Now you can scan boarding passes and passports and show the relevant data needed to support the agent with easy steps and reminders.

    What can NAPS do for your company?

    Provide a new level of intelligent security while improving waiting lines and passenger flow.


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