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Two Way Radio Communications for Airside, Logistic Support and All Area Security

From the busiest international airports employing thousands of people to the smaller airfields the pressure to deliver timely and quality services to customers is vital. With the largest airports serving tens of millions of passengers each year, coordinating services effectively and efficiently is of paramount importance. That’s why clear and reliable two-way radio communications between all parties is important. Whether you are the airport operator itself, an airline, security, baggage or handling it’s critical that your two-way radio communications meets the mark.

That’s where Icom come in. For over the last 50 years, Icom has been designing and manufacturing the most reliable and innovative two-way radio solutions in the world.  Whether it is a business, maritime, avionic or consumer option, there is no other manufacturer that can supply a complete range of radio solution. Icom can provide Airports and suppliers of all sizes with a range of solutions to suit their business needs to aid operational efficiency, business continuity, safety and security.

From the most reliable Aviation Ground to Air Radios to the very latest in Two-Way Radio Communication system technologies, Icom can provide solutions for individuals and user groups operating at desks, on foot or from vehicles.

Icom have a number of Commercial Radio Solutions for the Aviation sector:

  • Ground to Air Two-Way Radio Solutions
  • Ground-based Two-Way Radio Solutions
  • Two-Way Digital Business Radio Solutions
  • Scanners/Radio Receivers

Company Profile

  • Ground to Air Two-Way Radio Solutions

    Icom have a number of ground to air solutions from handhelds, mobile and even base station units.

    IC-A16E Handheld – Ground-to-Air Communications
    The IC-A16E is a dependable, rugged Ground-to-Air handheld and is very simple to use meaning that authorised staff can be quickly trained to use this radio effectively. The IC-A16E has a strong, water-resistant construction that provides reliability in all conditions. Both the display and keypad are backlit, which is a very useful feature for use at night. The IC-A16E has both 8.33kHz and 25kHz channel spacing as well as built-in Bluetooth technology.

    IC-A120E Vehicle Panel Mount – Ground-to-Air Communications
    The IC-A120E is a tough panel-mount transceiver especially aimed at airport ground crew and is suitable for installation in most vehicles.  The IC-A120E features both 8.33kHz and 25kHz channel spacing, plus the latest noise cancelling and Bluetooth technology.

    IC-A120E VHF Base-Station – Ground-to-Air Communications
    Our IC-A120E aviation desktop base-station is perfect for any airfield that needs to communicate with both aircraft and airside vehicles from a control tower. The IC-A120E base-station uses mains power and can be connected to an externally mounted antenna.

  • Ground-based Two-Way Radio Solutions

    Icom have a range of analogue and digital radio products available in four types: handheld, vehicle mounted mobile, desk top base station and repeater base station.

    • Handheld two-way radios are the walkie talkie type of radios you see people carrying around.  These are available in license and unlicensed versions
      • Vehicle mounted mobile two-way radios mount in a car or truck, and they use the vehicle’s battery for power. They will achieve better range by using an externally mounted antenna on the vehicle.
      • Desktop base station radios use mains power and can be connected to a cable that leads to an external mounted antenna. The higher the antenna is mounted, the better the range. The vehicle mounted mobile radio are often used as base stations by adding an AC to DC power converter
      • Two Way Radio repeaters are essentially radios that increase the operational range of your PMR radio system. Repeaters can be used to cover areas in your business where a two-way radio will not transmit or receive. A repeater receives the transmission of a two-way radio and rebroadcasts it further. Every Icom two-way business radio is repeater capable, from the low-cost IC-F1000 series to the advanced IC-F3400D digital two way.
  • Two Way Digital Business Radio Solutions

    Icom have a two-way digital radio system called IDAS (Icom Digital Advanced System) that provides organisations in the UK with outstanding communication quality, security and coverage.  The system benefits from advanced 6.25 kHz channel spacing which can allow twice the amount of users than other radio systems.

    In addition, Icom UK have developed several security management systems that are fully compatible with IDAS systems and other different stress-free solutions to staff safety.

    RMS-Net Digital Radio Management System provides any organisations with efficient communication within the workforce and improved management of health and safety.  This software solution logs all radio traffic onto a central database whilst desktop users stay in touch via PC.   RMS-Net is incorporated into the following radio management systems, thus providing organisations with improved management of health and safety and communication with the mobile workforce.

    i-READ Guard Tour Management System uses a specially adapted Icom radio to scan waypoint badges laid on a predetermined route. This information acts as a time date stamp/proof of patrolling and is sent back to a central radio base station and stored on a PC running RMS-Net.

    i-LOC Security Management System uses strategically placed low power beacons around a building, which periodically transmit their identity. A receiver fitted inside an Icom hand portable receives transmissions from the beacons when the user of the portable passes in their vicinity.   This is then reported to a PC running RMS-Net

  • Scanners/Radio Receivers

    You want to listen and monitor air traffic with our range of Airband Scanners. Icom’s receiver line-up is varied and has products starting with a simple handheld receiver going up to a professional base station with some of the most advanced radio technology.

    A new alternative? – Advances in Radio Technology

    Icom’s IP Advanced Radio System, which works over wireless LAN (WLAN) and IP networks, utilises a network controller and remote communicators/handsets and provides secure conversation via WLAN security protocols (WPA-PSK and WPA-PSK2). The system is totally licence-free.

    Another alternative is the new Icom LTE Radio System which is also license-free. Using the LTE/4G network, the system gives you mobile phone coverage but with Push-to-Talk two-way radio communications. With the custom ICOM sim card, users benefit from a closed private network and you can simply turn on and use, no installation required.

    Both systems have a huge amount of benefits, but we see it providing further choice alongside analogue and digital radio systems.
    There are strong reasons for customers to move towards these new technologies including no licence fee, encrypted communication and excellent audio quality.

    Both systems can be used like a traditional radio system with individual and group calling. All of this is done by allocating each individual hand portable a personality on the system. It’s a direct replacement to radio systems with increased capacity but using different technology.

    In terms of installation, the system can be so much simpler. To put communications in a building you would traditionally use a distributed antenna system, maybe including a lift shaft to get full coverage. The process is much simpler, the IP Advanced Radio System uses wireless access points around the building and the LTE Radio System uses pre-existing telephone signal masts that are installed throughout the country.

Company News

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