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Web-based Flight Information Display Systems

iFIDS.com Inc. is an experienced and reliable provider of web-based Flight Information Display Systems and Aeronautical Landing Billing Software that is simple, maintenance free, and ideal for airport operations and its customers. We have been providing airport industry software solutions since 2000. iFIDS represents over 30 clients in Canada, United States and the Bahamas.

IFIDS.com systems are conveniently simple, while maintaining exceptional customer support, advanced user-interfaces, editing features and access to real-time and reporting flight data”.

Our clients are provided with more than just basic displays. We provide a sophisticated FIDS allowing for real-time screen customization, messaging, visual paging, scheduled advertising and third party web-based tools.

Service is our greatest strength!  We offer 24/7 support and our systems are protected through redundancy. iFIDS has maintained 99.9%+ up-time since we began operations.

Company Profile

  • Flight Information Display Systems

    As a hosted FIDS provider, iFIDS.com has the tools needed to provide our customers with web-based flight information displays. Included in our suite of tools are online browser-based user interfaces that allow for input of updated flight data, input and maintenance of flight schedules as well as tools to allow appropriate users to control the design and layout of airport displays. IFIDS.com FIDS work on any LCD/CRT/Plasma displays. Simple provide power and Internet and any size airport can provide its users with dynamic content to Arrival and Departure Screens, Baggage and Gate Screens, Baggage Handler Input Devices, on the airport website and through PDA messaging. Clients are able to fully customize content, fonts, colours, images, advertising, visual paging messages and more from any computer in the world with appropriate login credentials. IFIDS.com is truly Simple, Web-based and Maintenance Free.

    Photo: FIDS provided by iFIDS.com make use of a custom IE browser and image server utility. This allows clients to display multi-framed content, static and animated images, flash video content, third party website content and paging messages. All display settings, frame sizes, colours, fonts and images are completely customizable anytime.

  • Aeronautical Landings Billings Systems

    Aileron aeronautical landings billing software and recurring invoicing software is an incredibly sophisticated pair of tools designed for any size airport. This hosted system allows airports to process daily, weekly or monthly landings data. Once imported, Aileron quickly filters and sorts all landings to specific billable clients and assigns customized pricing for each client based on aircraft, engine type, weight, seating capacity, runway use, gate use, terminal use and more. The system automatically recognizes errors in data, duplicates, non-billables, new aircrafts, etc. Impressively, Aileron comes with an online registration search tool which atomically finds new and changed ownerships. This saves airports significant expenses in labour as it eliminates the need for issuing credits and searching manually for new or changed registrations. Clients are able to export directly from Aileron to accounting software or issue customized invoices directly from the software. Packed with reports, Aileron easily pays for its self either from creating efficiencies or finding potentially missed revenues. IFIDS.com is teamed with FlightView Inc., a leading provider of landings data for every airport in North America.

    Photo: Airport billing should be fast, easy, efficient and cost effective. Aileron provides airports and accounting departments all of these conveniences and more.

  • Hospitality FIDS

    IFIDS.com Inc. along is extremely excited to offer Flight Information Display Systems to hotels and other organizations within the hospitality and tourism industries.

    IFIDS.com has been providing FIDS software, hardware, support, data and management systems to airports for over 10 years. This knowledge provides hospitality businesses with the same web-based technologies and reliable flight data used at their local airport, while ensuring reliable and secure communications.

    Basic PC, display hardware and an Internet connection are all the location requires to host their own FIDS. Subscription pricing is very affordable. IFIDS.com (through a marketing agent) assists the client location with revenue generating advertising sales making the system income generating. Flight Information can also be fed to each of the rooms in the facility via local cable TV channels.

    Hospitality FIDS allows hotels to generate income, keep clients in their facility longer and it reduces congestion at airports. IFIDS.com is teamed with FlightView Inc. for accurate flight data throughout North America and Jwalk Marketing Inc. for advertising sales.

    Photo: Today, travellers expect more! IFIDS.com recognizes the need for timely information for travellers and can now offer those individuals valuable, time and cost saving flight status updates before they leave their hotels.

  • Website Tools

    IFIDS.com has developed several web-based tools and has teamed with other major web-based travel related software providers to offer airports the most advanced technology available. These tools assist travels with booking and maintaining their travel arrangements, while assisting the airports with critical tasks and market research.

    Within iFIDS.com’s suite of products, clients can offer FIDS on their websites and at local hospitality related locations within their community. IFIDS.com has also developed a flight status-messaging tool for travellers. This simple web tool can be place directly on each airport website. Travellers simple input their flight number, date and e-mail address and they are automatically notified in the event of any change to their flight’s status.

    IFIDS.com, as an agent, provides airport clients with many tools from FlightView Inc. FlightView Inc. tools include live Flight Status Maps, Radar Maps, Weather Maps, Landing reports, Live flight schedules and updates data and more.

    IFIDS.com, as an agent, provides airport clients with many tools from SwiftTrip.com. These tools include a travel booking engine allowing airports to sell flight, hotel and car rentals directly from the airport website. Travellers are given all live pricing from all of the local providers, along with many membership benefits. The airport is able to gather extremely valuable marketing statistics from the users, while generating income from each booking. This tool along with SwiftTrip’s travel analyzer tool are exceptional web-based utilities for both airports and their users.

    Photo: Access to technology and the Internet are requirements for all types of travellers. IFIDS.com’s has a host of products aimed at helping airports provide their users with web-based and PDA-based tools to make travel easier and more affordable.


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