KVM Extenders and Matrix Switches for Real-time Data Distribution

IHSE develops and manufactures advanced keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) extenders and switches used throughout the aviation industry: in air traffic management and control, security and surveillance, ground and air operations training, baggage handling and airport information systems.

Major airports around the world, including London Heathrow, Singapore Changi and King Abdullaziz in Saudi Arabia, Amsterdam Schipol, along with a host of other important hubs and airports, benefit from the highest level of reliability and performance offered by IHSE KVM technology.

IHSE KVM extenders and switches are designed to operate at the highest levels of performance; to meet the most exacting operational requirements in an industry in which total reliability and information integrity is paramount; and essential.

Real-time data distribution from take-off to landing and beyond

Information is crucial to safe and efficient air operations. IHSE KVM technology transports real-time data throughout the entire air traffic control and management process, enhancing safety and operational efficiency from take-off to landing, and beyond.

When decisions matter, correct information is essential.

IHSE’s high-performance, cost-effective, KVM matrix switches and extenders function with complete reliability, ensuring data is delivered to operators – whenever and wherever it is needed.

  • Air traffic control and Management, e.g. ICMS, MET, D-ATIS, EFPS/DMAN, GIDS, ASR, A-SMGCS
  • Terminal information and signage
  • Simulation centres
  • Pilot training
  • Baggage handling
  • Emergency and security services control rooms

Company Profile

  • IHSE equipment is used throughout the aviation industry across a wide range of applications from take-off to landing, and beyond.

  • ATC tower applications

    Keyboard, Video Mouse, (KVM), extenders are an essential component of ATC towers. They enhance the operational environment by separating operators from noisy, heat-producing computing equipment and allow heavy equipment to be located at ground level.

    As the industry moves to the future, KVM matrix switches are finding application in modern facilities: the latest generation of towers incorporates KVM matrix switches to give operators and supervisors far greater flexibility in duplicating workstations, supervisory overview and in rapidly changing their focus of attention as situations change.

    KVM solutions provide comprehensive access to crucial data both within the tower and further afield. It ensures instant and reliable connection to data systems in remote buildings – including the backup towers and crisis rooms.

  • Airport ground operations

    KVM technology offers great opportunities to enhance and streamline air traffic control, management and airport operations beyond the tower.

    In ground operations, security systems and training/simulation rooms the technology simplifies and enhances connectivity.  Operators receive the information they need and can quickly, easily, switch between data streams.

  • Remote and virtual towers

    New concepts in air traffic management, such as remote towers, rely heavily on secure and robust video and data connectivity over ever-increasing distances.  KVM technology and associated access over IP networks help deliver that capability, ensuring safe operations, wherever and whenever remote and virtual towers are implemented.

  • Future ATM programs

    Programmes to modernise and secure ATM infrastructure, including those associated with NextGen and SESAR, also incorporate KVM switches – offering full 4Kx2K video capability and bringing visual clarity and other benefits to the latest system implementations.

  • Key Features and Benefits of KVM Extenders & Switches

    • Reliable extension
      Connect workstations to computers over 140m with copper cable and up to 10km with fiber.
    • Instant switching
      Switch between sources with no visible latency.
    • Redundancy and backup
      System architectures can be built to any desired level of resilience and backup.
    • Administrator control and management
      Extensive administrator control for security and operational requirements.
    • Continuous operation
      Designed for 24/7 operation with hot-swap and limited downtime.
    • Visually lossless image distribution
      With no image degradation or induced artefacts, operators see the whole picture, all the time.
    • All video formats
      Support for all video formats now, and in the future.
    • Matrix grid expansion
      Switches can be interconnected and provided with central or distributed control to meet all system architecture requirements.
    • Multi-screen control
      Single keyboard and mouse for multiple screens reduces confusion. 

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