Airport of Things, Leading Passenger Experiences

Ikusi’s offer for the Airport Sector is based on in-depth knowledge of the sector, derived from its extensive experience of over 35 years, and on its command of technologies that allow it to develop solutions and services capable of responding to the changing needs of the Airport Sector.

Ikusi’s portfolio of solutions and services improves the profitability of the airport infrastructure, increasing process efficiency and boosting non-airport revenue, whilst improving security, strategic planning and the passenger experience.

A value-added offer that has enabled Ikusi’s solutions and services to currently be operating in more than 120 airports around the world.

Company Profile

  • Airport of Things, Leading Passenger Experiences

    Ikusi is a renowned airport IT specialist, which provides innovative solutions through own developments and alliances with partners.

    Our Pillars

    • Vast experience
    • Command of the technologies needed to develop specific solutions and services for this sector
    • Detailed knowledge of the changing needs of the Airport sector

    Our commitment is to make the needs of the infrastructures compatible with those of the travelers. A commitment that we summarise in our slogan “Airport of Things, Leading Passenger Experiences”.

    From this aim we have defined our offer, based on five strategic objectives:

    • Increase passenger experience
    • Ensure safety and security
    • Increase non-aeronautical revenues
    • Increase operational efficiency
    • Increase strategic planning
    Airport Infrastructure, Process Efficiency, Security & Strategic Planning
  • How?

    • Passenger Information Suite
    • Operational Suite
    • Airport Non Aviation Revenue increase suite
    • Integrated Security Suite
    • Airport Processes Optimisation Solution
    • Slot Management and Coordination Solution
    • SaaS Operational Solution for Multiairport
    • Multi System Regional Airport

    The solutions we have described and the systems associated to them are the basis of Ikusi’s proposal to warranty Airport efficiency.

    More than 120 airports worldwide can confirm the benefits of Ikusi’s offer for the Airport sector.

    And more than 250 million passengers per year benefit from solutions developed and installed by Ikusi in airports of the world.

    Airport Infrastructure, Process Efficiency, Security & Strategic Planning

Company News

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