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Esavian Straight and Folding Sliding Doors for Aircraft Hangars of all Sizes

Jewers Doors Limited is a family owned UK-based company which designs, manufactures and installs Esavian aircraft hangar doors and Phoenix specialist industrial doors worldwide. Jewers Doors was established in 1983 and the Esavian brand is more than 100 years old. The Esavian range of straight sliding steel hangar doors, mid-range sliding doors and bottom rolling steel and aluminium sliding folding hangar doors have been supplied to clients around the world, with more than half of sales to the Middle East.

All Esavian doors are designed in-house using sophisticated 3D CAD software to meet project-specific requirements such as the size of opening, climatic conditions, wind pressure loadings, architectural features and so on. Jewers Doors trained personnel, overseen by a dedicated project manager, carry out installation. All doors are backed by an aftersales spares service and comprehensive servicing and maintenance agreements can be arranged.

Jewers Doors also undertakes inspections worldwide of old or failing hangar doors and advises on appropriate repairs of replacement with new doors.

Esavian brochure 2013 single pages.pdf Esavian brochure 2013 – Aircraft hangar, doors, The most advanced hangar doors system in the world.

Company Profile

  • Esavian Type 126 Straight Sliding Steel Hangar Doors - Unlimited Width

    This is a robust steel door for openings of unlimited width and 40 metres or more high. With its state-of-the-art drive systems and choice of multiple safety devices, the Type 126 is now the door of choice for the latest very large hangars designed to accommodate A380 aircraft.

    Full weather sealing is included and there is a virtually unlimited choice of cladding, glazing colours and configurations.

    Jewers Doors supplied its world renowned Esavian Type 126 door for the Asiana Airlines hangar at Incheon Airport, South Korea.

  • Esavian Flatfold Bottom Rolling Folding Hangar Doors - Up to 30 Metres Wide

    Of steel construction and insulated, the Esavian Flatfold leaves fold clear of the opening so providing full opening width and height. It is available for openings up to eight metres high by 30 metres wide and because it is bottom rolling on single track set flush into the floor a load bearing portal frame is not required.

    The Esavian Flatfold is ideally suited to medium sized aircraft hangars and hangars for large helicopters. It is power operated as standard with inverter control to provide smooth acceleration and deceleration when starting and stopping. Hand wind versions are also available. The Esavian Flatfold has galvanised door frames, mullions and sliding posts and is available factory finished in any colour.

    Esavian Flatfold hangar doors are installed at five helicopter hangars at SEAE Arborfield, UK.


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