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Wheels & Castors for Airport Applications / ULD Handling Systems / Air Cargo Conveyor Casters

Wheels and Cargo Castors for ULD Handling and other Airport Applications.

Kalpar wheels and casters are among the most reliable casters for various Airport Applications like ULD Handling, Baggage Trolleys, Material Movement, Castor Decks, Cargo Decks and much more.

Kalpar Engineers Pvt. Ltd., is a ISO 9001:2000 TUV certified company having undivided focus on design and manufacturing of castors & wheels. Established in 1995, Kalpar is among the leading names in industry known for its consistently strong, sturdy and reliable castors – manufactured for various industry segments. Having output of more than 1.5 million castors & wheels per year Kalpar is among the largest manufactures of its kind in India. Kalpar follows stringent quality process to ensure a robust and reliable outcome that can help improve the efficiency of its user.

Airport Applications demand very high quality of products. Kalpar produces a range of Wheels & Castors to meet the diverse airport applications, right from Guide rollers, Light duty or Synthetic castors, Fork lift wheels, ULD Handling Systems, Air Cargo conveyor castors for transport equipment, Heavy duty castors or Pallet truck rollers. Kalpar offers a large range of swivel and fixed castors ranging from 45 kgs to 250 kgs bearing capacity. Kalpar wheels & casters are manufactured with state-of-art technology and are capable to withstand the challenges of load, weather and environment. Every product manufactured at Kalpar has to go through a range of tests and it has to clear the self-defined quality standards of the company. Kalpar is committed to supply only the best to its customers.

Kalpar’s quality is well acknowledged by the industry and today it exports wheels & castors, of over 500 types, to over 35 countries across the globe. Resistance plays a crucial role in the Airport applications, Kalpar’s wheels & casters are an outcome of exceptional quality and intelligent design, making them very efficient in rolling resistance management. Kalpar products are made with the objective to enhance the manoeuvrability of intra-facility movement needs.

A lot of Airport applications are specific and cannot be met by standard products. Kalpar understands this need and provides solutions to its customers for custom-made specially manufactured wheels & castors. Kalpar can produce electrolytically zinc plated castors having additional yellow passivated coating for specific needs that needs to overcome corrosion challenge.

Diverse range, World Class quality, Optimum Strength and Life Long Reliability is what makes Kalpar a perfect partner for every Airport application.

With Kalpar, roll without resistance.

Company Profile

  • Cargo Decks and Castor Decks

    Multi Directional Conveying of ULD’s is a significant requirement for Airports. Kalpar produces among the best-in-class castors for efficient and effective cargo deck movement.

    The Key Points of Kalpar range is:

    • Nylon on Cast Iron Wheel ensures low wear and shock resistant
    • Also available in Polyurethane on Cast Iron
    • 58 mm to 70 mm diameter and 550 lbs to 2650 lbs load capacity
    • Maintenance free, with double ball bearing for low rolling effort,
    • Corrosion Preventive Mechanism
    • Efficient Sealing mechanism
    • Robust pressed-steel fork, available in zinc plated and yellow passivated anti-corrosion coating
    • Toe guard protection plates

    Easy Installation procedure and replaceable.

  • Baggage Trolley Castors

    The core objective of an efficient Airport is Passenger comfort. One of the main factors that influences passenger comfort is easy and efficient baggage Trolleys. The ease of manoeuvring the Baggage Trolley loaded with varying luggage and weight depends solely on the caster quality. With over two decades of experience Kalpar produces castors that provide resistance free smooth manoeuvrability to the Baggage Trolley.

    Key Points of Kalpar Baggage Trolley Castors:

    • Load Capacity: 30 kgs. to 170 kgs.
    • Available in Swivel, Fixed and Swivel with Brake
    • Finish options available : CRCA, Zinc Plated and Powder Coated

    Kalpar can supply the best and the most efficiently priced casters depending on customers need.

  • Light Duty Castors, Semi Medium and Medium Heavy Castors

    A host of material movement and Airport maintenance equipment requires sturdy and robust casters and wheels. Aircraft Toilet Service Units and Water Service Units, Airfield Service Equipment, Outdoor Cleaning Equipment require a varied range of castors and wheels. While most companies make Light Duty and Heavy Duty castors, Kalpar produces an entire range that falls in between these two ends.

    Key Points:

    • Light Duty Castors: 30 kgs. to 170 kgs.
    • Semi Medium and Medium Heavy Castors: 170 kgs. to 400 kgs.
    • Recommended for both Hard as well as Soft Floors
    • Works great with Medium Load Trolleys, Scaffolds etc.
    • Rust Proof
    • Available in variety of finishes : CRCS, Zinc Plated and Powder Coated

    For more Details and Specifications get in touch with us at sales@kalpar.in

    For assured and maintenance free utility buy Kalpar Castors & Wheels

  • Custom Made Wheels & Casters for Special Needs

    Kalpar’s manufacturing facility has been built to be dynamic to match up to constantly evolving needs of the Airport Industry. This imparts Kalpar capabilities to customise every customer need and produce castors and wheels to serve bespoke requirement of any scale and scope.

    Kalpar’s team of experts will be happy to guide the customer in creating the most optimum specification for any particular need.

    Key Features:

    • Finish Options
    • Load Options
    • Wheel Diameter options
    • Mounting Options

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