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Aircraft Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

Kocoverk International was founded 1920 as a sheet metal company and was located just outside of Stockholm. In 1952 the Company invented the portable oil fired heater for the construction industry, farmers, shipyards, workshops, garages and others. With capacities between 60 – 115 kW the heaters have been sold in more than 45,000 units worldwide to satisfied customers.

Due to the long time experience with the oil fired heaters Kocoverk entered into the aircraft business in 1979 by making the companies first series of aircraft heaters to the SAS. The heaters were an immediately success and today Kocoverk is the leading company in Europe with 17 different aircraft heater models.

The success with the heaters was followed by mobile Air Conditioning units in 1982 mainly for inside hangar use but later on also for apron use. The A/C units have been extremely durable with a life time over 20 years and are used among world wide customers.

Company Profile

  • Aircraft Heaters

    Electric 42 and Electric 75

    Kocoverk offers two all electric heaters, type EL 42 and EL 75.

    The EL 42 is an all electric heater for commuter type of aircraft and for steady state heating during turn around.

    The EL 75 is designed for heating narrow bouty type of aircraft. Both have a powerful fan and stainless steel electric heating elements with 42/75 kW heating capacity.

    Easy and simple operation and practically maintenance free. Trailer mounted with puncture free tires and parking brake.


    For Narrow body and commuter type of aircraft the DELTA I-EL heater is ideal. Electric powered and equipped with a powerful fan in combination with a stainless steel heat exchanger and high pressure burner with 80 kW capacity. Easy operation and simple maintenance. Fully automatic. Three wheel trailer with puncture free tires.

    DELTA II-EL is our biggest electrical powered heater suitable for wide body aircrafts and with a capacity of 120 kW. A stainless steel heat exchanger in combination with a high performance burner provides the heat. Robust design and easy handling. Low noise level. Trailer mounted and complete with air hose and adapter.

    Delta I, II , III, IV

    The DELTA heater is powered by an water cooled Diesel engine and is designed for heating narrow and wide body aircraft. The diesel burner has a capacity of 80-200 kW in combination with a powerful fan. Easy access to all components through big service doors. Large fuel tank for long time operation. Trailer mounted with puncture free tires and complete with air hose and adapter.

  • Bridge Heater EL

    We also have a range of Bridge Heaters for mounting under the passenger bridge. Custom built according to customer specification in capacities between 50 – 200 kW. Lightweight electric heating system with a powerful fan for trouble free operation. Easy mounting on all existing bridges. Complete with air hose and adapter.

    Engine De-icer MH 200

    KOCOVERK MH 200 heater are designed to de-ice frozen engines and as heating source during out door maintenance work.

    This heater is Diesel engine powered with high output capacities to de-ice frozen engines and provide heat for maintenance personnel in the worst weather conditions.

  • Air Conditioning Systems

    ACC All Electric Preconditioned Air Unit

    Kocoverk International is a leading manufacturer of Ground Support Equipment like aircraft heaters, mobile Air Conditioning units and Pre Conditioned Air systems.

    The best combination of experience, new technology and customer input has resulted in a product line you can trust for your aircraft and customer needs. ACC point of use units for bridge mounting are designed to provide airports and airlines with a state of the art air conditioner.

    Kocoverk ACC units will meet the highest standards of technology and aviation requirements.

  • Ground Support Air Conditioning System

    KOCOVERK ACC unit provide maximum passenger comfort in all types of commuter and commercial aircraft.

    Kocoverk air conditioning units can meet the requirements of all aircraft operators regardless of fleet size or local ambient conditions.


    Electrical power is more convenient and economical. The operating costs for the ACC are far lower than for any mobile ground support equipment with Diesel generator or APU (Auxiliary Power Unit).

    The ACC is clean with no emission as electricity is the power source for the aircraft cooler.

    The KOCOVERK ACC is also quiet with blower and fans fully enclosed to reduce operating noise significantly.


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