Koluman Otomotiv Endüstri A.S.

Runway Sweepers, Aircraft Refuellers, Runway Plough, Sweepers & Blowers

Koluman Otomotiv Endüstri A.S. manufacture, supply and service among others all types of Airport Equipment including Runway Sweepers, Refuellers, Runway Plough, Sweeper and Blower.

Koluman Otomotiv Endustrisi A.S. (Automotive Industry Inc.) (KOE), a subsidiary of Koluman Holding (Turkey), which is the largest local shareholder in Mercedes Benz Türk A.S., is located in Tarsus/Turkey. It was founded in 1999 and equipped to ensure high quality manufacturing standards. The company has been certified since 2008 by the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles, Daimler AG of Stuttgart, and bases its production entirely to the standards of the German automotive industry. All Koluman Products are integrated to KOE Quality Systems and a Shop Floor Management System in order to ensure high quality standards.

In the ultra modern factory facilities, Semi-Trailer, Cargo, Tanker, Tipper and Platforms are under serial production.

The production of fuel tanker vehicles started in 2001 via a license with the German Rohr AG & Co based in Straubing.

Five years later, concrete pump production for the local market, neighboring countries in the Near East and Middle Eastern countries began based on a royalty based partnering agreement with the South Korean manufacturer JunJin.

The “other leg” is finally its own design and manufacture of super structures such as tippers, tankers, platforms, sweepers for trucks, which are marketed under the brand name KOLUMAN.

Company Profile

  • Airport Runway Sweeper - KRS 90P

    The Koluman KRS 90P is specially designed to meet customers’ requirements for runway sweeping. Thanks to a unique design nothing is left after its operation on runways. It is easier and quicker to sweep by means of its 3500mm sweeping width and its high efficiency vacuum capacity. A dual blowing unit and front mounted magnet is optional for further needs.

    The polypropylene brushes make sure that the runway surfaces are in a safe condition.

    Only well-known brands of equipment are used in order to provide a long working life and maintenance intervals


    • Corrosion resistant surface coatings  and materials are used to extend the life of the vehicle.
    • A closed hydraulic fan circuit can handle up to 400bars.
    • 9m3 Hopper volume
    • Water tank capacity – 1,500 liters.
    • Cleaning capacity at 20km/h is 65,000- m2/h
    • Fan suction capacity at 2700rpm is a minimum 540m3/min


  • Runway Plough, Sweeper and Blower

    Koluman’s high performance sweepers are designed for clearing ice and snow at airports.  Sweepers featuring separate propulsion and auxiliary power engines keep runways and taxiways clear for take-off and landing throughout the winter season. Its high maneuverability lets you clean surfaces in difficult to reach areas.


    • Ideal for using at large airports. Semi-trailer type.
    • Smooth, vibration free operation, thanks to a well-designed rigid frame.
    • High performance engine that meets the latest emission standards.
    • Ergonomically designed and easy to use control panel with a few simple controls and icons. Automation lets the operator concentrate only snow clearing. The main plough, brush and blower functions are controlled by three switches. A joystick allows the operator to control the entire hydraulic motion system.
    • Central hydraulic system is housed in the engine compartment, with a manual override function. Blower and brush are controlled by two separate hydraulic circuits. A third separate circuit is provided to control all the  functions . All operations such as opening the engine compartment and actuating emergency valve functions can be operated by an electric hydraulic pump when the auxiliary engine is switched off.
    • Can utilize 4.2 meters to 6.3 meters hydrostatically driven cleaning brush. Can be controlled independently of the blower fan. The brush is suspended by twin castor wheels prevent vibration.
    • Steerable rear wheels.
    • Powerful Blower System mounted in front of the rear axle, which blasts away the remnants of the snow.


  • Aircraft Refuelling Vehicles

    The Aircraft Refueller rigid tank truck type is suitable for pressure refuelling of aircrafts with kerosene, with a tank capacity of 20.000l and a fuelling performance up to 1.200 l/min. All pipework in the main system is constructed with aluminum alloy and is designed to reduce pressure loss to a minimum.

    Pipe joints are flanged, bends are of smooth radius type where possible, gauge lines, sense lines as well as drain lines etc. are constructed in stainless steel.

    All components as well as pipe fittings which are in contact with the fuel are made from materials which respectively  meet the international required standard are coated by special materials like tin etc. Flexible joints are fitted within the pipework where necessary to avoid high stresses that would be caused by chassis flexure.


    • Filter / water separator with pressure differential gauge
    • Refuelling and defuelling operation system
    • Pressure control for each hose and additional combined inline-pressure control with single pressure compensator (venturi)
    • Remote deadman control electric / pneumatic acting on the inline-pressure control valve
    • Drive-away interlock system acting on vehicle’s parking brake system
    • High-level shut-off acting on the bottom loading valve
    • Hydraulical delivery pump drive
    • Hydraulical hose reel rewind


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