KOTI Brushes - Runway Brush Systems

Runway sweeper brush cassette systems and brush rings for snow, grit and F.O.D removal

KOTI manufactures runway sweeper brush cassette systems for snow removal. The airport brush system is supplied directly to airports and machine manufacturers.

The KOTI runway brushes remove snow, sand/dust, grit and F.O.D. from runways, platforms, in and around hangars and other paved surfaces.

Among others we offer the following products:

KOTI is one of the main airport suppliers worldwide for runway sweeping and cleaning brushes. No matter where our customers are located we deliver our products all over the world.

If you wish to make an appointment with one of our sales representatives or are looking for a sales office in your country? Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Company Profile

  • Brush Cassettes with Steel Wires

    • High-quality brush cassettes using high quality material.
    • Extra securing wires ensure these brush cassettes meet the standards of the safety regulations; almost no wire loss and therefore minimal F.O.D. hazard.
    • Withstands temperatures down to -40 °C.
    • Proven longer lifespan than competitive brushes.
    • Environmentally friendly: materials are recyclable after use.
    • Various sizes for all types of machines.
    • The most common sizes available from stock.
    • A complete set of brush cassettes for one brush core, regardless of the length, supplied in one box to save space.

    Technical data – Standard cassettes*

    • Lengths: 5 / 825 / 1034 mm
    • Wire length: 290 mm
    • Material: Galvanized steel wires Ø 0.45 mm
    • Cup holders: Open option for extra flexibility and closed option for extra rigidness.

    *Other dimensions available on request.

  • Brush Cassettes with Synthetic Fibres

    • Through the special melting technique substantially no breakage or loss of fibre, and therefore less F.O.D. danger.
    • 20 to 40% more fill compared to the traditional synthetic cassettes.
    • Longer life span compared to the traditional synthetic cassettes.
    • Better sweeping effect compared to traditional synthetic cassettes.
    • Environmentally friendly: after usage fully recyclable.
    • Various sizes for all types of machines: the standard length can be cut to your exact specification.
    • Available in various fibre diameters.
    • Each delivered crate contains a complete set of cassettes for one roller brush, regardless of brush length or number of tracks needed.
    • Combination option: creates a light brush but with a firm brush density. Suitable for airports with little snow fall, but where they need to remove snow when necessary.

    Technical data – Standard cassettes*

    • Lengths: 413 ~ 1034 mm
    • Fibre lengths: 180 ~ 350 mm
    • Fibre types: Straight and crimped
    • Fibre diameters: Ø 1.0 ~ 2.7 mm

    *Other dimensions available on request.

  • KOTI Aluminium Brush Core

    • Aluminium brush core
    • Suitable for all types of machinery.
    • The brush core can stay on the machine during replacement of the brush cassettes, which saves time and money.
    • Very simple assembly and disassembly thanks to the sliding system.
    • One person can individually replace the brush cassettes, again saving time and money.

    Technical data

    • Lengths: Up to 6.5 meters (approx. 21 ft.)
    • Brush diameters: From 36 inches to 46 inches
    • Number of tracks: 20 / 28 / 32 tracks
  • Other Brush Types

    Do you have other applications besides snow clearing machines, also sweeper trucks? Then you can also order the brush rings for these machines at KOTI. We are one of the few brush manufacturers that can offer you the whole range.

    Brush rings Wave Ring

    • Bore diameter: Ø 128 / 178 / 254 mm
    • Brush diameter: From Ø 350 to 915 mm
    • Material: 100% Polypropylene

    Brush rings with steel profile

    • Bore diameter: From Ø 76 to 300 mm
    • Brush diameter: From Ø 300 to 900 mm
    • Material: Steel profile, synthetic fibres and steel wires

    Flat ring brush

    • Bore diameter: Ø 128 / 178 / 254 mm
    • Brush diameter: From Ø 380 to 915 mm

    Material: 100% Polypropylene


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