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People Counting, Path Tracking, WiFi-Tracking, Head detection

LASE PeCo is a manufacturer and system solution provider in the areas of people counting, customer analytics and perimeter protection. LASE PeCo offers mainly solutions for measuring visitor frequencies, path analyses, customer and staff satisfaction as well the monitoring of open spaces and open space inspections. Frequencies are an important variable for the success of stores, shopping streets, pedestrian zones and shopping centers. When we choose our measurement methods, we put great importance on solutions that respect privacy. COMPETENCE, EXPERIENCE and CREATIVITY make us the ideal full-service partner for your requirements!

The LASE PeCo Systemtechnik GmbH as the subsidiary of the LASE Industrielle Lasertechnik GmbH founded in 1990 became independent in early 2008 and specializes in the use of laser measurement technologies for collecting data on people frequencies.

In addition to the use of laser-measurement technology in the industrial area, LASE has been involved for more than 15 years with the counting of people using highly accurate technology.

LASE PeCo offers components and system solutions. The applications range from short-time measurements at events to complex and permanent installations in shopping centres, retail stores or in cities.

LASE PeCo uses laser measurement equipment – mostly under the most difficult conditions. Especially cities use this technology in order to measure the frequencies of their pedestrians. Only the laser sensor system is able to ensure the quality of the counting process for heavily frequented and wide measurement points outdoors.

LASE PeCo has a team of experienced engineers and technicians that always provide competent support to their customers from the planning to the operation of the measuring equipment as well as the data evaluation and training.

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Company Profile

  • People Counting Outdoor

    Head detection for wide and heavily frequented passages even outdoors – shopping centres, pedestrian zones, events, trade shows, stadiums, airports, etc.

    The PeCo LC LASER SCANNER registers the movement of people in all possible entrance, exit and passage areas in buildings and pedestrian zones without restricting the movement of the people by channelling. With special laser detectors, the direction of the movement of all people located within the detection range is registered and used to determine the number of people entering and leaving.

    The counting information is delivered via digital switch outputs. An Ethernet connection is possible as well, which allows for a fast transfer of the information even over larger distances inside of buildings. Furthermore, the pulse output via GSM can be transmitted directly to the server.

    Currently, we are working on the integration of the algorithms so that the PeCo LC can output several results at the same time. In addition to several count lines, a distinction between children and adults is also to be realised. The PeCo LC will therefore deliver not only the information about the number of people that pass through your detection range but also the information whether these people were adults or children and whether they walked, for example, on the left or right side of the street through your pedestrian zone or mall.

    The benefits of the PeCo LC at a glance:

    • Highest counting accuracy on the market
    • Robust components, results independent of weather
    • Distinction between adults and children (in development)
    • Several measurement lines in one device including count that detects the direction of movement (in development)
    • Wireless data transfer or use of Ethernet
  • People Counting Indoor

    Head detection for normal entrance areas

    • Entrance, exit and passage areas of retail stores (stores, boutiques etc.)
    • Main and secondary entrances of shopping centres, public buildings, etc.

    Since the hardware consists of a stereo camera, it achieves a count accuracy of 98%. The 3D technology achieves even in difficult counting situations reliable results. The PeCo SC registers the movement of people in most passage areas without restricting the movement of people to be counted through channelling. The direction of movement of all the people located within the detection range is evaluated and used to determine the number of people entering and leaving. There are no miscounts due to reflections on the floor, which significantly improves the counting accuracy by detecting object heights (3D technology). It is also possible to distinguish between children and adults. These counting results are transmitted as individual measurement results. Due to the option to save several separate measurement lines within the counting range, it is possible to show several counting results with only one stereo camera (example 1st measurement line frequency entrance shop, 2nd measurement line frequency upwards stairs, 3rd measurement line frequency in front of the shop access (transverse movement)) You can also set the unit so that you can use the PeCo SC to monitor the filling level inside an area. The requirement for both applications is that the installation height and detection width allow the stereo camera to cover the areas to be monitored.

    The benefits of the PeCo SC at a glance:

    • No miscounts due to reflections
    • Distinguishes between adults and children
    • Several measurement lines in one device inclunding count that detects the direction
    • Wireless data transfer or use of Ethernet
    • PoE possible
    • Surface-mounted or built-in option
  • People Counting WiFi-Tracking

    Another solution in our product portfolio and at the same time an important contribution to the POI analysis is the PeCo WiFi. By using the WiFi tracker installed in retail stores or open spaces that can anonymously permanently track the customer’s paths and behaviours via a smartphone signal, the retail sector can also differentiate between new and existing customers. The installation will collect data about the customer behaviour as well as their staying times and repeat visits. That way you can identify hot spots and put them into the limelight as best as possible. Our customer will also learn which areas are less frequented or less inviting for a stay. This information can be displayed by week, by the day or by the hour and evaluated with a report.

    The LASE PeCo also offers installations for the interior of stores that allows to accurately determine the movement of customers inside the store – for example which areas are visited how often by the customer. The retailer can then draw important conclusions for the store architecture and the product presentation, for example, in which areas there is an accumulated need in terms of freedom of movement or product presentation – in other words where the offer should be made more attractive to the customer. This allows you to reliably identify and to effectively make use of high-performance areas.

    92 % of all consumers in the stationary retail sector use a digital device before or during their purchase.
    (Source: Deloitte Digital 2015, “Navigating the new digital divide: The chances of digitalisation in German retail” (Die Chancen der Digitalisierung für den deutschen Handel))

    After the anonymisation and the encryption of the data (MAC address) prior to the data transfer and processing, the SSL-encrypted transmission of the calculated data will take place. The privacy harmlessness of the WiFi tracking is also very important to us and complies with the European privacy requirements.

    The anonymous data are prepared on a web-based platform and are available in current form for viewing as well as for the export. Here, you can also choose between numerous graphic and tabular representations.

    In addition to this anonymous analysis, “active connections” with the end customers are also possible, for example, via the free WiFi sign-on with Facebook login.

  • Path Tracking

    In addition to the classic people counting and frequency detection using laser technology, our service portfolio also includes the tracing of paths and heat mapping using camera or video technology.

    The path tracing – also called heat mapping – and the resulting movement data are determined and displayed using the latest technologies and state-of-the-art software. The knowledge and the visualisation of customer paths and people movements in malls, stores, railway stations etc. form the basis for various evaluations. This allows you to optimise, for example, the placement of products, the arrangement of shelves as well as the setup of the entire store using this knowledge.

    We offer solutions for collecting and evaluating this information. We will create heat maps in daily and weekly resolutions. The number and the staying times in various zones can be made available as a CSV or XML file.

    PeCo Heat map informs you about:

    • The movement of customers inside the store or mall or in a larger area such as cities and shopping malls
    • The customer’s whereabouts and duration of stays
    • The preferred paths
    • Well and less frequented areas
    • The actual POS.

    Heat mapping allows the customer to freely define up to 10 zones that are to be monitored.

    For the path tracing, we can offer camera-based and video-based technologies for collecting movement data of people.

    For the camera and video solution, we provide our customers with a camera including memory or transmission technology for the duration of the recording. More hardware and software on the site is not required. The data are either saved in the camera and then evaluated offline or directly transmitted to our server via Ethernet or GSM and then immediately evaluated.

    Thanks to these technologies and the display as a heat map, you will again get much closer the answer to your question about the behaviour of your customers on your sales floor and you will be able, among other things, to even better plan sales promotions and product demonstrations and then to evaluate them.

    The path-tracing data can be retrieved as a day heat map. The minimum duration for deployment is one week. In order to identify potentials on a permanent basis and to implement improvements, you have the option of a long-term rental. We will provide the hardware (camera with memory or transmission technology) for rent for the duration of the recording.


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