LASE PeCo Systemtechnik GmbH

Laser-Based Security Systems for People Tracking & Surveillance, FOD Detection, Airfield Luggage Detection

LASE PeCo is a manufacturer and system solution provider in the areas of laser-based security systems, customer analytics and perimeter protection. LASE PeCo offers mainly solutions for measuring visitor frequencies, path analyses, customer and staff satisfaction as well the monitoring of open spaces and open space inspections. Frequencies are an important variable for the success of stores, shopping streets, pedestrian zones and shopping centers. When we choose our measurement methods, we put great importance on solutions that respect privacy. COMPETENCE, EXPERIENCE and CREATIVITY make us the ideal full-service partner for your requirements!

The LASE PeCo Systemtechnik GmbH as the subsidiary of the LASE Industrielle Lasertechnik GmbH founded in 1990 became independent in early 2008 and specializes in the use of laser measurement technologies for collecting data on people frequencies.

In addition to the use of laser-measurement technology in the industrial area, LASE has been involved for more than 15 years with the counting of people using highly accurate technology.

LASE PeCo offers components and system solutions. The applications range from short-time measurements at events to complex and permanent installations in shopping centres, retail stores or in cities.

LASE PeCo uses laser measurement equipment – mostly under the most difficult conditions. Especially cities use this technology in order to measure the frequencies of their pedestrians. Only the laser sensor system is able to ensure the quality of the counting process for heavily frequented and wide measurement points outdoors.

LASE PeCo has a team of experienced engineers and technicians that always provide competent support to their customers from the planning to the operation of the measuring equipment as well as the data evaluation and training.

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Company Profile

  • LTS 400 (Lasertrackingsystem)

    Walls, fences, intelligent detection technology and state-of-the-art surveillance methods: the possibilities of extensive security applications for the object detection are versatile and highly complex today. Not only in highly-sensitive areas like airports, nuclear facilities, prisons and forensics field surveillances are inevitable, but also in inner yards of banks, embassies, data centers or right up to shopping centers. Even logistics companies, museums, stadiums (indoors) and private properties belong to our range of customers.

    Secure your buildings and open spaces against trespass or desertion with the installation of laser-based security systems by LASE PeCo. In all different application areas the use of precise and modern laser technology is one of the most reliable methods. We are creating individual security concepts together with our customers, who all have one aim: security in all areas.

    • Laser-Tracking-System
    • Facade Monitoring
    • Virtual Fences

    Our laser measuring systems are suitable indoors as well as for outdoor applications by specially developed housings. By the use of specific algorithms this technology is robust against all weather conditions. The system is also secure against false alarms by absolute data information.

    The connection of a laser-based detection system and a zoom-controlled tracking by a video-system is the best solution for perimeter protection and open space surveillance.

    Normally the trespass and desertion of security zones is monitored by security forces and/or automatic video-systems. But those video monitoring-systems only deliver blurry pictures or even small depictions. The reasons are mostly oversized surveillance areas and non-existent information about the exact location of the violation area.

  • LaseALD (Airfield Luggage Detection)

    Our extensive airfield surveillance with highly accurate 3D laser-scanner technology will support you with your daily work.

    How can you prevent damage to airplanes due to objects sucked in?

    How can you save time for your suppliers or (refrigerated) transport vehicles?

    Our innovative LaseALD application allows you to avoid exactly these kinds of problems.

    The LaseALD (Airfield Luggage Detection) application is a laser-scanner-based open-space inspection system for the highly accurate and reliable detection of objects on airfields. Integrated into a barrier and traffic light system, this solution involves the active surveying of the airfield in order to ensure that there are no obstacles in the way of passing airplanes.

    Our 3D laser-scanner-based system is integrated into your barrier and traffic-light system so that the airfield is actively surveyed in order to ensure that there are no obstacles in the way of passing airplanes and vehicles.

    When an object is identified, an alarm will be sent immediately to the operators in the tower. These identified object will then be displayed in three dimensions in the LASE software.


    • No damage to airplanes due to fallen down objects (saves repair costs)
    • The traffic for suppliers or transport vehicles via the taxiways is secured (saves time)
    • You do not have to deploy people to search for objects (saves staff)


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