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Leadcom Seating’s extensive waiting area product line consists of seats manufactured in perforated steel, aluminum, stainless steel, contour-moulded wood, and injection-moulded polyurethane. For the many people who frequent public spaces every day, waiting will always be made more bearable when sitting on a seat that has been ergonomically designed for comfort. We also provide styles and models with upholstered or padded seating options to suit all waiting area seating needs.

  • Woodwork — all woodwork goes through a seven-layer painting process to provide a perfect finish that does not tarnish easily
  • Quality powder coating finish for metal parts — all metal parts undergo a strict and higher-than-standard processing before being powder-coated against rust, and are quality-tested in our own laboratory
  • Polyurethane padding – Characteristics such as elasticity, resilience and absorbency is strictly tested and checked to ensure the polyurethane padding has the proper density, resistance and flexibility. Various color pigment can be applied to match your interior.
  • Cushion (foam materials) — raw materials are imported from BASF Germany that are capable of delivering years of service while at the same time providing deluxe seating comfort

What you need, we deliver

Leadcom Seating offers so much more than just best-in-class seating. While we lead the way in the field of public seating, our service to customers worldwide goes much further. From the first point of contact with us with your seating requirements to when you have your seating actually installed, Leadcom Seating is always on hand to support you every step of the way.

Whether it’s a large or small project, we help you to lower your costs with the added guarantee of smooth project implementation, thus providing you peace of mind and total quality assurance. As an independent manufacturer, your seating orders are completely managed internally by us from start to finish – with no delays by off-site third parties to hinder the progress of your project.

More than 10,000 customers around the world trust Leadcom Seating to help guarantee their business success.

Company Profile

  • LS-532Y

    Engineered for great performance and value, LS-532Y features a modern design with comfortable PU padding, quick installation and ease of maintenance. Various helpful options such as RPM seat (seat specially designed for persons with reduced mobility), cup-holder, table and power are available to meet your specific requirements, which makes it an ideal choice for terminal waiting areas.

    Further features of this model include:

    1. Simple and quick assembly with clamp-lock design – Clamp-lock aligns seat pans to beam in time-efficient way ensures higher flexibility for on-site row configuration adjustment
    2. Innovative fixed system allows for easy and quick installation as well as easy maintenance.
    3. Short production cycle.
    4. Exclusive molded PU padding – built with a commitment to extraordinary durability to hold up scratches and heavy use.
  • LS-508Y

    With modern design, remarkable durability and time-efficient assembly, LS-508 sets higher standard for airports, hospitals, terminals and other public waiting areas. Unlike most other traditional metal or foam padded waiting seats, it fulfils all the requirements with regard to safety, functionality, style, comfort and utility.

    Further features of this model include:

    1. Exclusive molded PU padding – built with a commitment to extraordinary durability to hold up scratches and heavy use
    2. Extra comfort with Headrest –optional headrest in molded PU padding assures extra head relaxation and comforts
    3. Accessible Infusion Rack –optional height adjustable infusion rack saves space, time and troublesome for hospital nursing
  • LS-529MF

    An ergonomic and modern bench system with wood seat and back (clear lacquer finish) and aluminum armrest/leg for high traffic areas, the strength and quality of materials used minimizes the time and costs required, and the clamp-lock design allows easy and quick assembly and flexible configurations.

    Further features of this model include:

    1. High quality molded wood with stain paint finish or with laminate finish, easy to clean and maintain.
    2. Robot construction– Die-cast powder coated aluminum support/arm/leg ensures all-the-time durability and corrosion resistance.
    3. Free combination. Different units can be combined to create dynamic seating layouts.
  • LS-529AL

    The perfect combination of high performance, incredible durability and easy maintenance, is an ideal choice for airports, stations and other public waiting spaces. Their aluminum seat/back/arm/leg/bracket are age hardened for maximum strength, and its integral design and minimum number of parts ensures trouble-free maintenance.

    Further features of this model include:

    1. Easy assemblage with few component parts.
    2. Stability and durability, using for areas which see a great deal of long-term use.
    3. Easy to clean and maintain.


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