Supplier of Workspace and Storage Equipment for Airports

LISTA is the recognized market leader in Europe in respect to workspace and storage equipment. We have set the standard and our name stands synonymous for drawer cabinets. The wide selection of cabinets, workstations and shelving systems can be freely combined to make your workspace work. Our products are enjoyed today by over 100,000 satisfied customers in a variety of different industries.

A System for Your Success
The LISTA standard unit is the base of a system in which multiple components can be combined and matched. Cabinets, workstations and workbenches, or shelving systems can be freely configured, independently partitioned, intelligently labeled and protected with access control. Furthermore, almost any colour can be chosen to meet your desire. In short, Lista provides a system to organise your business successfully.

Today, LISTA manufactures workshop and warehouse furnishings in three production facilities and sells them around the world through their own sales offices and their distributors

Our quality product offering covers the following areas:

  • Drawer systems
  • NC storage and transport systems
  • Workbenches and workstation systems
  • Cabinet systems
  • Shelving systems
  • Partitioning material & labelling systems
  • Access control systems
  • Dynamic systems

We supply our quality products to more than 100,000 businesses all over the world.

Company Profile

  • Drawer Cabinets

    LISTA sheet steel drawer cabinets offer made-to-measure top quality for professional use. Materials and work guarantee trouble-free installation and use, and maintain the value of your expensive inventories. The drawer cabinets come with a load-bearing capacity of 75 kg or 200 kg per drawer and so offer even greater flexibility for each type of inventory.


    Quiet / full extension
    The no-cross bar differential pull-outs ensure perfect quietness and allows full extension.

    Impact-resistant coating
    Available in 12 standard colours and on request in other colours. The environmentally friendly powder coating provides impact and abrasion resistant surfaces.

    Central locks,
    All drawer cabinets are lockable (key lock, code lock or remote lock).

    Single-drawer blocking system
    If one drawer is pulled out it blocks all other drawers. A tilting of the cabinet is prevented.

    Mobile cabinets
    The mobile drawer cabinets can be equipped with raised edges, ribbed mats, castors with brakes and fixed Castors.

    Electronic locking systems
    With a code lock, a key is replaced by a numerical code. The system is independent from an external power supply thanks to battery operation.

    Punch out
    All covers are provided with perforated holes for the subsequent addition of a table top or a second drawer cabinet.

  • Drawer Storage Walls

    The drawer wall combines all the benefits of a drawer cabinet with those of shelving units. Drawers, pull-out and adjustable shelves can be combined flexibly to create a multitude of different installations. Necessary changes can be carried out by simply reconfiguring the individual elements. Thanks to the variety of system elements available, installations can be created to match your logistic systems. For numbered storage or IT-managed put-away logic, drawer walls allow you to organise things perfectly.


    Side frame
    Stable side frames result in a high load capacity. At the end of a row of shelves, the frames can be fitted with a side wall.

    Drawers with full extension
    No-crossbar differential pull-out ensures perfect balance. The drawer load is selectable (75 kg or 200 kg).

    Heavy-duty pull-out shelves
    The heavy-duty pull-out shelves cope even at high loads with outstanding quiteness. Capacity up to 350 kg.

    Adjustable and universal shelves
    The adjustable shelves are hung by carriers in the side frames. The universal shelves are bolted to the side Frames.

    Special installations for mobile devices
    Thus, neither the means nor take under custody cargo damage, Lista uses various safeguards and security mechanisms.

    LISTA drawer storage can be fitted with lockable roller shutters and doors.

    Partial and full-height vertical pull-outs
    To store in a hanging position and protect predefined tools, vertical pull-outs can also be equipped with storage shelves, perforated boards and adjustable shelves for all or part of their height.

    Safety ladders
    When accessing the drawers and shelves in the upper areas, a convenient safety ladder is useful.

  • Workbenches

    Thanks to the wide range of combination options, every workstation can be practically equipped with workbenches in a space-saving way. The combinable workbench tops, drawers and equipment cabinets, vices and rear panels can be organised to create optimum working conditions, always taking into account the latest findings in ergonomics.


    Diversity of the plates
    Select a multiplex, beech, urphen or hard laminate top. For any purpose, you will find the appropriate disk surface.

    Drawer cabinets
    Hand: The proven Lista drawer cabinets complement your ideal workbench.

    LISTA rear panels hang screwless into the support pillar. The rear panels are perforated for receiving tool holders and hooks.

    Adjustable shelves and dividers
    We offer smooth and slotted for the division with partitions adjustable shelves. You can also order non-slip ribbed mats.

    Container strips and bins
    These strips are easy to hang and are suitable for the absorption of polyethylene storage containers of sizes 2, 3 and 4.

    Extreme load-bearing capacity
    Strengthened workbench leg assemblies with a load capacity of up to 4t are available on request.

    Pre-drilled workbench top
    All Selection workbench tops have pilot holes including sleeves to fasten all kinds of components.

    Power supply
    The power conduits are attached to the support pillars of the organisable rear panels without screws and are supplied either with type 13 Switzerland sockets, protective earth sockets, France or Great Britain sockets.

  • Heavy-duty Cabinets

    LISTA heavy-duty cabinets are the ideal solution for the storage of heavy materials on adjustable shelves, pull-out shelves and in drawers. With retracting doors, hinged doors, vertical shutters, or in an open design – all current access protection solutions are possible. Transparency in the warehouse with simultaneous access protection is possible thanks to retracting doors or hinged doors with a viewing window opening.


    High housing stability
    The welded sheet steel construction with integrated support pillar system guarantees a high level of stability in the heavy-duty specification.

    The drawers of the heavy-duty cabinets have a load-bearing capacity of 200 kg. The versatile drawer partition material allows subdivision perfectly adapted to the parts to be stored.

    Optional retracting door
    The heavy-duty cabinets are also available with retracting doors. When the door is opened, the wing disappears in the housing, providing optimum access to all stored items.


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