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Whether in the public, industrial or private sector, surface drainage is becoming increasingly important. The airport, with its airside and landside zones, is one of the specific fields we have expertise in. Abu Dhabi, Auckland, Dresden, Rotterdam, Vienna, Warsaw, Moscow and many other major airports around the world depend on MEA and its professional approach to airport drainage.

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  • Drainage Solutions for the most Demanding Applications

    When installing suitable drainage systems, both safety and aesthetic criteria need to be satisfied. Technical and visual requirements for a wide range of different terrain and loading factors need to be taken into account.

    Only the most robust drainage systems are equipped to cope when used long-term in the challenging environment of an airport. Especially airside, on the apron, taxiways, take-off and landing runways, including the hangars, the load on drainage systems is enormous: immense forces are applied by the movement of aircraft, plus there may be climatic extremes due to geography and the seasons, or tremendous downpours of rain, water from melting snow or fire-fighting, and the risk of aviation fuel spillages during refueling.

    By offering a comprehensive range with many possible combinations, MEA Drainage Systems provides an optimum individual and economical solution for most applications and problems. Our comprehensive range extends from special channels for airside installation, specifically developed for areas in the F900 load class, to sturdy channels for landside applications.


  • Special Airport Force: Heavy-Duty Drainage Channels

    Lightweight, robust, resistant – these are the strengths of our polymer concrete product range. MEADRAIN Supreme systems can reliably withstand the strain of heavy loads, for example aircraft repeatedly taxiing over them, containers being transported and special vehicles manoeuvres.

    The smooth inner surfaces of the channel play an important part in the outstanding discharge capacity of MEA systems, enabling sealed surfaces to drain extremely efficiently. The high resistance of polymer concrete to liquid chemicals, and the fact that channel runs can be completely sealed serve as a sound basis for groundwater protection.

  • An Innovative Indoor Drainage System

    An important, but often neglected aspect in the planning of ‘indoor’ projects such as multi-storey car parks, underground car parks and factories is the issue of drainage.
    In opting for a monolithic channel system, MEA achieved a decisive product development for the MEADRAIN® Solution PG.

    Entirely devoid of moving parts, it is noise-free and sets new standards for channel use in underground car parks. What’s more, the combination of polymer concrete, a modern and corrosion-free material and the comb profile (patent applied for) opens up a whole new world of design possibilities for planners.

    Its low overall height of only 50 mm ensures the channel can be accommodated readily in floor slabs and suspended decks with only minimal structural impact. In practical use, the Solution PG is compelling due to the quick and simple way it can be cleaned without the need to remove a cover.

    This channel system can also be used as a guidance aid or ground surface indicator for the visually impaired. Fully compliant slot widths guarantee the system to be both wheelchair and bicycle friendly. Whilst load resistance that is compliant with class C 250 naturally also guarantees trafficability by other vehicles including goods vehicles.

  • The New GRP Line Drainage Systems Which Enables More

    These glass-fibre reinforced plastic (UP-GF) MEARIN drainage systems are used internationally.

    The very light material is extremely strong,  dimensionally stable even when subjected to large temperature fluctuations and exhibits wide-ranging resistance to chemical liquids. As a result of its low weight and the intelligent design of its rebated joint, the MEARIN system is easy and quick to install, without the need for heavy equipment or a lot of manpower.

    Thanks to the advanced design and extreme sturdiness of the channel bodies, MEARIN systems can be used for a wide range of drainage solutions, even extending to heavy duty applications.

    MEARIN GRP drainage systems are suitable for all applications up to load class E600 as per EN1433.


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