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Meiren Snow - Snow Ploughs for Runway Winter Maintenance

Meiren Snow is focused on developing, manufacturing and selling of snow ploughs. We pay a lot of attention to innovation. Our products have been developed keeping in mind all the stakeholders around wintermainatanence: starting from the truck driver and finishing with the road user. Meiren Snow airport snow ploughs are designed to be reliable and effective, to give its part on ensuring flight safety.

While developing our products we keep in mind all the stakeholders around the snow plough: starting with the truck driver and finishing with the road user. That has allowed us to develop world-class products.

Watch the video about Meiren airport snow ploughs in action below:

Company Profile

  • Meiren Snow Ploughs are Durable and Effective

    Meiren Snow airport snowplow LES 8603 is the biggest heavy duty unit in the Meiren snowplow collection.

    9 meters wide snowplow has a foldable moldboard, drop and grab quick hitch and a very unique design.
    28 polyethylene cutting edge segments maintain maximum contact with the surface.

    Great engineering has reduced the plow weight down to 2365 kg allowing operators to spare trucks and keep high speeds on the runways. High quality, excellent features, low maintenance and purchase costs make this snowplow one of the best choices for airports around the world.

    It is possible to install both rubber and steel blades on the plow. It is possible to use both regular and special wedge bolts for quick replacement of the steel blade.


  • Foldable VLES-Series Snow Plough Airports

    Airport snow plough VLES is a 4-section snow plough with up-to-date solutions. Middle sections can be rotated 35° in two directions, side sections can be rotated 90° to the front.

    The blades of the plough stand at 90° in relation to the ground. To protect the plough during impact with an obstacle, the plow is equipped with safety valves and a hydraulic accumulator.

    The plow can be used with different types of blades. Polyurethane or steelblades are recommended. The Easy Fix System allows rubber or polyurethane blades to be changed within 5 minutes.

  • Meiren is the Estonian National Champion

    The innovativeness of Meirens product development has been noticed. Meiren has received notations on different trade fairs across the Europe. The latest news is that Meiren has been nominated to be the National Champion of Estonia on the European Business Awards.

    Meiren competes in the UKTI Award for Innovation category, This award acknowledges the importance of innovation as a strategy to influence ongoing business development.

    Watch the video about Meiren airport snow ploughs in action.


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