Airport Surface Marking Materials and Line Marking Machines

Founded in 1994, Meon is the leading supplier of products and equipment to the Airport Surface Marking Systems industry as well as Docks and Highways.

We provide high quality Airport Surface Marking Systems and machines to enable airport maintenance teams have the ability to line any airside marking or coating with ease, this includes Runways, Taxiways, walkways etc.

For over 20 years our focus has been to put the customer first by listening to and taking on feedback, finding required solutions, adding stock and have been trusted in the industry to …make it happen.

Meon also provides training on all of our products as well as after sales support; we make sure your project meets your expectations.

Company Profile

  • ViaLine, Runway Marking, Runway Paint, line marking

    ViaLine is a fast drying, high-build marking and delineation paint that can be used for all line marking applications. The paint itself is toluene free, which means it is more environmentally friendly than other products, such as chlorinated rubber.

    ViaLine also utilises our unique EnviraPac technology, this system enables you to remove the inner liner and cleanly dispose of after use, leaving you with a clean tin ready for recycling.


    • Ready to use – No thinning required, load and go
    • Low VOC’s – Less risk to the environment
    • High Build – A more durable marking with distinctive colour brightness
    • Excellent Opacity – Less product required, still providing exceptional coverage
  • Graco LineLazer, Line Marking Machine

    Graco LineLazer is the ideal machine for all airport applications.

    These machines have been specifically designed for applying marking materials to surfaces with precision and at a fast pace for maxiumum productivity.

    The LineLazer 250DC is an ideal choice for painting dual colours simultaneously and spraying over 900mm wide in one pass, however all the LineLazer models are ideal for application on airport runways.

  • MultiGrip

    MultiGrip is a slip resistant surface coating system. Designed to provide coloured demarcation areas, where sufficient friction is required to provde underfoot safety on road and pathway surfaces.

    MultiGrip can be applied by brush, roller or an airless sprayer.

    Available in a wide range of colours, MultiGrip provides a good base SRV value, which can be increaded by adding extra aggregate into the paint before applications as well as broadcasting glass grain onto the freshly laid products.


    • Fully Adjustable Slip Resistance – Increaded slip resitance and durability
    • Multiple Applications – Can be applied on may substrates
    • Fast Cure Time – Traffic within 20-30 mins
    • Spray or Roller application – depending on users preference
    • Fast Application – Great coverage rate


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