Modular Glass System NEO

Airport Public Space Interior Solutions

Modular Glass System NEO is international company being in the market since 1999. We are a manufacturer of an innovative Modular tempered glass systems of our own technology.

NEO is about a brand-new High-Tec solutions for public spaces like trade shows, events, airport interiors.

Modular tempered glass in our products portfolio we have:

  • Desks for informational centers, sales offices
  • Passenger zones furnishing (business lounge, sales zones, art zones)
  • Advertising and information pillars, walls
  • Signage systems
  • Sleeping cabins
  • Smoking room
  • Furniture for café, shops

Our products list include solutions designed individually for specific customer. Our constructions are unique by combination of remarkable design, high quality and safety, mounting speed, convenience and eco-friendliness. The image is bright with perfect inner glow. Constructions are adjustable, reusable, light and mobile. We have various design style series: NEO Di Mare, NEO Elf, etc. which meet the need of the most demanding customer.

We have big show rooms in Dubai, London, Kiev, Moscow Washington, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis. Our solutions are represented on major trade shows worldwide as well as at airports in Germany, Ukraine, Georgia, hotels in Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Company Profile

  • Passenger Service & Sales Points

    We meet the expectation of the airport and lessor to have convenient and visible informational/sales point for passengers with attractive design which can be efficiently used as commercial space as well. Mobile construction, safety, reusable, changeable design.

    Recommended products for the airport:

    • Information & Sales Offices
    • Information & Sales Desks
    • Informational walls
  • Smoking Rooms

    We offer to set up smoking area in a smart way.

    NEO smoking room:

    • Most attractive and advertisement effective spaces
    • Innovative materials and appealing design
    • Capacity – 5 persons
    • Equipment – exhaust hood, in-build desks, ash trays
    • Visual information placement and change
    • Warranty – 3 years
    • Design development – 4 days
    • Mounting – 6 hours
    • Material – glass and aluminium

    Benefits for the airport:

    • Flexible financial conditions
    • Additional revenue from advertising:
      • Each square centimetre can be used for advertising
      • All content can be changed in an hour
  • Sleeping Cabins

    We offer to provide the new level of comfort for passengers with NEO sleeping cabin which is designed to satisfy requirements of security transit zones at the airport:

    • Soundproof cabin with fully-featured bed
    • high-speed Wi-Fi connection
    • passenger’s individual space
    • info screen with flight tables and TV
    • Anti jet lag – independent light control
    • USB port
    • Alarm clock, mirror, clothes hook
    • Material – Tempered glass and aluminium

    Benefits for the airport:

    • perfect solution for passenger comfort
    • Effective usage of non-commercial areas
    • Fast mounting without interference with airport operation processes.
    • extra income.
  • Passenger Zones Interior Glass Solutions

    NEO passenger zones interior glass solutions allow to create attractive and state-of -the -art passenger zones and increase passenger comfort as well as reach commercial goals:

    • business lounge furnishing (desks, bars)
    • art zones
    • sales zones
  • Advertising and Promotion Points

    Innovative materials and design allow to increase the advertising campaign efficiency with NEO advertising and promotional points:

    • High quality of visual image
    • Advertising areas increasing as airport interior is not overloaded and the passenger’s attention keeps focused
    • Can be offered to advertising operator within cooperation package

    Recommended products for the airport:

    • Advertising pillars
    • Promotional walls
    • Informational desks
  • Airport Café & Shops Glass Solutions

    Our café and shop modular glass solutions allow to provide maximum value – modern minimalistic forms and shapes at your choice, stylish design appealing to interior preference and at the same time maximizing its value as commercial advertising space. If you still move to another building (terminal) the construction is fully reusable and transformable.

    Recommended products for the airport:

    • Bar desk
    • Bar wall
    • Duty free shop desk
    • Duty free shop wall
  • Signage information

    NEO signage system is fitted with LED light panel. The light is well distributed and text/signs are perfectly visible from distance.

    Recommended products for the airport:

    • Sign tables
    • Informational walls
    • Sign pillars


NEO Modular Glass System
(Magic Light Exhibition Stand Fitting and Execution LLC)
Registration number: 1222099
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United Arab Emirates
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  • +44 745 93 75 571
  • +49 302 178 96 95 (Germany)
  • +1 613 909 02 03 (Canada)
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