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MTECH Systems Pty Ltd is a privately owned company established in Melbourne, Australia. MTECH was registered officially as business in 1976. The MTECH Systems global headquaters are located in Melbourne, Australia.

The major customer groups that MTECH markets its products to are aviation authorities, national meteorological services, defense forces, road and rail authorities, land management & agriculture, research institutes, public services and industry globally. MTECH's aim is to serve customers who appreciate premium quality and excellent value for money.

MTECH Systems team of highly educated, skilled and experienced engineers are ready for the challenges that todays highly demanding marketplaces ask of them. Our staff bring together experience from the telecommunications, electronics, engineering and computing industries as well as civil, military and meteorological organizations. This broad view of our customers interests assists us in understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Our Mission.

MTECH Systems is committed to the development, manufacture and marketing of expert software, systems and equipment for the global meteorological, solar, communications and aviation industries. Our goal is to further improve lives through a greater understanding of our environment, better usage of our resources and improved communication with each other.

Quality Assurance.

MTECH Systems Pty Ltd operates an ISO 9001:2000 based quality system ultilized throughout the organisation.

Company Profile

  • MTECH Opti-MET Aviation Weather Systems

    MTECH is a leading worldwide supplier of aviation weather systems such as AWOS, ATIS, VOLMET and RVR Systems. MTECH's expertly engineered systems are designed to meet the strict requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

    MTECH's aviation weather systems utilize our state-of-the-art sensor technology combined with specially programmed software products, communications networks and computer systems to deliver highly robust, flexible and expandible systems that meet the exact requirements of our customers.

    MTECH has developed an integrated suite of expertly engineered application specific solutions that are suitable for your new green fields site, upgrade or system expansion using industry standard interfaces, protocols and formats that ensure you receive a satisfactory result. These systems form components of the MTECH Opti-MET aviation weather solutions package.

    The Opti-MET suite of solutions offers solutions for your aviation weather requirement in the following areas:

    There are also case studies to give you an idea of our capabilities in recent projects:

  • Air Traffic Control Systems

    MTECH provides latest generation air traffic systems that improve safety and efficiency within the highly demanding air traffic control environment. MTECH's ATC systems offer the optimum combination of value and performance and being compliant with all relevent ICAO and WMO guidelines.

    Designed by expert software engineers in conunction with air traffic controllers and weather observers our systems are ideal for deployment in ATC towers, approach facilities, military airfields and all locations where safe and accurate control of aircraft is required.

    MTECH offers ATC solutions in the following areas:

  • Customized Communications Solutions

    Customized Communications Solutions for reliable and timely delivery of your voice and data.

    The MTECH communications technologies group has over 20 years experience in delivering communications solutions to industry throughout the globe. Our group of high trained and experienced engineers have all the skills needed to understand your requirement and engineer a solution to meet your needs.

    Custom Solar Power Solutions for Industrial Applications

    MTECH's solar power engineering division custom designs, manufactures, assembles, installs and maintains customized industrial solar power solutions for industry. Installations range from basic setups capable of powering a small site right up to solar power stations that can support large applications for broadcast, avionics, surveillance or process automation applications.

    MTECH has a team of highly skilled and experienced systems engineers, project managers, manufacturing staff and installations technicians to ensure that you achieve the best possible solar power solution.

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  • Meteorological Sensors

    MTECH Systems provides a wide range of reliable, accurate, and cost-effective meteorological sensors and weather instruments including ultrasonic wind sensors, lightning detection units, RVR sensors, visibility meters, ceilometers and barometers.

    MTECH systems repeatedly plays a leading role in the weather information industry with such firsts as the first digital anemometer, groundbreaking new single lens ceilometer design in the 8200-CHS ceilometer and first class innovation in the new 5000-200-E Extended MOR Transmissometer.

    Used by airports, forestry services, meteorological agencies, oil and gas companies, and transportation services, MTECH's weather instruments use the latest advances in technology to assist you in understanding the always changing environment.


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