Air Navigation Service Provider of Denmark

Naviair is a company owned by the Danish state represented by the Ministry of Transport.

Naviair provides air traffic service, including area control service for the Danish airspace and approach control for airports in Copenhagen, Roskilde, Aalborg, Billund, Esbjerg and Ronne.

It provides flight information service in the lower airspace of Greenland and the Faroe Islands. It also provides flight information service for visual flight rules and for helicopters.

Company Profile

  • Naviair reorganized into a company owned by the Danish State

    The Danish Minister of Transport, Hans Christian Schmidt, has reorganized Naviair into a company owned by the Danish State effective as of 27 October 2010.

    With this reorganization, I am convinced that Naviair is well prepared in a strained aviation business. At the same time the Management and the employees will continue the efforts of keeping low costs for the benefit of the users, says Hans Christian Schmidt.

    With this new company status, Naviair will have full independence in terms of being less restricted in acting independently in the future.

    By this Naviair is strengthened when facing future challenges – not least related to the international alliances and cooperation’s, which Naviair is part of – and which is an important element in Naviair’s future strategy.

    With Swedish LFV, Naviair has established the subsidiary NUAC. In the future years NUAC takes over the operation of en-route traffic in the Danish-Swedish Functional Airspace Block. Naviair is also partner in COOPANS (CO-Operation of Air Navigation Service Providers), where the objective is to harmonize procedures and standardize the ATM systems in Denmark, Sweden, Ireland  and Austria.

    Naviair contributes creating value and welfare to society through development and provision of safe and efficient Air Traffic Management (ATM). As such we fullfill our role as a vital link within the aviation value chain.

    We strive to be among the best ATM Service Providers in Europe.

    We strive constantly to develop our enterprise to secure a strong position with customers and partners through participation in international alliances.

    We will realize our ambitions through skilled, motivated and committed employees, who thrive working under high demands, where targeted development and involvement form the basis for maintaining an attractive enterprise.

    Our values

    • We are customer-orientated
    • We are ready to change
    • We are responsible
    • We are cooperative
    • We are efficient

Company News

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Naviair Allé 1
DK 2770 Kastrup
  • +45 3247 8000