NIJL Aircraft Docking

Mobile Access Stands, Platforms and Docking Systems for commercial & defence aircraft maintenance and for aircraft and engine assembly lines

With more than 50 years of experience, NIJL Aircraft Docking has become a world leader in designing, manufacturing and turn-key delivery of docking systems, mobile access equipment, maintenance stairs and working platforms for the airline and MRO industry, both commercial and defense.

Collaborating with MRO’s, airlines, OEM’s, MoD’s and EPC contractors over the years NIJL has acquired a wealth of expertise and practical experience. We manage our projects and provide customer services to different locations around the globe and have earned an exquisite reputation from various established airlines.

NIJL equipment allow safe access to aircrafts enabling our customers to conduct miscellaneous activities on their fleet such as, but not limited to, aircraft maintenance, painting, assembly, production, installation, repair etc. NIJL supplies both standard products for the most common access points on the aircraft and custom-made stands as well as docking systems for specific customer requirements.

NIJL equipment is designed to cater for several aircraft types and is designed in way to reduce the footprint, like the revolutionary Under Cowl Stand. The Under Cowl Stand is suitable for a variety of engine types, access to both sides of the engine and also giving access to the pylon area.

NIJL access equipment:

  • Narrow Body docking systems (A320/B737/B757/E170-195/A220 (CS series))
    • Nose, Wing, Tail, Fuselage and Engine docks
  • Wide Body Docking systems (A330/A340/A350/A380/B747/B767/B777/B787)
    • Nose, Wing, Tail, Fuselage and Engine docks
  • GSE (Ground Support Equipment): access stands and platforms such as:
    • Cockpit window stands
    • PAX door stands
    • Cargo door stands
    • Engine stands
    • Landing gear stands
    • Wheel well stands
    • APU stands
    • Under cowl stands
    • Multi-purpose stands for apron use, towable, high speed (25 km/h)

Company Profile

  • Our principles: Optimal access and Safe Maintenance for you

    Your mechanics and engineers should focus on the maintenance job, not on how to get safe and optimal access to the aircraft: We know aircraft maintenance and we know what your challenges are. In close cooperation with you we find the best solution for your access needs.

    Our stands and docking systems are designed with the highest international health and safety standards and constantly improved to create optimal use.

  • Your Wish: Multi-purpose, Cost Effective, Turn-Key

    Hangars are full of equipment and lack of space is an serious issue. NIJL equipment is designed to cater for several aircraft types. So with one piece of NIJL equipment you can access several aircraft types, like the universal docks and the under cowl stand. Even a combination of a narrow and wide body dock is one of the possibilities. All our products are designed with reduced footprint.

    ‘Less equipment needed, more effective use of your budget’

    We supply our products turn-key. We have extensive experience with the assembly of docking systems within a hangar environment.

  • Quality and High-Tec: Never Compromised

    Our products are designed for durability; they are strong and can handle the rough environment in and outside the hangar and on the apron.

    Depending on the customer’s wishes we can supply our systems with manual operation or completely computerized operations.

  • Project Excellence

    We deliver our projects in a professional and highly effective manner. We benefit a lot of being a relatively small-sized company in which our professionals can work very close together in teams and show the ‘hands-on’ flexibility to always meet the client’s needs.

    ‘Always meet the clients needs’

    On the other hand we practice modular engineering, using the latest insights in technology. We have also standardized our processes and introduced a lot of quality cycles and control procedures over the years in our disciplined way of working. This to ensure our professional standards and to continuously improve our products and the way we deliver them.

  • Reference projects and customers

    We are happy to invite you to see our products in use at our customer locations around the globe.

    We have collaborated intensively with airlines, MRO’s and aircraft manufacturers like:

    • KLM E&M
    • British Airways
    • Air France
    • Lufthansa Technik
    • Iberia
    • Finnair
    • Turkish Technic
    • Asiana Airlines
    • Silk Way Technics
    • Qantas
    • MAS/GMR
    • Airbus DS
    • Oman Air
    • SR Technics
    • Austrian Airlines
    • Bombardier
    • Air Livery
    • Delta
    • National MoD’s
    • SAS
    • Air New Zealand
  • Performance of your equipment is our concern!

    Reducing downtime and extending the lifetime of your Docking System or Ground Support Equipment is our business! Our service team has in-depth knowledge of the performance of docking systems and ground support equipment and is more than ready to:

    • Perform inspections and maintenance
    • Deliver all required spare parts
    • Adequately train your employees to ensure your equipment is properly used

    In order to:

    • Maximize your productivity and efficiency
    • Reduce operation and maintenance costs
    • Detect failures of critical components early to reduce costly downtime
    • Plan and optimize your maintenance schedule effectively
    • Make sure your equipment still complies with all required technical and health & safety regulations

    ‘Reducing downtime is our business!’

    NIJL can also assist in checking the possibilities of how your equipment can cater for other or new aircraft types. When necessary NIJL can execute required modifications as well!


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Revolutionary Under Cowl and Pylon Stand (Rollercoaster)

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Company News

First MESA sensor installed on Wedgetail E7

 NIJL Newsletter: The Wedgetail AEW1 (E-7A) aircraft are taking shape in Birmingham. Three aircraft will receive a Multi-role Electronically Scanned Array (MESA) sensor and the first one of them is now equipped with the MESA sensor...


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