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The World Leader in Complete Air Traffic Control Systems.

Park Air Systems Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Northrop Grumman, has been synonymous with ATM communications since 1966. Today, over 60,000 Park Air radios are installed in over 180 countries. Park Air knows that consistently high quality and services are vital for its customers’ safety-critical operations. Our organisation and methods are designed to achieve outstanding results and are certified to quality standards ISO9001 and ISO14001.

The products and services of the Park Air Sapphire product portfolio represent the pinnacle of our expertise, innovation and industry knowledge.

The Park Air Sapphire portfolio supplies everything required for future-proof ATM communication systems; including Park Air T6 Radios, RF conditioning, IP controllers, remote control and monitoring system, plus extensive ancillaries and accessories. Each Sapphire component has been designed to work in harmony with each other. The benefits are a smooth installation and commissioning through to simple operation.

For military applications, the M7 Radio interfaces to military-type hardware. Its design is rugged and fit-for-purpose and can be fitted with encryption. The M7 VHF/UHF range of radios is designed for defence forces fulfilling a comprehensive range of demanding communication needs in the fixed, maritime and deployable applications. The software defined architecture of the M7 Radios provides voice, data, secure speech, electronic protection measures (EPM) and a wide range of ancillary equipment to facilitate system integration.

Bespoke training is available at the Park Air Academy, using modern multi-media training techniques, for beginners and advanced users.

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Company Profile

  • The Park Air Sapphire Portfolio

    Park Air T6 Radios. At the heart of Sapphire is the latest evolution of the world’s leading ground-to-air radio platform, the Park Air T6. Packed with the latest technology, the T6 Radio offers outstanding performance for VHF and UHF coverage.

    Park Air Z4 RF Conditioning. Designed specially to accompany the T6 Radios range, the Z4 RF Filters and accessories deliver the optimum combination of size and performance. For difficult RF environments in particular, the reliability of the Z4 is an asset to any ATM infrastructure.

    Park Air S4 IP Controller. Where simple, direct access to a radio voice channel in safety critical ATM environments is necessary, the S4 IP Controller is the answer. S4 IP Controller puts you in complete control of your communications system with a simple and intuitive user interface.

    Park Air R4 Remote Control and Monitoring System. Having the R4 at the heart of your ATM infrastructure gives you the ultimate peace of mind in your radio network. It delivers easy configuration of your network from a simple web interface, coupled with remote testing and monitoring.

    Plus extensive ancillaries and accessories. The product range is completed by J4 Line Conditioning, A6 Confidence Test Equipment, X4 Power Supplies, Z2 Antennae, S2 Headsets and Microphones and C4 Cabinets.

  • Park Air Training

    The Park Air Academy – a purpose-built facility – offers comfortable and uninterrupted learning for the students in a pleasant environment. Park Air offers training courses for users responsible for the acquisition, installation, support and maintenance of Park Air ATM communications systems; both beginners and advanced. Courses are developed by technical experts and delivered by professional trainers with extensive experience.

    We use the latest blended learning techniques – students will receive information in a number of ways: visual, auditory, touch, peer learning group exercises, individual exercises, video, and calculations. This concept of blended learning is more effective than purely face-to-face or purely online classes.

  • Park Air Services

    Services include the Park Air Customer Portal – an easy to use, around-the-clock, password protected access on the webpage for all your enquiries from project start to finish and beyond for ongoing support.

    We offer simple processes for quotes, queries and repairs – quick turnaround times for quotes and order confirmations saves time, easy access to a Park Air expert to discuss your requirements; convenient tracking of progress of orders through the factory and to shipping.


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