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Unattended/Suspicious Baggage X-ray Inspection.

QSA Global, Inc. has a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and safety. We are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations by providing high quality radiation sources, NDT products, digital products, and security X-ray systems such as suspicious baggage X-ray inspection equipment.

We specialize in supplying high quality, high performance radiation sources used in non-destructive test devices, oil well logging (OWL), industrial processes, and medical research. With over 100 years in organizational experience, we distinguish ourselves as leading experts in radiation source encapsulation, sealed source distribution, and turnkey services.

Our global network of export specialists and brokers gives customers the expertise they need when trying to solve challenging logistics issues. A comprehensive quality control process guarantees our industrial and medical sources meet or exceed all industry standards, including United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) regulations.

We provide radiation sources used in a wide variety of testing and measurement applications, specializing in non-destructive testing but also including x-ray florescence, neutron activation analysis, thickness/level/mass/flow gauging, oil well logging, reactor startup, and security imaging & inspection.

Company Profile

  • OpenVision Live Video X-ray System

    OpenVisionTM live video x-ray system achieves real-time inspection and investigation of unattended and suspicious item situations. OpenVisionTM is lightweight and flexible, enabling mission specific configurations.

    OpenVisionTM reduces risk while investigating a potential threat and can be deployed in hand-held or robot equipped mode in less than two minutes.

    Video images can be stored using the optional DVR saving valuable time and resources. At any time in the process, the images can be downloaded to a PC from the DVR SD card.


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