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PDC delivers an extensive suite of airport scheduling and operational systems to assist your airport in running smoothly with the PDC AirportSuite. You get an extensive solution to manage your airport scheduling and operational systems. With more than 30 years of global experience in the Aviation Industry, covering Airports, Airlines and Slot Coordinators, we understand the dynamics and complexity of the ever-changing Aviation Industry.

PDC AirportSuite integrates seamlessly with PDC SCORE (slot coordination) and is the central hub of information exchanged between airport stakeholders. The suite consists of: PDC AODBPDC FIDSPDC Billing, PDC PASPDC Plan and PDC StandPlan.

 “After almost 20 years of cooperation, I would like to say that PDC is a supplier who fully understands the needs of the customer and has expertise that contributes to extremely good deliveries in all areas.”
Flemming Hølvold, Avinor

Company Profile


    Airport Slot Coordination
    PDC is the leading provider of solutions for airport slot coordination and our products are currently being used by slot coordinators to manage over 25% of the air traffic world-wide.

    With PDC SCORE, we provide a solution that empowers airports to respond to supply and demand changes, and to be able to guide the use of their airport slots towards the optimal capacity outcome.

    Working together with PDC you will benefit from:

    • Practical experiences in operation since 1989
    • Active and dedicated use by coordinators in 49 countries facilitating 400+ airports
    • Full compatibility with the latest IATA SSIM Chapter 6 procedures and in adherence with WSG


    PDC SCORE is successfully used at IATA scheduling conferences


    Furthermore, PDC is committed to support the efficient corporation between airlines and airport slot coordinators. This includes the world-wide portal – www.online-coordination.com – where coordinators around the world corporate to provide a common portal for airlines to easily source airport slots


    PDC AODB is the backbone of your airport operation – creating the single source of truth with high quality data that is only introduced once and carried in the complete system.
    Cover all the aspects of your airport operations with PDC AODB and connect with all the other vital systems like Slot Coordination, AIMS, BHS, Docking, FIDS and AFAS in real time – assuring an instant exchange of information between the different systems.
    PDC AODB is designed for dataflow automation. An automated dataflow minimises manual inputs and ensures a high level of data quality – which increases efficiency and lets your employees focus on value driving tasks.

    • High degree of automation ensures consistent high-quality data
    • Easy setup – enables smaller sized airports to be up and running in a couple of weeks.
    • Support for full season schedules enables accurate long-term resource planning
    • Robust and proven multi-airport system
    • Support for the A-CDM process
    • Run in multi airport mode, serving independent airports or airport groups.


    The most important for us is that data is only fed once and many entries are digitized / automated so that the operator avoids manual entries and errors.
    In addition, the PDC system is integrated with our Radar Radis Aims system, so that flight schedules for ATC are received and automatically updated from ATC controller to PDC and vice versa.>/span>
    Digital platform view provides quick overview of the stand situation. Just to mention some of the new features that PDC offers – a platform and a team we highly recommend.”

    Says Charles Poul Hansen, IT System Administrator at Aarhus Airport


    PDC FIDS: Get a fully flexible display setup for your design needs while experiencing fast updates with low latency based on real time data.

    PDC FIDS is designed for multiusers environment which allows users in different operating aspects to assign different tasks i.e.

    • Stand allocation
    • Gate and check-in assignments
    • Resource planning
    • Execution of flight handling

    Operators frontend includes a Stand Allocation View designed for a better overview which updates automatically if the systems detects irregularities i.e. delays or cancellations enhancing planning performance.

    ARRIVAL BELT operators can assign optional passenger information regarding belt allocations. The operator panel is touch based to give the best performance.

    With PDC FIDS you get an effective and cost saving cloud solution for your airport with easy setup and configuration.

    • Fully flexible display setup – design your own layouts
    • Extremely low latency for updates – response time of 1-2 seconds
    • Online (re-)configurations of monitors
    • Display advertisements when no flight information or show them side by side
    • Advanced surveillance solution for remote monitoring and control of displays



    We have had PDC’s FIDS since May 2017 and during that period we experience a very stable and fully automated system that fully lives up to our expectations.

    Christina Dideriksen – Airport Manager in Roenne Airport, Denmark

  • PDC Billing

    PDC Billing eliminates data inconsistency and raise the quality of your airport service invoices.

    Collect your aviation charges on time through quality airport billing data. You will eliminate data inconsistencies and raise the quality of your invoices with PDC Billing. It results in faster and smoother payment from your airline clients.

    You get a fully automated airport billing component of the PDC Airport Suite that manages all your service fees invoices to airlines.

    • Save administrative costs through automation of billing processes – no more paper notes of supplied services
    • Secure the billing chain – automate and streamline your invoicing workflow
    • Improved quality invoicing for smoother payments – reduces sources of errors related to manual entries
    • Ensure timely invoicing for all delivered services at the correct rates – accurate billing gives less complaints and timely payments

    Automation of your airport billing increases staff productivity and efficiency. You get accurate invoicing and significant time savings in the billing process and invoice queries. Your financial department will work with comprehensive features that give your employees complete control over the billing process, enabling them to deliver a more cost effective, informed, and comprehensive service to airlines.


    PDC PAS is a fully automatic Passenger Announcement System designed for confined public areas dividable into zones.

    Get a sophisticated automatic flight announcement and passenger announcement system for your airport. PDC PAS employs state of the art text to speech technology. For your operators to generate naturally sounding announcements in 26 different languages responding to any change in the underlying real time data.

    PDC PAS is designed to handle TTS (text-to-speech) options as well as announcements based upon pre-recorded phrases.

    PDC PAS ensures a clear and correct pronunciation in languages chosen by you to secure your visitors an easy and stress less navigation of your airport.

    Using PDC PAS will enhance your ground service performance by offering airlines both LCC and FSC multiple language announcements.

    • Improved passenger experience via clear and audible flight announcements
    • Passenger Announcement system based on state-of-the-art text to speech technology
    • Support for 26 languages with several voices (male/female) for each
    • Automated passenger announcements based on real time data – reduces personnel workload and ensures compliance
    • Generate specific calls for missing passengers in their own language
    • Additional support for text/SMS messaging

    After almost 20 years of cooperation, I would like to say that PDC is a supplier that fully understands the needs of the customer and has expertise that contributes to extremely good deliveries in all areas.”

    Says Flemming Hølvold,  Avinor

  • PDC StandPlan

    PDC StandPlan is a Decision Support system used for planning the assignment of aircraft to stands and gates in airports. Within a single system, you can perform the full spectrum of planning from long term capacity assessments and seasonal planning to fine-tuning the plan on the day of operations, when delays and changes have to be accommodated.


    Based on real time data describing the flights in and out of the airport, PDC StandPlan does more than just notifying you of a scheduling conflict. A combination of business rules and decision-making functions enables you to resolve the assignment problems quickly and efficiently.

    PDC StandPlan considers hundreds of inter-related constraints such as arrival patterns, airline rules, service preferences, Handler rules and preferences. Moreover, you have complete control of all the rules and access to easily adjust or update them. Within minutes, you can update the constraints or create new ones in order to modify your assignment strategy. For example, you can set up hard rules that the planner can never violate, such as never parking two specific aircraft types at adjacent stands, and soft rules that allows gate planners to make gate assignment decisions. The result is that you can always trust that PDC StandPlan delivers a feasible and cost-effective assignment solution.

  • PDC Plan

    PDC Plan is an all-in-one IT solution for cost-effective ground handling management. The solution is targeted at medium to large sized ground handling providers of 400+ employees with a need for effective workforce and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) management.

    PDC Plan empowers your systems, makes it dynamic and supports the planning officer in structuring the process of:

    • Demand and shift planning
    • Rostering
    • Daily management
    • Reporting and administrative processes

    PDC Plan manages and optimizes workforce and GSE management processes in one seamless system that balances capacity with Service Level Agreement (SLA) demands.

    Managing airport resources, staff qualifications, union agreements, etc. combined with airline timetables, load data, constant changes to traffic schedules, etc. adds to the complexity.

    PDC Plan contributes to operational control and on time performance by assisting the dispatcher and other organizational units to execute daily operations in real time. This is in accordance with IATA AHM, applicable regulations, and customer SLA. Fines and penalties are thereby avoided.

    PDC Plan handles hundreds of complex rules, labor agreements and different ways of planning. PDC Plan guarantees fixed routines and a standardized interpretation of rules – both in the individual Handling Company and across national borders.

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    PDC delivers a broad suite of Airline scheduling and operational systems, as well as newest product, PDC GroundCost, for Airline Cost Optimisation.

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