Pensever Aviation Ltd

Security Risk Management for Aviation & Aviation Security Training

Pensever Aviation Ltd (PAL) is a company that delivers a range of security services to the industry, which include but are not limited to the following;

  • Covert testing
  • Overt testing
  • HBS Management
  • ASM Initial Course
  • ASM Refresher Course
  • Cargo Courses levels A to G.
  • NXCT
  • X-ray training
  • Airport Supplies
  • Access Control testing

PAL has a diverse experienced team of core testing staff that have been in the business of covert testing for the previous 8 years. The team have significant experience of testing in both airport and port environments in numerous locations throughout the UK. All persons conducting tests for PAL will have signed a confidentiality agreement, have a 5 year background check and hold a current CRC. All the covert testing team have undergone sufficient security training in order for them to undertake their required task effectively.

PAL work with their clients to provide the expertise in defining a covert/overt testing programme which is best suited to the needs of their business. PAL prides itself in providing quailty feedback on the outcome of any test conducted; it is this quaility feedback that can be used to redefine any further testing.

Company Profile

  • Security Risk Management for Aviation

    Managers usually understand the risk to their business better than outsiders but often need help to identify and quantify it. We work with management teams to tease out all the security risks to a company, evaluate in-place processes and judge whether or not they afford adequate controls. We then recommend appropriate adjustments based on a client’s available budget.

    Controlling Risks with Security In-Design

    If an assessment is carried out early enough within the process some risks can be adequately controlled using good design. There are a number of ways to control risks with security in-design, including:

    • Determining the optimum layout of a facility to minimise the need for ancillary security equipment and staff
    • Ensuring facilities are designed to comply with regulations in the most cost-efficient way
    • Ensuring that any equipment procured is properly specified to meet regulatory requirements whilst requiring the minimum number of operating staff

    We have three decades of experience in designing terminal and baggage hall security processes.

  • Security Management System

    Whether a security regime is in place to meet regulatory requirements or is necessary to protect the business from other risks, it is vital that a system to manage security activity is implemented and maintained.

    There are several indispensible features in an effective security management system (SEMS), including:

    • Senior management support
    • An appropriate security organisation
    • A security plan or programme
    • Appropriately recruited, equipped and trained staff
    • A quality assurance process (inspections, audits and covert tests)
    • A reporting and rectification process
    • Policy review

    These principles apply regardless of the size or function of an organisation or whether or not security staff are employed in-house or provided by a contractor.

  • Aviation Security Training

    The Department for Transport (DfT) in the UK and similar regulatory bodies in other countries prescribe the training required by staff and managers responsible for a variety of security functions.

    We are a DfT-accredited training organisation and can offer approved training courses to meet the full range of customer needs in both the passenger and cargo fields.

    In conjunction with its partner company, Quadratica, GSAT, Security Training for Known Consignors and Airport Supplies Training can be offered online and as computer based training.

    Security Quality Audits, Inspections, Overt and Covert Tests

    Techniques to monitor the quality of security at the point of delivery include audits, inspections, overt and covert tests. Circumstances will usually dictate which approach is likely to be the most cost-effective.

    We have vast experience in all four techniques. It can advise on the advantages and disadvantages of each, recommend the most appropriate for a client’s circumstances, conduct the activity, provide detailed reports with trend analysis and advise on remedial action.

    We also carry out detailed investigations into incidents that result from security failure. Complete confidentiality of results is guaranteed.

  • Contingency & Business Continuity Plans for Emergency


    Contingency plans to deal with emergency situations are vital to aviation companies as are business continuity plans to minimise the disruption to normal operations that an accident or emergency might cause.

    We provide consultants skilled in the development of emergency and business continuity plans in conjunction with responsible managers.

    The company also designs and runs table-top exercises to evaluate plans and to give managers and staff practice in their implementation.

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