Polartherm Oy

Air Heating Equipment / Ground Support Heaters / Aircraft Heaters

Polartherm Oy is the leading manufacturer of air heating equipment in Northern Europe. The quality and reliable operation of our products is based on over 30 years of experience.

A major portion of our production is exported. In addition to our home market in Finland Polartherm has a solid partner and customer base in Northern America, central Europe, Baltic countries and Russia.

Our products are used where ever efficient temporary heating is needed. Our major customer groups are defence industry, construction, aviation and agriculture. Our biggest customer since 1999 has been the US Air Force.

We manufacture all our heating equipment at our two production facilities on the southwest coast of Finland. For our American market, we have an assembly facility in Valparaiso, Indiana, USA.

Our product range includes a wide variety of air heating equipment with electric power, LPG, diesel and hot water as heat source. The latest addition to our product range is our cannon cleaner.

Our fastest growing product line is our ground support heaters which we have manufactured and marketed since 1985. Polartherm manufactures 4 models of airplane heaters for commercial airplanes and one model for military applications.

Polar 120 HD and GSH-1 are designed for heating up narrow body commercial airplanes. Our W20 is designed for wide body airplanes. Our current version of military GSE heater is HDU-43 (formerly known as NGH-1).

Company Profile

  • Air Heating Equipment/Ground Support Heaters/Aircraft Heater

    Polar 120 HD

    • Polar 120 HD is the ”sister model” of our military unit NGH
    • Compact design for one man handling
    • Reliable and durable due to it’s robust design


  • Polar GSH-1

    • Result of product development project together with SAS
    • Low noise level thanks to Hatz ”silent pack” generator
    •  A lot of units delivered and in operation e.g. in Russia
  • Polar GSH-W20

    • Designed for heating up wide body airplanes
    • 4 cylinder Deutz Diesel engine
    • Reliable aircraft heating in extreme weather conditions
  • HDU-43 / NGH-1

    • US Air Force’s choice for AGE (Aerospace Ground Equipment) heater
    • 4600 units delivered within the first contract to USAF.
    • used by Air Forces of several NATO countries


Polartherm Oy
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