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Airport Prefabricated Vehicle Pits

Premier Pits have been manufacturing and installing pits across the UK, Ireland and Europe for 35 years and now, internationally.

Manufactured from mild steel sheets and MIG welded together they form water tight sumps, the basic pit will then have standard items fitted such as jacking rails, lights and an air line, as well as non standard items requested by the customer including various safety features.

Pits are now seen as an essential part of commercial vehicle workshops.

They offer increased workshop efficiency, lower operating costs, better working conditions as well as wider environmental considerations. Other benefits include water tightness, built in, focused safety lighting, the ability to work above and beneath vehicles at the same time, and easy to keep clean. They can be installed in new or existing workshops.

Premier Pits have built up an impressive portfolio of satisfied clients over the years, ranging from small independent businesses to large organisations including transport and logistics companies, coach operators, bus companies, train and tram operators, airports for tow rigs etc, Ministry of Defence, as well as large supermarket chain stores and Terminal 5 at Heathrow.

Company Profile

  • The Range

    For over thirty years, Premier Pits have been at the forefront of their development and are responsible for transforming vehicle pits from dirty, damp holes in the ground, into sophisticated pieces of workshop equipment and have initiated most of the innovations seen in the modern prefabricated pit. The dedication to continual product improvement still continues with new features and applications being added all the time.

    The service package covers everything from help with initial concept, through to after sales service including installation. Recognising where installation is where clients come up against the biggest problems, Premier Pits have focused a great deal of importance on this aspect and have successfully dealt with a wide range of problems including flooding, running silt, rock, under floor beams and even discarded vehicles.

    The range includes:-

    • Working/maintenance pits
    • Inspection pits
    • VOSA Multi purpose pits
    • Dedicated VOSA and pre-VOSA pits
    • Special pits
    • Washdown pits and ramps
    • European wide bodied pits
    • Class 4 ATL pits
    • Rail pits

  • Health and Safety Optional Extras and Pit Accessories

    Premier Pits work closely with clients to develop new and improved health and safety features for use with vehicle pits.  These range from simple temporary barriers to sophisticated, motorised retractable covers.  The company see health and safety as an important aspect of the modern workshop and are therefore spending increasing amounts of money on research and development in this area.

    The safety cover range has proven particularly popular.  The Motorised Personnel Safety Cover is driven by an electric motor and gearbox and manufactured from heavy duty aluminium plates with reflector bar which interlock together to form a fully adjustable retractable plate.  A safety warning alarm and lights are included, as well as a stop bar which holts the cover if an obstruction is hit.

    The Budget Safety Cover operates on a manual pull basis, it offers the same concept and similar benefits as the motorised cover, but on a budget cost.  It fits internally in the pit and allows the user to drive over the pit before opening the cover.

    There is also an extensive range of pit accessories available including equipment recess, jacking beam store, vehicle support unit, Premier Pits zone 2 safety lights, Elefant tread full width steps, pit bridges and many more.


  • Rail Pits for Terminal 5

    Under contract to Balfour Kilpatrick, Premier Pits has successfully built and installed two prefabricated service pits for the passenger transfer railway at Heathrow’s new Terminal 5 building.

    The brief was complex as Premier Pits had to operate in a restricted working area with very tight tolerances set for the finished pit. The Premier Pits approach met the brief with efficiency and flexibility, vital for a project of this size and complexity.

    The 54 metre pits were installed at the ends of the unmanned rail link between the main terminal and the satellite terminals. The pits were fitted out, prior to delivery, with train guide rails plus safety lights and other services.

    Installation posed a real challenge. After being manufactured and fitted out at Premier Pits’ factory and delivered by road, the pits were lifted, in sections and lowered, through the roof to their final position: 12.5 metres below ground level. The timing of this was crucial to the whole operation.

    The job was completed on time and to the satisfaction of the customers.  This was a huge achievement for Premier Pits and gave them a good footing into the rail industry.

  • Working/Maintenance Pits

    The Premier Pits working units are the hub of most workshops enabling the user to carry out maintenance on a wide range of commercial vehicles.
    Although all pits are built around a standard basic format they can be tailored to suit individual customer needs.


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