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Quadratica (UK) Limited: Hightened Security threat levels, manpower & budget squeeze, increased legislation requiring additional training…..these are some of the challenges faced by our customers every day.  At Quadratica our mission is clear – to deliver training solutions which will meet your budget and operational requirements, giving you the flexibility and control you require in this fast paced industry.

Keeping people skilled and motivated

Members of the Aviation community are required to adhere to countless amounts of legislation which change daily.  This can often be a logistics nightmare for a trainer. Our systems are easy to manage and flexible to the changing needs of its users.  The content of a lesson can be altered at a click of the mouse; no more re-cutting of videos, no re- typing of user notes and lesson plans; – using Quadratica’s CBT methods will permit you to have increased control over the content of your lessons.

Quadratica is well known throughout the aviation and security industries for our high-quality CBT & Web-Based Training products and our advanced technical expertise. Quadraticas’ training systems have been employed by customers such as Manchester Airport Group, BAA, Chubb Security, Mitie, G4S, Securitas, Rapiscan, Systems, HIAL, International Criminal Court, HMPS and Contemporary Security Inc –provider of Security Screening for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. Our expertise in the design and production of computer based training products has also enabled us to be the supplier of choice for many of the world’s leading airlines.

Company Profile

  • GSAT - General Security Awareness Training

    • DfT legislated GSAT
    • Online and CD delivery
    • Instant Certification
    • Pay-per-click licensing

    Our DfT legislated GSAT course for both online and CD delivery, complies with every point in the DfT curriculum in an easily digestible manner. All Restricted Zone pass holders operating within UK Airports must achieve this certification. Corporate accounts and individual users are catered for through our website with an effective pay-per-click licensing system. The online purchasing system gives users the rapid response required in this quick paced industry. Successful completion of the Assessment will enable Instant Certification via e-mail.

    Quadratica’s GSAT course is available online with instant purchasing and certification facilities. It is one of the few systems available that is easy to use, but still provides full reporting and admin functions for larger organisations. With over 45,000 licences sold in the first year of sale, Quadratica’s GSAT system is proven to perform in the most demanding of environments.

  • X-Screen - The Unparalleled X-Ray Machine Simulator

    • Web Based Training for X-Ray Screeners
    • Computer Based Training for X-Ray Screeners
    • Cargo simulation module
    • Auditable training records (monitor your trainee’s progress)
    • Simple Pay-per-session available
    • Unlimited access via Annual licence
    • Comprehensive future-proof image library

    Airports and other high-security establishments have the need to train x-ray operators to the highest standards possible. Using X-Screen’s Web & Computer Based Training for X-Ray screeners the training becomes much easier, more effective and economical. Supported by a comprehensive future-proof image library, X-screen allows trainers to create tailored images, lessons and courses; providing auditable training records that monitor trainee progress. Not only does X-Screen cater for Cabin baggage and Hold Baggage environments, but the latest version now comes complete with a Cargo simulation module; meaning that all X-Ray operators can now use X-Screen with 100% relevant X-Ray images.

    X-Screen faithfully replicates the majority of more popular X-Ray machines currently available. Quadratica prides itself on the image quality, user interfaces and extensive reporting facility that are featured within X-Screen.

  • Pre-Selection Assessment & Basic Screener Course

    • Web Based Pre-Selection Assessment for Screener candidates
    • Web Based Training for Security Screeners
    • Passenger Searching and Screening
    • X-Ray Screening processes
    • TIP awareness

    Complementing Quadratica’s X-Screen system, these two related courses are available via our online learning service. Our PSA course provides web delivery of real X-Ray images. Over 2,000 candidates have undergone PSA, our proven solution for the recruitment of X-Ray operators.

    Topics covered in BSC include the Hand Held Metal Detector and Archway Metal Detector operation, passenger searching & screening, and fundamental X-ray machine operation. Handling of prohibited items and complying with the requirements of TIP are also critical issues covered in this course.

    The PSA & BSC courses are available on-line and will give students a better understanding of what is expected of them on a day to day basis. Fundamental screener training points are covered, allowing students to develop further onto X-Screen’s image recognition system.

  • Fire Safety Awareness Training

    • Authored by Fire Safety Experts
    • Web Based Training
    • Fire Containment and Evacuation advice
    • Measured performance

    Written in conjunction with well respected industry experts active in the Fire & Safety environment; Quadratica’s Fire Safety Awareness (FSA) web-based course covers the most important aspects of fire safety that will assist with containment and evacuation should a fire break out.  Available online, the content of this course is paramount to saving lives and property. On successful completion of the course, each student will be in receipt of the correct fire safety training; consistent with essential corporate fire safety policies and UK employment law.

    Our Fire Safety Awareness course has been written in conjunction with industry experts ensuring that the content is both correct and concise. Arranged in a modular format, the information is easy to digest, culminating in a formal assessment to ensure each student has gained full understanding. FSA comes complete with an extensive reporting facility which enables employers’ to audit and track employee attendance.


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