Airfield Grass Cutting and Maintenance Equipment

Redexim has become a world leader in turf management equipment by supplying the very best quality machines money can buy. Redexim manufacture a range of grass cutting and maintenance equipment for a variety of turf applications. Its product portfolio includes a variety of machines for the maintenance of natural grass and artificial grass.

Having developed the world renowned Verti-Drain® for turf aeration the company have grown today to a global operation with offices in The United States, United Kingdom and world headquarters located in The Netherlands.

The range of products manufactured by Redexim has grown to incorporate machines such as the Red Diamond Mower with a large range of height of cut making it suitable for airfield applications, and others such as the Turf-Tidy which is a large area cut and collect unit featuring a high-tip hopper for quick and easy unloading in high sided vehicles or containers.

The range of turf maintenance equipment incorporates a variety of seeders and renovation equipment. The Redexim Disc Seeder drills grass seed directly into the soil to ensure germination and protects the seed from birds. While machinery such as the Turf-Stripper can be used to thin out undesirable vegetation or remove the plant altogether should total replacement of the species be required.

Redexim also manufacture the popular Multi-Seeder should not be overlooked when considering a seeder for airfield operations, the 210cm working width and pivoting front spiked rollers give excellent results in the toughest of soils ensuring the desired results.

Redexim has a distribution network stretching across the world, this ensures we can service and support our customers not only with information and advice prior to sale but also on-going assistance post sale.

The entire range of products can be viewed on  which also offers additional information on the aforementioned products.

Company Profile

  • Airfield Mowing Equipment

    The Redexim Turf-Tidy is a multi-functional tool for the airfield, with an interchangeable rotor it can be used for a range of applications.

    The Turf-Tidy can be fitted with a brush to sweep and collect FOD from hard surfaces. The rotor can be swapped for the flail rotor to cut and collect grass, the rotor has integrated wind paddles to ensure the cut material is collected and thrown into the hopper leaving no reside on the surface and eliminating wind-blown natural FOD.

    The Turf-Tidy can also be configured with a scarifying rotor should it be necessary to thin out a grass species prior to seeding. The Turf-Tidy tips at a height of 2170mm which makes it ideal for unloading into vehicles or high-sided containers from removal from the airfield.

    The Turf-Tidy can also be fitted with additional rear tires to further increase the weight displacement of the machine if it is being utilised on sensitive ground.

  • Artificial Turf / Grass Maintenance

    Redexim manufacture a range of machinery for the maintenance of artificial turf, the cleaning and brushing of artificial turf is crucial to maintain its appearance and prevent to contamination of the product.

  • Environmental Management & Control

    Appropriate grass species should be used in the airfield with strains designed for airfield use.

    The seeding and germination of the appropriate seed types can be carried out by the BLEC Multi-seeder, the floating front spiked rollers ensure excellent ground contact over undulations while the land-driven metering wheel delivers the desired quantity of seed whatever the travel speed may be.

    The management of grass length is important, the Turf-Tidy (under mowing equipment) cuts and collects the vegetation.

  • FOD Removal & Detection

    The Turf-Tidy fitted with the brush rotor is ideal for sweeping and collecting FOD from the airfield.

    The unit can be towed behind a tractor and will collect FOD in a high tip hopper.


Verti-Drain® 2519

The all-new 2519 Verti-Drain combines robustness with versatility. This high-speed model can achieve a maximum working depth of 10”/250mm with a range of tines, while offering unrivalled productivity; this makes the 2519 the obvious choice …


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