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Mobile Aviation Refuelling Equipment

A pioneer in the ground fuelling industry previously known as Liquip International, Refuel International has positioned itself as a global leader in mobile aviation refuelling equipment.  Refuel International is the provider of choice for major oil companies, into-plane operators and national defence forces.

With over 50 years experience as a solutions provider and OEM, we provide the highest quality product at a competitive price. Through collaboration with customers and suppliers we design and construct to customers specific needs while adhering to compliance and safety standards anywhere in the world.

We recognise the long-term implications of investing in our equipment; hence we provide solutions taking into account the future reliability of the products we use with asset utilisation and maintenance down time in mind.  This basis is what helps us to exceed customers expectations time and again.

Having a great appreciation that each customer has its own requirements, Refuel International is extremely flexible in its capabilities, allowing for solutions to be tailored to specific customer needs. With over 1500 refuelling vehicles already used around the world, Refuel International’s modular designs and global integration partners allow for their equipment to be cost effectively exported.

Complementary to our mobile equipment offering, our customer service network actively works to transfer industry knowledge to our customers and integration partners around the world.

Company Profile

  • AVIATION REFUELLERS - any chassis, any capacity

    Refuel International Aviation Refuellers (bowsers) are designed for efficient and safe aircraft refuelling at any location; transferring fuel into an aircraft from its vehicle mounted storage tank via a pump, filter and metering system.

    Our proven designs incorporate innovation coupled with components which are compliant with the international aviation industry standards. When designing the all-steel, welded and hot-dip galvanised refuelling module structure. Our refuellers (bowsers) are integrated with a rigid chassis or prime mover and trailer combinations. Product tanks have single or multiple compartments for capacities ranging from 2600L to 23,000L (on a rigid chassis) or articulated refuellers which have tank capacities of 23,000L and larger.

    Designed specifically for JET fuel or AVGAS, all units are built to the customer’s specification and are equipped with everything needed for the specific customer requirements and nothing more. Fuelling is possible through overwing hosereels, underwing hosereels and EWP’s, at variable flow rates of up to 2,200lpm for underwing refuelling and 200 lpm for overwing refuelling. Bottom loading can achieve a rate of up to 1,500 lpm & is linked to primary and secondary failsafe overfill protection systems.

    All our refuellers are designed to achieve fast and efficient flow rates.


  • HYDRANT DISPENSERS - efficient and modular design

    Refuel International Hydrant Dispensers are designed for the global market. A typical dispenser has an elevating scissor lift platform with a reach of 4.6 metres to accommodate all aircraft types (including B-777X), two underwing platform-deck hoses supported by a hydraulic boom, plus single or dual rear hose-reels. Our dispensers can achieve high flow rates of up to 4,000 L/min (1,000 USG/min).

    Refuel International offers MODULAR BUILD for overseas customers whereby the operating module with scissor lift platform is shipped ready to install onto the customers’ locally sourced vehicle chassis. Modular designs improve cost efficiency and allow easy transfer.

  • GECKO (Mini Dispenser) - compact | durable | ergonomic

    Understanding that time is money to our customers, Refuel International has designed and developed the GECKO; a mini Hydrant Dispenser which provides excellent operational performance and reduces downtime. The GECKO allows efficient and safe refuelling of narrow body aircraft with varying wing heights, such as the Airbus A320, Boeing 737-300, and 737-800 aircraft. This unique vehicle’s primary function is transferring fuel from the airport’s hydrant system into an aircraft, via a hydrant coupler, 1400lpm PD meter and 1135lpm filter vessel. The Gecko has NO elevating work platform, needing only three different fixed height working decks for the operator to stand on (dependent upon which aircraft is being refuelled).

  • “DROP & GO” FUELLING SYSTEM - fully multi-modal solutions to suit any environment

    Combining the extensive experience in liquid transport with a deep knowledge of pumping, filtration and fuel polishing, Refuel International has created the fuel and liquid supply containerised units for aerospace and defence industry. Refuel International’s Containerised Refuelling System is built to standard ISO container sizes; complete with corner castings and lifting lugs integrated for lifting, loading and securing, enabling easy shipping and transport worldwide.

    Refuel International designs and manufactures the Fuelling Module and its operating system, which is then integrated into a QHC containerised tank. The System consists of a customized 3° slope to a single sump from where water is pumped out using a diaphragm pump located on the fuelling module. The tank is fitted with access cover, pressure and vacuum vents and an electronic level sensing system. The content level of the bulk tank is displayed in litres via an LFD-6 mounted on the fuelling module.


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