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Fully Integrated ATC Voice Communication Solutions from Microphone to Antenna

For more than 80 years, Rohde & Schwarz has stood for quality, precision and innovation in all fields of wireless communications and Fully Integrated ATC Voice Communication Solutions.

The company is strategically based on five pillars:

  • test and measurement,
  • broadcast and media,
  • secure communications,
  • cybersecurity,
  • radiomonitoring and radiolocation.

Thanks to this strategy, the company can address diverse market segments, including wireless communications, the broadcasting and electronics industry, fully integrated ATC voice communication solutions for aerospace and defense, homeland security and critical infrastructures.

The electronics group is among the world market leaders in its established business fields.

To be always close to the customer, Rohde & Schwarz has an extensive service and sales network in over 70 countries. Exports account for slightly more than 90 percent of revenues. In addition to corporate headquarters in Munich (Germany), there are regional headquarters in Singapore and in Columbia (Maryland, USA).

For several decades now, Rohde & Schwarz has supplied radio-communications systems for a wide range of applications in the aviation sector. Civil air traffic control agencies in 80 countries and at more than 200 locations, airports and ATC centers alike use the company’s radio systems.

Since 2011 Rohde & Schwarz has successfully offered customers its R&S VCS-4G full voice communications system. Rohde & Schwarz is the only ATC supplier to provide fully integrated ATC voice communication solutions from the microphone to the antenna from a single source.

Company Profile

  • Voice Communication System

    The R&S VCS-4G IP-based voice communications system is a flexible and cost-effective solution for all ATC voice communications needs.

    It meets established requirements for availability, reliability and safety in ATC as well as the growing need for dynamic ATC scenarios with network-based sharing and distribution of operational resources.

    Built on state-of-the-art, future-ready technology, the R&S VCS-4G protects investments and provides next-generation ATC features.

  • Software Defined Radios

    The R&S Series4200, R&S M3SR Series4400 and R&S M3SR Series4100 software defined radios represent the latest generation of stationary radios for both civil and military air traffic control, covering all relevant frequency bands used in ATC/AD scenarios. Possible applications range from small airport emergency systems requiring only a few radio channels to countrywide communications systems with several hundred radio channels. Moreover this the R&S M3SR Series4400 and R&S M3SR Series4100 software defined radio families are designed for military secure voice and data communications. They feature high modularity and outstanding specifications.

    The R&S Series4200 radios now offer detection of simultaneous transmissions (DSiT) in air traffic control. Since the DSiT functionality is software-based, the radios can be easily upgraded. This option makes Rohde & Schwarz the first on the market with a solution for the problem of undetected simultaneous transmissions (USiT). The new DSiT feature uses an innovative algorithm to detect the presence of simultaneous radio calls in the transmission channel. The air traffic controller is then notified that two calls have been received.

  • Monitoring and Configuration System

    The R&S RCMS II remote control and monitoring system enables administrators of civil ATC and air defense systems to monitor the complete communication chain from the microphone to the antenna, including Rohde & Schwarz radios, the R&S VCS-4G and third party devices such as Ethernet Switches and fire alarm systems. As a result, administrators can quickly and cost-effectively respond to error conditions, and the availability of the overall communications system is improved.

  • Test Equipment for Terrestrial Air Navigation

    Instrument landing systems (ILS) and the new ground based augmentation systems (GBAS) ensure safe landings at national and international airports. VHF omnidirectional range (VOR)) and distance measuring equipment (DME) guide planes on their routes all over the world. For the safety of national and international flights ICAO regulations define special service intervals for the different ground installations. Rohde & Schwarz offers a wide range of products for field tests (R&S EVS300 for ILS, VOR and GBAS tests, and R&S EDS300 for DME and TACAN tests) and for analysis and signal generation in the lab (R&S SMA100A and R&S NRP-Z81). These instruments enable service technicians to control terrestrial NavAids systems with maximum precision, repeatability and reliability.

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