Ground Handling Equipment Training Solutions

RTITB is a specialist in the following areas of aviation training;  ground handling/ramp equipment, airfield operations equipment, winter operations equipment and surface transport training.

Our training standards are designed to change behaviour and make a measureable improvement to efficiency, risk and safety. The RTITB aviation team specialises in supporting airport landlords and ground handling agents reduce costs and save lives in their operations.

To help you achieve maximum safety and efficiency we first conduct an operational HealthCheck and then based on the findings we develop operator training specific to the airfield and the local processes. As part of our service we train individuals in your team to be high performing instructors. All of our work ensures you can prove you are compliant with all relevant regulations and laws in the event of an incident, giving you peace of mind and reduced business risk.

RTITB training standards are used around the world including in the UK, Ireland, India and the Middle East.

We achieve improved safety and reduced cost by training exceptional instructors  in your team and by improving the standard of training delivered to drivers/operators of a wide range of airfield equipment.

We also develop Airside Driving Permit (ADP) training materials and assessments for both manoeuvring and runways.

Our train-the-trainer courses include:

  • Large Vehicle Operator Instructor
  • LGV Instructor
  • Winter Operations Equipment Instructor
  • Material Handling Equipment Instructor

See a sample of our ground handling equipment courses

Company Profile

  • Customised Development of Training Material

    RTITB’s customised training course development services are designed to help you resolve areas of risk, unnecessary cost and inefficiency in your operations; be it airside, ground handling, mechanically powered or snow clearing equipment related.

    RTITB aviation team recognises that the airfield you operate on is unique in its layout, processes and policies. Therefore “off-the-shelf” training solutions will usually only tick a box and won’t provide you with any improved driver performance or return on training investment.

    Our 4 step approach to tailored training development will provide you with training resources that support your business objectives, and are specific to your airport environment.

    Step 1- Consult

    • Together we identify your objectives and those areas that really cause you a headache.

    Step 2- Innovate

    • We create a holistic, tailored system and solution that helps you achieve your objectives and solves your headaches.

    Step 3- Implement

    • Together we roll out tailored training and agree what succeeds will look and feel like for you.

    Step 4- Measure

    • Every step of the way we will ensure the measurable improvements you need are being achieved and we will not give up until your goal is accomplished (and your headache is gone!)

    To discuss your needs further with us, call Jane Hughes on +44(0)1952 520507

  • Airside Ground Operations HealthCheck

    Can you afford not to dedicate two days to making your business safer and more efficient?

    The 2 day RTITB airside ground operations healthcheck will identify the ground operations training issues and processes that are preventing you from achieving maximum safety, compliance and efficiency in your business.

    The healthcheck is conducted by our training specialist, and internationally qualified auditor. The healthcheck will provide you with an impartial, independent report that gives you a clear picture of where you are today, and guidance on what you can do to improve.

    The healthcheck includes a review of the following:

    • Key custody arrangements
    • PPE
    • Management and supervision of operations, operators and drivers
    • Incident and near miss reporting
    • Operator training – basic, specific job, familiarisation
    • Driver training
    • Airside driver permit (ADP)
    • Record keeping
    • Authorisation to operate
    • Re-assessment/refresher training
    • Pre use inspections
    • Risk assessment
    • Instructor qualifications

    To book your ground operations training healthcheck, call Jane Hughes on +44(0)1952 520507


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