Rushlift GSE

Airport GSE Contract Management with full Maintenance Support Services

Rushlift GSE specialises in short and long term Airport GSE Contract Management. Our “buy back and rehire” scheme allows companies to capitalize their assets returning cash to the balance sheet whilst continuing to enjoy reliable GSE.

Rushlift GSE’s competitive nature gives us a lead in a market where budgets are constrained and enables a replacement program against ageing equipment, ensuring ongoing availability and reliability.

Rushlift has been a provider of hire and maintenance services for industrial equipment for a number of years, growing steadily as a result of its customer focused approach. The wide skill base of its engineer workforce enabled it to expand the range of equipment it was able to service and hire moving outside of its traditional products of forklift trucks.

In 2010 it was approached by customers at London Heathrow airport to consider hiring ground support equipment (GSE), which shared many of the engineering characteristics of other industrial equipment.

When the former American Airlines vehicle maintenance facility became available at Heathrow in early 2013, along with engineering and management staff with long experience in GSE, the move in to the sector was complete.

Rushlift were able to bring IT systems and financial expertise in to the business whilst the former AA staff brought extensive product specific and industry knowledge. In just one year the business signed a number of maintenance and hire contracts at Heathrow, and has already moved in to Gatwick and Manchester airports, providing long term hire of equipment to its growing customer base.

Company Profile

  • New Aviation Ground Support Equipment

    Rushlift GSE has been adding new aviation ground support equipment (GSE) to its already large selection of leased GSE

    The new products are being supplied by TLD and Trepel. The GSE is the latest in innovation and includes electric baggage Tugs, Belt loaders and also an aircraft Hi Loader that uses a full regen electric system similar to that used by the F1 racing teams.

    Rushlift are at the forefront of innovation and are leading the way in supplying environmentally friendly GSE that is affordable and well supported.

    The significant investment by Rushlift in the latest GSE is being driven by the UK Airports desire to reduce Ramp GSE emissions and ensure the operators are working in the cleanest environment possible

  • Airport GSE Lease Hire Contract Management

    Rushlift GSE: Our strategy is demonstrated through providing high level of contract management services that helps support airport operations and reduce costs where the running of GSE is concerned.

    This process helps eliminate the concerns with unreliable and ageing GSE.

    Rushlift GSE will help build your future to increase your business portfolio.

    Our philosophy is focused on providing high levels of customer service which is demanded throughout the Aviation Industry. Where the safety and reliability of all GSE is concerned we are in place to make sure all our Customers Ground Support Equipment is fully operational 365 days a year and operates safely and reliably.

    Rushlift GSE is part of the $21bn Doosan Corporation, with UK head office in Northampton.

  • Skilled GSE Maintenance

    Supporting the Airline Community is key to a successful business. At Rushlift GSE we are well known for our Maintenance and Repairs facilities; resolving issues where breakdowns, Ground Support Equipment maintenance and road going vehicles are concerned.

    Our Mobile Engineering Team with state of the art mobile workshops provide a fast response and with a high first fix rate due to their expertise, it is the hallmark to our success.

    Our modern workshops at Heathrow are capable of maintaining all makes and types of GSE including major overhauls and refurbishment.

    Dedicated to keeping machinery moving, our technical expertise surpasses many other maintenance providers in the industry.

    With ageing GSE when the reliability of the equipment has become a problem we are on hand to offer advice and guidance when it matters and we can offer a full refurbishment program

  • GSE Short and Long Term Contract Leasing

    We do not restrict our thinking when it comes to what is or isn’t considered GSE. We are driven by our Customers needs and we will source the right equipment whatever specification is required to make sure the job gets done.

    Building a long term partnership with our Customers is very important to the Team at Rushlift GSE and we work closely with you to ensure deadlines are met.

    Rushlift GSE offers full service leasing on a wide range of Ground Support Equipment from all leading manufacturers for Short or Long term contracts.

  • Integrated Fleet Management System

    Fleet Management Software – Fully interactive and accessible to all the Rushlift GSE Customers. Easy to use and designed specifically for our Customers we bring a fresh approach to the GSE Industry.

    With total visibility of your equipment and our performance we provide you with the materials to manage your equipment usage and ultimately can help to lower costs.

    The FMS is a useful tool; with instant access to real time information.

    With our ability to maintain high professional standards our Account and Equipment Management provides the all-round support our Customers look for in this fast moving industry.

  • Doosan Logistics Europe Air Cargo Handling Showcase


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