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Wildlife Hazard Management for Airports and Air Traffic Control Services

SafeSkys, part of leading global aviation company, Air Partner, is celebrating its 25th year of industry-leading wildlife hazard management for airports. The brainchild of aviation specialist Richard Barber, SafeSkys began operating out of the kitchen of his home in High Wycombe, just 30 miles from London. Founded to offer a better service than that being offered by existing companies, SafeSkys sought to effectively limit the danger to commercial and private aircraft of bird and wildlife strikes, which can have a catastrophic effect, endangering passengers and aircraft crew.

According to statistics from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), there were 1,835 confirmed bird strikes by aircraft in the UK in 2016. This threat is expected to increase as the number of commercial aircraft operating in the world is set to double in the next 20 years, making British skies even more crowded. Since then, SafeSkys has grown from a staff of two to 84, becoming one of the world’s top wildlife hazard management companies, winning major contracts throughout the UK and around the world.

It has become the leading provider of environmental and Air Traffic Control (ATC) services to UK and international airports. In September 2017 the company became part of leading aviation services company, Air Partner, as part of a multi-million-pound deal, to secure its future growth.

SafeSkys’ highly-specialised bird control and wildlife management division is busier than ever as airport’s face the challenge to keeping growing numbers of aircraft in the sky safe from bird strikes. The company’s experts carry out detailed wildlife risk assessments at each airport they work with before offering the best and most affordable solutions to tackle the issue.

They also are able to train up airport staff in the latest techniques and wildlife management methods. SafeSkys has worked with Exeter Airport for 14 years and services and maintains the only Avian Radar, designed to monitor bird migration, in the UK, based in Scotland since 2002.

As the company has grown so has its reach; providing wildlife hazard management personnel at over 80 airports around the world. SafeSkys is now also the main provider of wildlife hazard management services to the Royal Air Force (RAF), having provided expert advice to every UK RAF airfield.

As a recognised European Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), SafeSkys also has full legal authority to manage air traffic for both civil and military clients. Its first contracts in 1995 saw it providing ATC services to BAe Woodford and Sheffield Airport. Since then it has taken on a complete ANSP role for numerous airports and become a leading supplier of ATC services. It provides highly-trained staff and navigational aid (NAVAID) maintenance engineers for a growing number of civil and military airports on a short and long-term basis around the world.

Conservation has also been a large part of SafeSkys’ focus. Thanks to their expertise in protecting wildlife, they played a part working with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, in the recent re-introduction of White Sea Eagles in Scotland, for the first time in nearly 200 years.

Overseas, SafeSky’s fortunes have taken off to provide training and consultancy on how to manage the hazard’s posed by wildlife and birds to airports from as far afield as Bulgaria, China, Gibraltar, Israel, Jamaica and the Maldives.

Top facts about SafeSkys:

  • SafeSkys has won six major Flight Safety Awards awarded by the Royal Air Force (RAF)
  • Following the 9/11 terror attacks in the US, the RAF issued an emergency request to SafeSkys to ensure RAF Coningsby had immediate round-the-clock operational capability to guard against possible external threats to the UK. SafeSkys received an RAF commendation for their response.
  • SafeSkys has trained specialist Wildlife Control Operators at Beijing Airport in China
  • SafeSkys worked with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds to protect the endangered Sea Eagle nesting at RAF Leuchars and still records their sightings
  • SafeSkys has maintained the Goose Radar at for the former RAF Kinloss base, since 2002, and is the UK’s only radar system to just detect the movement of Geese
  • SafeSkys provided wildlife consultancy at Norman Stanley Airport, Kingston, Jamaica, over the threat posed by crocodiles and crabs
  • The RAF’s fast jet pilots have been trained in specialist Sea and Land Survival courses at RAF Valley in Anglesey, Wales, where Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, was once posted
  • SafeSkys expert Air Traffic Control Staff have controlled the Red Arrows during their amazing aerobatic displays.

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Company Profile

  • Air Traffic Control & Controller Lease

    SafeSkys holds European Regulation (EC) 1035/2011 status as an Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP). This is regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority Safety & Airspace Regulation Group (UK CAA SARG). SafeSkys is an ANSP with equal experience of serving the needs of civil and military clients.

    Traditionally, SafeSkys has provided staff to airports. Increasingly, airports are asking SafeSkys to take on the complete ANSP role and supply full turnkey services. The Company is changing and growing.

    We employ – and supply – the very best staff to an increasingly diverse client base.

    Controller lease  –
    A Specialised Recruitment Service
    Airports large and small entrust their ATC and ATC Engineering staffing requirements to SafeSkys. Some have done so for over 22 years.

    Through Controller Lease we are able to supply ATCOs & Engineers for short and long term posts and emergency cover across the world.

    Our database of specialised staff is extensive.

    Our ability to match the right person to the right appointment is widely recognised, as is our reputation for employment contracts which reflect the best interests of all. Serving the needs of employers and employees alike, there is no other service like Controller Lease.

    ATCOs and Air Traffic Control Engineers – Register your availability with Controller Lease today.

    Air Traffic Control Engineering
    SafeSkys provides services to an increasing number of airports throughout the UK and across Europe. Our staff combine experience with dependability and integrity.

    ATC Engineering staff have honed their experience at civil and military airports across the world. Skilled in all aspects of ATC Engineering, they provide a 7 day, 24 hour callout for the maintenance and support of ATC Engineering systems, both civil and military.

    Our civil clients rely on us for NAVAID and communications maintenance, for support and objective advice.

  • Wildlife Hazard Management

    Today, all airports must comply with ICAO regulations making bird-strike reporting mandatory. Many airports are still struggling with the challenge of wildlife hazard management, resorting to expensive, inappropriate and often ineffective techniques.

    We are recognised as one of the world’s leading airport wildlife hazard management specialist. We offer affordable, professional solutions to reduce  wildlife strikes.

    At airports worldwide, our work begins with a detailed ICAO 13km survey. Once we have assessed the wildlife risk and any other additional wildlife management problems at your airport, we will offer the best solutions.

    We can supply contracted staff. These are expertly trained wildlife management operatives who will implement the most appropriate wildlife management methods and are skilled in the very latest techniques. Alternatively, we can train your RFFS /Ops personnel.

    SafeSkys’ experts can visit your airport to provide training. If preferred, your staff can attend our Wildlife Control Training College. As a source of specialist staff or as a training provider, we work with airports, both civil and military, across the UK and Europe.

    “The purpose of wildlife management is to reduce the risk to life as much as possible.
    Most companies focus on human life, I’m proud to be part of a team that focuses on protecting all life.”
    — Marcus Lloyd-Parker. Senior Wildlife Consultant

    25 Years of Providing Services To The RAF

    SafeSkys is the main providers of  Wildlife Hazard Management Services to the Royal Air Force (RAF) having supplied services at every RAF airfield in the UK. We have supplied wildlife hazard management services to over 80 airports worldwide.

  • Training and 13km ICAO surveys

    No two airports face the same challenges. While wildlife hazard management is a problem for every airport, some have additional pest control concerns.

    SafeSkys understands the complexities. Tuition in airport wildlife control recognises additional problems, is tailored to meet specific needs and includes firearms instruction. We also employ experts in deer control, the legal use of poisons, pest control and habitat management.

    WorldWide Training

    SafeSkys has been carrying out training in wildlife hazard management since 1993. Within this time we have provided training for every UK RAF Airfield and over 20 UK Civilian Airports.

    SafeSkys has recently undertaken wildlife hazard management training for airports in the Maldives and Bulgaria. We also recently trained staff at Beijing International Airport, China.

    On-Site & Off-Site Training
    There are two training methods offered by SafeSkys.

    Wildlife Control experts will train your staff at your airport or staff can attend one of the regular courses at our Wildlife and Habitat Management Training College, in Gatwick. Courses, which are run for airport wildlife control operators and supervisors, are residential and of two days’ duration for those with airport experience. There are discounts for six students or more. An additional day should be added if airfield driving and radio experience training is required. We also offer a one day course for ATCOs in Wildlife and Habitat Management and run regional training courses throughout the UK.

    Safety Standards
    In addition to practical wildlife control services, SafeSkys’ experts can help airports to meet mandatory safety standards in the most effective and cost-effective way. CAA/ICAO Safeguarding regulations include conducting safeguarding surveys of your airport environment.

    Our experts can assist with ICAO 13km safety surveys, WHMP’s (Wildlife Hazard Management Plans) and prepare the reports necessary to comply with regulations. We will advise on preventative measures to control future bird strikes and if required, put these proposals in place. Costs for safeguarding surveys, tri-annual site visits and annual inspections compare very favourably with those of our competitors. Our expertise is unchallenged. So are our prices.

    13KM Surveys
    SafeSkys has carried out surveys for airports worldwide such as:

    • Sofia International Airport, Bulgaria
    • Norman Manley International Airport, Jamaica
    • Wick and Inverness Airport, Scotland
    • Aberdeen International Airport, Scotland
    • Biggin Hill Airport, England
    • Ramon Airport, Israel

    Fast Jet Pilot Ground School 
    SafeSkys provides Ground School training at Royal Air Force Valley. This includes all technical training on the Hawk T1 and T2 aircraft for both the Royal Air Force and overseas foreign air forces flying the Hawk T1 and T2 aircraft. SafeSkys personnel also carry out all the SERE (Survive Evade Resist Escape) training for Hawk aircrew which includes escape and evasion exercises for RAF and RN fast jet pilots at RAF Valley.


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