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Parts for Airport Ground Support Equipment

Sage Parts is the world market leader in replacement parts for airport ground support equipment. And we’re continually extending our presence throughout the international aviation marketplace, bringing parts and GSE services closer to their point of use with a growing number of onsite parts facilities at airports all over North America and in numerous globally dispersed locations.

What’s more, Sage Parts is always working to increase parts availability for our customers by offering a constantly updated inventory of every part for every GSE manufacturer. We also continuously explore new ways to improve the replacement parts you need for your GSE fleet, redesigning many parts to enhance quality and provide superior performance and reliability under the harshest ramp conditions.

These are just some of the reasons why our diverse array of customers – ranging from the largest international carriers to the smallest regional airlines as well as freight carriers, package companies, ground handling companies and many other aviation companies – have looked to us for more than 50 years.

At Sage Parts, helping our customers save money is the driving force behind everything we do. We work closely with GSE operators to help them run their operations more efficiently and more productively every day, year after year. The end results? Less downtime, more efficiency, and lower cost.

Company Profile

  • Supply Chain Management

    Save time, save money. With supply chain management from Sage Parts, you can outsource all or any portion of the procurement and inventory control of replacement parts for automotive, aviation ground support, and facilities equipment, and many other needs.

    Sage Parts is the foremost provider of outsourced program management of GSE parts. So whether you’re an airline, a package handling company, a maintenance company or any other kind of business in the aviation industry, there’s less you have to concern yourself with.

    For example, less paperwork. Fewer headaches in dealing with many different parts suppliers. And no more guesswork about which parts to order and when to order them.

  • Replacement Parts for Ground Support Equipment

    Sage Parts has the aviation industry’s largest on-hand inventory of replacement parts for ground support equipment, including every part for every brand of GSE. And each part is available with the convenience of a single place to shop. From Lift Trucks, Sweepers and Scrubbers, to Burden/Personnel/Utility Carriers, and Aerial Work Platforms as well as the equipment described below – Sage Parts has the part you need.

    To optimize your savings, please note that unless you specifically order parts supplied by the equipment manufacturer, the parts Sage Parts sells are, in most cases, equivalents or replacements for manufacturers’ parts and have not been supplied by the equipment manufacturer.

  • Engineering Parts for Ground Support Equipment

    The Sage Parts Engineering Group is composed of highly trained and experienced engineering professionals, with a focus on product design and R&D.  More than any other parts supplier, we know GSE parts inside and out.  Most importantly, our unequalled parts engineering experience means we understand precisely how GSE parts work in the real world under actual ramp conditions.  Our team uses state-of-the-art software, hardware, and test equipment to produce innovative solutions.

    A large portion of all that knowledge and understanding comes from our commitment and collaboration with our customers.  Sage engineers are continuously exchanging ideas and getting feedback from GSE operators to introduce durability and robustness to our product design efforts.  The results are a high degree of understanding of how parts perform in specific applications, what the maintenance and replacement history is for parts, and where certain failures may occur. These elements enhance Sage’s ability to engineer and re-engineer parts that can improve the return on GSE investment and save money for ground support operations, both immediately and over the long term.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance for GSE Parts

    The parts that are engineered and re-engineered by Sage Parts are designed to do more than simply meet requirements. Our parts exceed requirements, resulting in more productive and efficient usage by GSE operators, along with more durability and less frequent replacement.

    Our parts undergo rigorous testing and quality assurance processes with stringent criteria. Redundancies are built into those processes in order to identify and address any potential flaws before our parts ever reach the marketplace. What’s more, many of our parts are subjected to an intensive inspection procedure, which means we check every one before shipping.

    Added to that, we carefully inspect, analyze and test all parts that come back to us under warranty – diagnosing each part and the way it functions, and then we report those findings back to our customers.


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