Seawing PBB AB

We Are Experts at Passenger Boarding Bridges for Airports and Seaports Worldwide.

Seawing PBB AB is a Swedish company with highly experienced staff with technical knowledge and experience since more than 30 years in the industry. Seawing has extensive and successful experience in the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of Passenger Boarding Bridges worldwide.

In our product line for airports you find in-house developed Passenger Boarding Bridges of various types as Apron Drive Bridge, Noseloader Bridge, T-Bridge, Aft Door Bridge and Ground Level Entry Bridge.

Seawing´s weatherproof bridges allow passengers to travel safely and dryly from terminal to aircraft and are designed to operate in any environment from winter cold airports in Scandinavia to warm weather temperature in the Middle East.

Seawing is a specialist in design and manufacturing of custom-made solutions using the latest technology and innovative design. We produce Passenger Boarding Bridges that harmonize with the airport terminal and that give the passenger a pleasant experience when getting on and off the airplane. The line of glazed Passenger Boarding Bridges enhances passenger comfort during boarding and disembarking the aircraft.

We strive to deliver cutting-edge technology with a sustainable lifecycle performance at a low cost. This means that we can reduce aircraft turnaround time and focus on gate management, safety, user flow and comfort.

Quality assurance and the protection of the environment is our focus. Seawing is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and we are constantly developing our Quality Management System to be able to offer our customers the best products on the market and at the same time protect the environment.

Seawing’s state-of-the-art bridges are being manufactured in new and modern high technology facilities in Europe. Our engineers have extensive knowledge of steel designing and many years of work with development of Passenger Boarding Bridges. The components and material are carefully selected to hold a high standard and keep a long lifetime. The project team is an effective group that always puts the customer in focus and accomplish the project to a successful handover.

Seawing makes boarding a pleasant experience!


Aft Door Bridge

The Seawing Aft Door Bridge offers weatherproof and safe service to passengers as they travel from terminal to the aft door of the aircraft. The bridge is a great all-purpose solution that is designed to …

Apron Drive Bridge

The weatherproof Seawing Apron Drive Bridge allows passengers to travel safely and dryly from terminal to aircraft and is designed to operate in any environment from arctic to tropic. The Seawing Apron Drive Bridge is designed …

Noseloader Bridge

The Seawing Noseloader Bridge provides weatherproof passenger transfers from the terminal to the aircraft. The bridge is designed to operate in any climate. The Seawing Noseloader Bridge does not drive on the apron, which is an …


The Seawing T-Bridge is similar to the Noseloader Bridge. The T-Bridge is also hitched on the terminal side and has a telescopic part towards the aircraft. The T-Bridge differs as the telescopic part is turned …


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