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Non-Government Provider of Air Traffic Services

Serco is the only significant non-government provider of air traffic services in the world. We operate on a global basis and handle about 6 million aircraft movements each year at airports in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

In the UK our work for the Ministry of Defence includes multi-activity support contracts at RAF Northolt, home to 32 (The Royal) Squadron, and RAF Brize Norton. We also manage Scatsta Airport on the Shetland Isles. At the International Fire Training Training Centre located at Teeside Airport, we deliver training in a wide range of fire-fighting and rescue skills – it is the leading facility of its kind in the world.

In the US, we operate 54 air traffic control towers for the Federal Aviation Administration. We also provide air traffic engineering, meteorological services, rescue and fire-fighting services, electronic and electrical maintenance services and other airport support services such as catering and cleaning.

In the Middle East we successfully rebid our contract in the United Arab Emirates – held since 1986 – to provide air traffic control and engineering services at the Emirates Area Control Centre in Abu Dhabi.

Company Profile

  • Aviation & Air Traffic Control

    As one of the world’s largest providers of aviation services, Serco has expertise in a full range of air transportation solutions including air traffic control and management, airport management, and aviation-related technology and equipment.

    We provide air traffic control at 85 aviation sites across the globe, keeping the skies safe for passengers and commerce.

    • Aviation Operations – Serco provides air traffic control operations at en route centers, radar approach control, airport towers, and airline ramp towers. We are experts in designing and implementing Safety Management Systems (SMS) to support safety excellence across all our aviation operations.
    • Infrastructure Services – Serco provides engineering and support for a full range of aviation infrastructure, including ground electronics maintenance, engineering and installation of ATM systems, and related communications, navigation, surveillance and weather systems.
    • Flight Support Services – Serco provides a range of flight support services including weather forecasting, pilot briefings, and aeronautical information management. We offer instructional services in subjects including air traffic control, flight safety, and safety management systems. Serco is the only non-state organization authorized to issue Air Traffic Control licenses on behalf of an ICAO signatory state.

    With an outstanding safety record, Serco currently manages over 192,000 square miles of airspace worldwide, more than any other private company, and controls over 7 million aircraft movements a year.

    We operate 63 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Visual Flight Rules Air Traffic Control Towers in the United States. In the United States alone, we help more than 10 million commercial passengers each year reach their destinations safely.

  • Aviation Operations & Management

    Serco offers an integrated approach to airport operators who wish to achieve highly efficient operations, improved passenger flow, and on time performance, while operating at the highest levels of safety and security. For example, Serco helped Dubai to become the largest international air hub in the world, with 67 million travelers passing through its airport from all corners of the world. With experience that spans three continents, we bring the expertise and resources to achieve world-class standards.

    Key Services

    • Air Traffic Control
    • Airport facilities management & maintenance
    • Airport security
    • Airport advertising & retailing
    • Training – Aviation management & security
    • Ground handling
    • Passenger handling
    • Safety Management Systems
    • Freight/cargo handling
    • Ramp/apron services
    • Baggage handling
    • Grounds management
    • Airport ground lighting management
    • Fuel management
    • Bird control
    • Aircraft ground support equipment maintenance
    • Airfield & roads management
    • Vehicle fleet management
    • Asset & stock management
    • Logistics services
    • Snow & ice removal
  • Aviation Infrastructure - A Full Range of Critical Technologies

    Serco provides systems engineering, installation and maintenance for the full range of critical technologies used in both military and civilian airports, including communication, navigation, surveillance, meteorological, and passenger screening and transport systems. Drawing on our global base of experience and our knowledge of the local regulatory and security environment, Serco will help design the right mix of technologies to enable our customers to operate at world-class standards.

    Airfield systems support safe and efficient operations across all the critical functions in an around the airspace. Tower systems are designed to create an optimal environment for air traffic control. And passenger systems help to move passengers swiftly through the airport and create an excellent passenger experience, while meeting the most rigorous security protocols.

    We partner with leading providers to ensure our customers have access to the most advanced technology that has been proven in a range of operating environments.

    We support a full range of aviation technologies, including:

    • Air traffic management systems (communication, navigation, surveillance, weather and automation)
    • Meteorological
    • Baggage & cargo screening
    • Telecommunications
    • Air Traffic Control simulation
    • Weather & wind scanning
    • Passenger screening & x-ray
    • Airfield lighting
    • Gate operations
  • Training & Certification - Trusted Training Agent for ATC

    Serco is the only non-governmental entity that has been authorized to certify air traffic control specialists by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations. We have developed advanced training techniques for air traffic control that lead to accelerated learning and have a global safety culture rooted in 60-years of experience.

    Next Generation Aviation Simulation

    Serco was awarded the “Technology Implementation of the Year 2013” at the Aviation Business Awards for the implementation of a tower simulator at the Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai.

    This tower simulator, which is the largest in the world, was designed by Serco and advanced the state-of-the-art in ATC training. The system integrates genuine controller instruments to create a “live” operational environment that includes communications systems, radar displays and airfield lighting.

    The simulator, which can be configured to mimic any airport in the world, enables Dubai to learn from and integrate best practices developed at other leading airports. By simulating new procedures and technologies in a highly realistic environment, air traffic controllers avoid any disruptions and fully adjust to changes before they are adopted.

    This is just one more way Serco helps our clients to world-class safety and efficiency.


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