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Sky Assist is a recognized provider of advanced niche software solutions for the Air Transportation Industry, focusing on Arrival Services, Lost & Found and Customer Relations processes.

We devise and implement cutting-edge web-based, thin client, software solutions that make airline and handler operations simpler, smoother and more financially efficient. As an existing supplier of Air Transportation related systems, we have a skilled knowledge of the segments’ business processes and specific language.

Sky Assist has been officially created in April 2003 after a successful Management Buy Out. The company is a “Société Anonyme” (S.A.), equivalent to “Limited Liablities” (Ltd) in English, totally financed by private funds brought by the employees and some external private shareholders.

The products BagAssist & PaxClaims, originally created more than 10 years ago, and their related customer contracts like Swissport, Flightcare or Brussels Airlines were transferred to the newly created company with the approval of the respective customers. Since then new non-historical customers like Air France / KLM or Qantas have been joining the user community.

The operational revenue of the company is injected for a large part into product development and R&D using our offshore development centre. This approach has at least two advantages:

  1. The products are evolving fast with new functions defined at the user conference, addressing market needs quickly in order to be and stay best-in-class in the product niche market.
  2. The products are and remain up-to-date with technological changes.

Company Profile

  • BagAssist - Enhance Your Arrival Services, Solutions For Your Agents

    For airlines and ground-handlers looking to increase their productivity, BagAssist is a process-driven application supporting Lost & Found agents from passenger declaration until the delivery of the bags. BagAssist is connected to SITA WorldTracer for the creation, update and closure of AHL, DPR and OHD files; as well as for all baggage handling actions such as bag reception, delivery, rushes, etc.

    Thanks to its local database, BagAssist offers various additional features such as bag photo upload or file creation when WT is down. Interfaces to third-party systems such as DCS, airport / airline systems or delivery companies are also included to retrieve and populate data.

  • Front-office Modules

    Delayed and damaged bags (AHL & DPR)
    Thanks to the scan of the passenger boarding pass and the interfaces to third-party systems, delayed and damaged bag declarations are quickly created with consistent data. A professional PIR, customs document and needed airlines documents are printed for the passengers.

    Found properties
    Registering found properties in WorldTracer and performing searches is easily done via BagAssist. The upload of found items pictures speeds up the item recovery.

    Quick Settlement
    BagAssist ensures that the compensation and replacement bags given to passengers are as per the airline rules. In the administration tool BagAdmin, supervisors manage the bag inventory.

  • Back-office Modules

    Rushes (FWD, FOH, FAH and FLZ)
    Thanks to the embedded flight list, agents easily select the outbound flights. BagAssist sends a rush message to WorldTracer, a Baggage Source Message to the airport sorter and prints a rush bag label. Our additonal module BagAutoRush works as a mini reconciliation system for baggage control department and is integrated with RFID for read and write.

    On-hand bags (OHD & BOM)
    Declaration of on-hand bags in WorldTracer, description of the bag content and print of OHD bag labels are among the supported features.

    Bag reception (DR) & Delivery (BDO)
    Agents acknowledge the bag reception and issue Baggage Delivery Orders (BDO) for AHL, DPR and OHD files within airline restrictions. Delivery bag labels and delivery lists are printed to ease collaboration with the delivery partners.

  • BagAssist - Solutions For Your Passengers

    For airlines and ground-handlers looking to offer passengers modern web and mobile applications, our set of self-service solutions provide options both to declare and track delayed bags directly in WorldTracer. Our self-service solutions complement our agents solutions but can also be run independently from BagAssist.

  • Solutions To Declare Delayed Baggage

    Using a kiosk or a PC equipped with touch screen and printer, passengers can report their delayed bag at the airport. In less than 3 minutes, they issue their file and get a declaration summary on paper and via e-mail.

    Using a PC or a tablet, passengers register their delayed bag from home, hotel or office. Application security prevents fraud and duplicate files. Connection to third-party systems speeds up the declaration thanks to fields pre-population.

    This is the mobile version of e-AHLreport allowing passengers to complete a baggage incident report using their mobile phone.

  • Solutions To Track Delayed Baggage

    24/7 passengers can consult the current status of their delayed bag, choose their delivery preferences, update their contact details and describe their bag content. Passengers can subscribe to e-mail and/or SMS notifications.

    IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
    Over the phone and after having dialed their file reference number, passengers get the current status of their bag. In case of positive news, they are transferred to the Lost & Found department to arrange bag delivery.

  • Solutions For Delivery Companies

    BagAssist BDS is a user-friendly application for courier companies to update the latest bag information in WorldTracer and arrange the bag delivery in contact with the passengers. Sky Assist is BDS member, with reselling agreement from SITA.

    Retrieve data from WorldTracer
    Baggage Delivery Order (BDO) are downloaded from WorldTracer to be decoded and displayed in a user-friendly manner within BagAssist BDS web-application.

    Send data to WorldTracer
    Via the BDS FTP server, WorldTracer files are updated with the status of the bag delivery: not delivered, delivery ongoing (with planned delivery date and time) or delivered.

    Prepare baggage delivery
    With BagAssist BDS, couriers can contact passengers to arrange the bag delivery and ease the delivery process by printing baggage label, passenger delivery voucher and delivery list.

  • PaxClaims - Ease your complaints management

    The web-based solution for Airline Customer Relations department, PaxClaims helps you to manage passenger and baggage complaints.

    By automating time consuming tasks, Pax Claims allow your staff to concentrate on claims resolution. By automating answers and proposing compensations based on claim incident type, answers to passengers are consistent and in line with your company image. All data is kept centralised, including all communication channels, and can be accessed by any user worldwide (no local data).

  • Solutions For Your Agents

    Automated Claims creation and Acknowledgment
    Through your website, WorldTracer or your Frequent Flyer system, data is pre-populated in the corresponding fields for fast and correct claim file creation. Automated acknowledgment and eventual claims close speeds up processes.

    Integration with WorldTracer, Flight Operational data, Frequent Flyer activity or DCS supports your staff in taking the right decision for complaint settlement.

    Automated answers
    Based on claim topic paragraphs and financial / miles / no settlement, passenger answers are automatically prepared for agent verification and sending.

    Baggage proration
    Automatic baggage proration based on IATA regulation supports your staff in recovering the part of the compensation other airlines have to reverse your company.

  • Solutions For Your Passengers

    Complaint registration
    Through your website, the passenger can enter a complaint and receive an acknowledgement with assigned claim number.

    Complaint follow-up
    If integrated, the passenger can load upon agent request necessary attachments like taxi vouchers, … or validate financial settlement including bank details.

Company News

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