Smartrac Provides Innovative and High-Quality RFID Products & Solutions for Aviation

As a pacesetter and market leader in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and IoT technologies, Smartrac is well positioned to guide airports and the entire aviation industry throughout the process of future baggage handling defined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

For that future, the organization has set a sky-high goal: IATA Resolution 753 is intended to encourage airlines not only to further reduce mishandling by implementing cross-industry tracking for every baggage journey. Its ultimate goal is to allow passengers being liberated from their luggage and enjoy real-time baggage notifications while airlines and airport operators benefit from greatly enhanced efficiency and large-scale savings.

RFID technology: the foundation for superior baggage tracking capabilities
IATA has defined a very down-to-earth foundation – the use of RFID inlays in all baggage tags by 2020. RAIN RFID (UHF) tags have multiple benefits over barcodes, improving baggage tag read rates from around 90% up to 99.9%, abolishing the need for line-of-sight reading, providing unique identification, increasing efficiency and accelerating the scanning and verification process.

As an officially recognized and strategic partner of IATA, Smartrac contributes thought leadership and technological innovation in the field of RFID, including the new WINGS inlays tailored to airline baggage tracking requirements. WINGS inlays and tags are one of the smallest UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) products for luggage tagging currently available in the market, and one of the very few that are already approved under Auburn University RFID Lab’s category U, specifically related to asset tracking in aviation.

Smartrac is committed to providing the Aviation Partner Ecosystem with innovative and high-quality RFID inlays, high-volume production capacities worldwide and consulting services throughout the entire implementation phase. Whether you are a supplier of baggage tags or labels or an integration partner to the aviation industry, Smartrac is here to support.

Beyond baggage tracking – Top-flight products from the market leader
Smartrac offers a broad product and solution portfolio to the aviation and aerospace industries for many different applications. That offering includes, among others:

More about Smartrac
Smartrac is the global leader in unique and scalable IoT solutions that enable businesses to digitize products, complement their product offerings with digital services, and connect them to the Internet of Things.

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the company maintains further operations and production facilities in the Americas, APAC and EMEA region and serves its customers across the globe.

Backed by an extensive patent and applications portfolio for technology, equipment, and production of contactless components and related processes, Smartrac has been able to set standards in several fields of the global RFID industry.


WINGS RFID Baggage Tags

Designed for baggage tagging in aviation and global supply chain applications, Smartrac WINGS inlays and tags provide an outstanding read range performance at a compact size. WINGS has a footprint of 30 x 72 mm and …


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