Airport Terminal Sleeping Cubicles / Built-in Business/Entertainment Services

Ease your journey, transport yourself in transit in a SnoozeCube, its in
the box, a simple way to freshen up, catch up, and liven up. You have a clean, bright, private place, stretch out, sleep, check up on your business and social networks, and draw breath. Your personal space has been created so that you can unwind and regenerate yourself, a haven in which to read, sleep, work, or just relax in the fresh bright colours, crisp linen and gentle lighting of this space that contains all your needs.

Energised so you can get up and go.

SnoozeCubes offer a perfect example of what happens when you take an innovative approach to the ever growing demand of international travelers visiting the most crowded places in the world.

Passengers facing flight delays, cancellations or long transits at Dubai International Airport (the 4th largest in the world) now have the option to rent out a micro-hotel room right inside the terminal.

“Our SnoozeCubes provide the perfect space for passengers looking for extra privacy, a step up in comfort from terminal seating and somewhere to lay their head.”

Most importantly, passengers can relax as we have a 24 hr wake up service so passengers have no fear of missing their connecting flights. We currently have 10 sound-proofed units installed adjacent to Gate 122 at Dubai International’s Terminal 1 and they are already proving to be a major attraction.

We take a minimalist approach to design with an emphasis on function. There is enough room for a bed,  touchscreen TV offering music and movies and room to hang your coat and store your carry-on luggage.

Company Profile

  • Airport Terminal Sleeping Cubicles

    Built in Hamilton, the ‘Snooze Cube’ was invented 4 years ago by New Zealander, Larry Swann.

    Designed and built in New Zealand, the launch of the SnoozeCube is a further endorsement of the country’s reputation for creating high quality, innovative products, according to Dubai-based Steve Jones, New Zealand Trade Commissioner for Middle East, Africa and Pakistan.

  • SnoozeCube Solutions:

    • Business Solutions

    All Snoozecubes have free internet access. This means you can keep in touch with what is happening in your business world.

    • Sleeping Solutions

    Arrive and while you wait, you can relax or sleep in a comfortable bed. Knowing all along you will not miss your connecting flight.

    • Entertainment Solutions

    If sleeping is not for you, you can watch the LCD TV, plug in your laptop to the internet or listen to music.

  • Benefits of SnoozeCube:

    Enable airport and passenger security, avoids sleeping/working in public area. It does not require licensing: IT, HR or any other regulatory authority, there are no security issues.


    Installation will be organised by experienced shop fitters approved by SnoozeCube. Fully self contained using distributed control technology as opposed to a centralised control system. This will allow the units to be fully scaleable and extensible. An Ethernet communications network will link the cubes to all the centralised payment terminals and internet services.

    Service Provision:

    Airport approved, with an additional and beneficial service, excellent proposition.


    Cubes are fully fitted out with 19 inch flat screen monitor, air conditioning and heating, power and internet outlets. We offer a 24 hour attendant to carry out services required by each passenger.

    All credit card transactions are done by the POS System and we accept all major credit cards.

    It will provide the occupant with the ability to extend their stay within the SnoozeCube.

    An optional extra can provide the monitoring of guest outstaying the length of stay booked and calculating and additional charges payable.

  • Hygiene:

    Cubes are easy to clean; the resin construction is of hospital grade, preventing spores attaching themselves to the SnoozeCube. The SnoozeCube simply require a wipe down after each occupant. Mattresses are of high grade fire resistant material.


    Maintenance is also done by experienced contract technicians approved by SnoozeCube. A data log of all activities is maintained to allow auditing of the unit regarding frequency and times that guests enter or exit the SnoozeCube. This is for maintenance and cleaning purposes and to build statistical data.

    Additional Information:

    The SnoozeCube solution affords your passengers the ability to work, sleep or relax in a secure environment where entry is by a secure keyless system.

    The cubes are fully outfitted with state of the art technology and top of the range quality bedding.

    The flat screen monitor can be programmed to ensure that the travelers do not miss their onward or connecting flight.

    We also offer a wake up service for all passengers.

    The cameras in the lounge areas of the SnoozeCubes are linked to airport security, providing optimum security and peace of mind.

    Single tier SnoozeCubes can be scattered in multiples of five, while double tier SnoozeCubes can be scattered in multiples of ten.


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United Arab Emirates
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