Talisman Security Seals

Manufacturers & Suppliers of Tamper Evident Security Seals & Security Seal Solutions

Talisman Security Seals, a division of Talisman Plastics, have been manufacturing and supplying security seals since 1974, and are currently one of the few companies to still manufacture security seals in the UK.

Our product range is extensive, and includes:-

  • A wide range of plastic pull tight seals
  • Plastic and metal fixed length seals
  • Plastic and plastic with metal hasp padlock seals
  • Tamper evident labels and tape
  • Semi-barrier and barrier seals conforming to ISO17712 and C-TPAT compliance
  • Plastic container seals
  • Zipped pouches, envelopes and bags, together with the seals

Particular applications within the airline market are:-

  • Sealing onboard airline trolleys containing food, beverages, duty free goods, etc.
  • Securing vehicles used to transport goods to aircraft
  • Securing aircraft doors while parked
  • Securing air cargo containers, etc..

Talisman’s experience in the security seal market allows us to assist in selecting the right seal for your application.

Our UK manufacturing facility also allows new security products to be evaluated, developed and manufactured to a high quality standard.

Company Profile

  • Pull Tight Security Seals

    Talisman offer an extensive range of pull tight security seals, with strap lengths varying from 150 to 423mm, tensile strengths up to 40kgf.

    Some of the designs include manual tear off as an option – this allows the seal to be removed manually without the need for a cutting tool, which eliminates the cost of a cutting tool and enhances health and safety.

    All seals are supplied with a serial number printed on the tag, but they can also be customized with customer name / logo.

    Designs will vary from the Taliloc and Easiloc seals which conform to a single piece moulded design, to the higher security Microloc, Optoloc and Maxiloc designs, which have smooth straps and metal locking inserts.

    Microloc is widely used to secure the doors of airline in flight trolleys used to transport and store food, beverages and duty free goods.

  • Fixed Length and Padlock Seals

    Talisman offer a range of four designs of fixed length seal, which are primarily used to secure vehicle doors during transit:

    • Ringloc and plastic fixed length seal, which has an acetol locking insert and the tip of the strap protrudes beyond the locking head when fully engaged.
    • Tagloc plastic fixed length seal, which has a tag at the end of the strap, and the tip of the strap protrudes beyond the locking head when fully engaged.
    • Metloc plastic and metal fixed length seal, which comprises a plastic locking head and a metal strap – the printing is more visible than on a conventional metal fixed length seal.
    • T-Loc metal fixed length seal, which incorporates a unique locking mechanism, which includes a moving part to confirm the seal is locked.

    And two designs of padlock seal:

    • Cabinloc plastic padlock seal, which can be supplied as a single seal or in strips of 5 or 10. This seal can be removed by hand without a cutting tool.
    • Dynaloc has a plastic body and a metal hasp, which is a heavier duty product which requires a cutting tool to remove.
  • Semi Barrier and Barrier Seals

    Our range of Semi Barrier and Barrier comprises cable and bolt seals:

    Cableloc PL seals are cable seals with plastic locking housings, and these are classed as Semi Barrier seals.

    The plastic locking housing allows better print contrast and can accommodate bar coding, while offering good mechanical strength. Cable cutters are required to remove these products.

    Cableloc AL seals are cable seals with an extruded aluminium locking housing, which offers higher mechanical strength for the same cable diameter.

    This range is available with cable diameters from 1.5 to 5mm and they conform to ISO17712 Class 1 or 2 security seals standards.

    Cargoloc is a bolt seal with a plastic coated pin and barrel, with the same serial number printed on the pin and barrel, which enhances security.

    This seal conforms to the ISO17712 Class 1 international security standard.

    Cargoloc and Cableloc AL seals are C-TPAT compliant.

  • Security Tapes and Labels

    Security labels are used to seal aircraft doors when parked at an airport, so that unauthorized access to the plane can be identified.

    Talisman offer two designs of Voidloc security label:

    • Total transfer, which is where the void message is transferred to the surface applied to, leaving the same void message on the label.
    • Non-residue, which is where there is no transfer of the void message to the surface the label is applied to, but if removed, it leaves a void message on the label.

    Assetloc security tape is also available in two designs:

    • Continuous tape, where the customer cuts a length to suit the requirement and applies – if the tape in removed a void message appears on the removed tape and the same message is left on the surface it has been applied to.
    • Perforated tape works in exactly the same way, but the tape is perforated every 150mm and a sequential serial number is printed on each section.


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